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The term "T-X" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see T-X (disambiguation).

The T-X endoskeleton

The Cyber Research Systems Model T-X,[1] formally Enhanced Logic Weapons System Cybernetic Warrior / Infiltration Unit[2], sometimes referred to as a T-X Terminatrix,[3] is a highly-advanced Terminator model produced by Skynet in Rise of the Machines timeline. The T-X is designed for extreme combat, driven by a plasma reactor and equipped with various onboard weapons.[2] Unlike the T-1000 Advanced Prototype, which is entirely made with mimetic polyalloy, T-X is an advanced Endoskeleton originating from the T-900, protected by malleable ceramic-titanium armor and covered by Mimetic polyalloy. The resultant T-X is stronger than previous Terminator models effectively rendering them redundant. T-X is also developed as an anti-Terminator unit as well as being able to control other machines via Nanotechnological Transjector.


The T-X Endoskull.

The T-X has an advanced utilitarian battle chassis, weighing in excess of 150 kilos (approximately 330.6 lbs).[2] Protected by malleable, crystalline, ceramic-titanium armor interlaced with nano-fibers of carbon and titanium, the T-X is practically unstoppable on the battlefield, capable of sustaining extreme amounts of damage with seemingly little to no effect.[2]

T-X rotating its lower body 180-degrees.

Like the T-950, the Model T-X is capable of moving its joints in ways that would be impossible for any human or older models of endoskeleton-based Terminators to do. Aided by artificial liquid steel lubrication, each joint has a massive degree of rotation. The neck is capable of 360-degree rotation, and the torso is capable of at least 180-degree rotation.[4][2] The enhanced joints also show little to no wear or degradation when moving at high speeds, allowing the Model T-X to run at speeds in excess of 80 KPH (~50 MPH) for brief periods of time before its power packs began to show a slight decline.[2]

T-X biting T-850.

The Model T-X is capable of easily crushing a human spinal column with just two fingers, and its thighs can crush with a pressure greater than an industrial hydraulic press. Its steel jaws and alloy teeth are harder than industrial diamonds and can crush and cut through titanium, let alone human muscle and bone.[2]

Mimetic polyalloy coating.

Like the T-1000, the T-X utilizes Mimetic polyalloy. However, whereas the T-1000 was constructed entirely from this liquid metal, the Model T-X only has a liquid metal outer sheath covering its endoskeleton for infiltration purposes, which gives the T-1000 an advantage for being able to regenerate better. Additionally, the T-X could not slide through narrow spaces as the T-1000 could. Like the T-1000, the T-X can impersonate any human it touches, typically terminating the subject upon assimilation. The T-X seems to be able to mimic targets it sees as well. For example, the T-X can increase its breast size as seen by a nearby billboard, effectively confusing an L.A. patrolman. Stored within small reservoirs in the cranial casing of the T-X when in endoskeletal form, the mimetic polyalloy not only aids in infiltration, but also adds strength to the overall armor of the Model T-X.


Aside from its increased strength and armor, the Model T-X is fitted with on-board weapon systems, a mechanism previously used in T-950 Infiltrators. Each weapon is located within a reconfigurable arm, underneath the mimetic polyalloy outer sheath. Within its vast internal arsenal, the T-X possesses many different weapons and tools for different missions or situations.

When deploying a weapon, the outer liquid metal skin of the T-X peels back from the right arm, and the arm reconfigures into the selected weapon.

If an onboard weapon is damaged, a T-X is capable of repairing and modifying it.[2]

The weapon can be chosen from XP040 weapon sub window "Weapon Selector" as shown in a T-X's Termovision.

Plasma Cannon[]

The T-X using its plasma cannon.

Though it possesses many forms of onboard weapons, the primary weapon of the Model T-X is the plasma cannon. When firing, an electric blue aura forms and intensifies around the weapon as the plasma cannon charges. When fired, a tremendous burst of raw energy, 25 or 30 mm (or about an inch) in diameter is shot from the cannon.T-X's plasma cannon was a bit more powerful than the typical plasma rifles used by both Resistance Skynet force as it was capable of destroying a small building or an armored vehicle with one shot.[5] The plasma charge is strong enough to destroy a T-1002 unit with a single blast.[6] After each shot, the weapon power cells have to recharge; the tiny plasma reactor[2] in the chest cavity of the T-X taking just seconds to replace large power losses.


