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The T-Infinity Prototype Temporal Terminator was created by Skynet. Its purpose is to make sure the timelines don't get out of balance. So far, it seems there is only one prototype created by Skynet and sent to "correct" the timeline.


The T-Infinity is built with an onboard time displacement equipment, making it possible to relocate itself in time. It is able to trans-locate direct hits from a weapon and not be destroyed. However, it can only trans-locate attacks that it is aware of, therefore making him susceptible to stealth attacks, also an indirect hit does weaken it. [1] In addition, it is vulnerable to close-quarter combat and energy weapons, such as EMP attacks.

Like other Terminators, the T-Infinity is superhumanly strong and durable, it was shown to be stronger than a T-800 and resistant to conventional weaponry, a trait that combined with its trans-location abilities make it nearly invulnerable. The T-Infinity is also protected by a blue force field that covers its most vulnerable areas; knees, inner thighs, belly, hips, elbows, armpits, shoulders, back and neck. The force field is powerful enough to instantly vaporize even the alloy with which the T-800s are built. The force field is not active while the T-Infinity is deactivated.

Still, the T-Infinity is not completely invulnerable, as shown when John Connor seriously damaged it by blowing up one of its arms and deactivating its defensive force field by attacking it with a rocket launcher while it wasn't looking.[2]

A technology similar to the Series X endoskeleton has been applied in the T-Infinity, making it capable of storing various onboard weaponry inside its forearms, which appear to be made of liquid metal, that rearranges itself in various weapons that include, plasma cannons, energy-based machine guns, blades and a configurable energy blade capable of effortlessly cutting a T-800 and a T-X in half. Despite its advanced technology its onboard weapons share the same vulnerability of those of a T-X, meaning that shooting inside the barrel of its weapon will cause it to detonate and consequently blow up its forearm, still, it can recover from the damage and reform its forearm in mere seconds.

Combat abilities[]

The T-Infinity is an extremely capable and lethal fighter, easily able to overpower and destroy Uncle Bob and a T-X in two separate occasions.

At a distance it employs various weapons stored in its forearms, unlike the T-X it displays the ability to generate multiple firearms at the same time, making it able to simultaneously shoot at multiple targets while defending itself with its force-field and trans-location abilities, in close quarter fights it employs its massive size and strength in combination with its energy blade to quickly dispatch its opponents.

The T-Infinity can see enemies hiding behind solid objects by sensing their heat signatures, also thanks to its time displacement equipment it can see through time into the immediate past.

The T-Infinity is extremely resistant to damage and can keep fighting on and on, it was observed destroying eight T-800s without taking much damage and later continuing to fight even after it was heavily damaged and had one of its arms completely destroyed in an explosion.[3]


Despite its great resistance to harm it is still possible to damage and destroy a T-Infinity, since its trans-location abilities work only on attacks that it is aware of it cannot defend himself to stealth and indirect attacks.

EMPs are able to temporary weaken its force-field, John Connor managed to impale the T-Infinity while weakened and triggered an accidental time jump, which caused the T-Infinity to confuse friends with enemies.

A direct hit from a rocket launcher was able to blow up one of its arms and the subsequent attack from the Dire Wolf sealed the fate of the T-Infinity, whose head was ripped off by the canine Terminator.

Its CPU and Time Displacement Equipment are also vulnerable to reprogramming once it is shut down.


Terminator 2: Infinity[]

Skynet somehow found out the timeline was unbalanced when Uncle Bob appeared