Tx flamethrowervv12.JPG

Main article: IAD-ChemTech

IAD-ChemTech is a flamethrower onboard a T-X.

Nanotechnological Transjector[]


Main article: Nanotechnological Transjector

A Nanotechnological Transjector enables a T-X to control other machines.

Circular saw[]

The T-X possesses an on-board circular saw that forms whenever needed.

List of known onboard weapons[]

  • .223 Automatic Stopper
  • .45mm Cascader
  • 783 CHAIN Repeater
  • ADMOR BioBlaster
  • BioRail 32SR-9 (modified)
  • CG45 Needler
  • CONSIGLIO EBlaster
  • Circular saw (designation unknown)
  • Crescent Corridor Blaster
  • EMP Generator
  • Finite Rapid Cluster Gun
  • HDE Predator (333b)
  • HK-54334 (modified)
  • IAD-ChemTech
  • KLD-Magnum Repeater
  • Laser X-ray Burst Gun
  • M41 Pulse Rifle
  • Nano-Disrupter (.222mm)
  • Nanotechnological Transjector
  • P31 Caustic Shells x231
  • Rumsfeld P31 Caustic
  • Plasma cannon (designation unknown)
  • SUBauro Neutralizer (.444)
  • Tracking EBlaster
  • TWIN Barrier Gun
  • XFLRG 44mm

Additional features[]

T-X DNA Analysis

The Model T-X is equipped with advanced sensor packages to aid in human identification and termination. These include infrared systems used to pick up heat signatures,[2], facial recognition, and retina scanning systems. The T-X is also capable of analyzing DNA by sampling a small quantity of its targets blood using sensors housed within its mouth.

The Model T-X possesses detailed files, such as make, model, muzzle velocity, weight, length, cartridge size of a weapon, enabling it use of all military and civilian weaponry;[2] and schematic layouts and instructions on use of all recorded modes of transportation.[2]

The Model T-X can access database computers wirelessly via phone lines by emitting a series of eleven beep tones, creating an audible connection, using its voice-processing unit. The T-X's internal communications circuitry also allows radio signals to be broadcast on any frequency,[2] and an on-board navigational system automatically merges with Skynet systems in the area, creating a complete map system which can be displayed on the T-X's heads up display. For safety purposes, the T-X possesses internal diagnosis circuits, and the ability to shunt delicate control circuits to protected areas if a massive voltage is incurred.

Terminator emotion[]

The T-X appears to exhibit a fear.

The T-X also appears to possess a limited emotional range, which it exhibits even when it is by itself (as opposed to displaying emotions to ingratiate itself with humans). This can be seen during the crane chase when it exhibits frustration and also performs a surprised double take upon realizing the T-850 is still in pursuit. It also seems to feel satisfaction when it smirks after seemingly losing the T-850 and it appears to exhibit a fear response just before the T-850 finally terminates it with one of his hydrogen cores. Also, early in the film when it identifies blood as belonging to "primary target" John Connor, the T-X appears to react with an expression akin to a gasp of excitement.

The T-X is also the only machine to make feral growling noises when angered or frustrated.


  • As it is made of metal like other Terminator Series, the T-X can temporarily be incapacitated with an extremely intense magnetic field, but is less vulnerable to overcurrent.
  • Like the T-800 and other solid endoskeleton-based units, it is possible to trap a T-X under a sufficiently heavy mass.
  • The same weaknesses that the T-1000 suffered from also apply to the T-X due to its Mimetic polyalloy structure as intense heat can cause it to suffer from "glitches". However, as long as its inner endoskeleton is not affected, the T-X will not become immobile from bullet impacts and can continue to hunt the target.
  • A T-X can be briefly immobilized with an extremely strong magnetic field, such as that generated by a particle accelerator.
  • While its infiltration abilities are fairly impressive, they are inferior to Infiltrator featuring living tissue. Since a T-X is covered by mimetic polyalloy instead of living tissue, it lacks the ability to sweat and bleed. A Terminator that is bleeding or possesses scars is more likely to be mistaken for an actual human.
  • By far, the T-X has not been seen to impersonate anyone with a height or weight greater than its own like a T-1000, possibly due to its hardware (endoskeleton) limitation.


Due to being in essence a hybrid of the T-900's endoskeleton and the Mimetic polyalloy used on T-1000, the T-X was capable of sustaining extreme amounts of damage that no other unit has been known to survive.[7]

  • The T-X was first incapacitated by the T-850, the latter of which crashed a vehicle into it before the car exploded when it hit a building - yet the unit was able to reconstruct itself without any visible damage.
    • The T-850 opened up on the T-X with a shotgun; once again, the T-X was able to repair itself and fired a burst from its plasma cannon that temporarily rendered the T-850 offline.
    • In the novelization, the T-X was then thrown underneath a fire engine, that was attached to a champion crane, when the T-850 caught up to it. This caused little, if any, permanent damage.
    • The T-850 caused the fire engine which the T-X had commandeered to crash into a crane — both vehicles then rammed into the T-X. However, the unit appears to have suffered little to no damage.
  • During its next encounter with the T-850, the T-X absorbed the force of an RPG rocket fired at it by the opposing cyborg. This was the most devastating attack that it was inflicted with, for it was charging its plasma weapon to kill Katherine Brewster and failed to recognise the T-850's missile. The force was powerful enough to considerably compromise its onboard arsenal - likely from having caused the cannon to backfire - and possibly some of its other systems. It was forced to replace the plasma weapon with a flamethrower.
    • The T-X was then run over by a trailer — yet again this was almost ineffective to stop it.
  • In the CRS building, the T-X was hit by numerous grenades from the T-850, the force of which caused it to topple into a ventilation shaft and suffer unknown damage.
    • When the T-850 confronted it in close-quarters in the CRS building, it is unknown if the T-X sustained some damage from being battered around. The fact that the T-X had allowed the T-850 to strike her multiple times with a large fire extinguisher means she suffered little to no damage from their melee.
    • The T-850 then attempted to terminate both itself and the T-X using a live wire: ironically, this only hampered the T-X slightly while the 850 was rendered immobile for a significant amount of time, allowing the more advanced unit to catch up and reprogram it.
  • John Connor activated a particle accelerator to its maximum possible capacity and the T-X was temporarily stuck to the machine. It was almost terminated itself, but using a circular saw, it damaged or destroyed the machine and recovered from the attack.
  • The reprogrammed T-850 later crashed a massive helicopter (a 5+ ton Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King in the movie, a 7+ ton Boeing Vertol CH-46 in the novelization) at significant velocity into the T-X at Crystal Peak.
  • In the film, the T-X suffered the heaviest damage up until this point due to the weight, heat, and friction of the sliding, exploding helicopter. Its legs are rendered inoperative, so it disconnects them. Additionally, the T-X's vision becomes choppy, with static, and in the top right, its HUD reads: "Critical System Failure: Errors Detected." The unit also lost most of its liquid metal, and had difficulty controlling the remaining amount.
  • In the comic, Terminator 3: Eyes of the Rise, the helicopter simply pins the T-X's lower body, and it disconnects its torso to quickly catch up to its targets. Thus, the amount of damage it suffers differs depending on the version, though in all iterations, it was forced to separated its lower half to crawl after the humans.[8]
  • Due to the damage it sustained by the helicopter's collision, the T-X has its wrist or forearm crushed by the T-850 after it grabs John Connor’s leg.
    • Finally, the T-X was trapped by the T-850, which crushed both units with the blast door and forced its remaining hydrogen fuel cell into its mouth. The resultant explosion totally annihilated both Terminators beyond any possible chance of being repaired and reactivated.

Known Units[]


  • It is unknown if Model T-X are exclusively female models or if there were/are male (in the sense of endoskeletal structure and programming) counterparts, as the mimetic sheath only grants aesthetic camouflage. It is feasible, given the advanced nature of this series, that such "male models" exist, though this has not been touched upon by either the films or the comics.
  • One possible reason as to why only female models have been encountered could be, that is easier for slender female endoskeletons to disguise as both male or female humans with the aid of their mimetic polyalloy, as opposed to bulkier male endoskeletons which would only be able to disguise as male or bulky female humans.
  • In the novelization of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the T-X is equipped with muscles, tendons, blood, skin and hair.
  • The Model T-X was probably designed to terminate renegade Terminators (usually ones that were reprogrammed by The Resistance), that were no longer working for Skynet and could be a threat to its existence.
  • John Connor thus dubbed the T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as an "Anti-Terminator Terminator".
  • The technology of an endoskeleton-based Terminator with mimetic polyalloy outersheath is also applied on Rev-7 and Rev-9 in Dark Fate timeline.


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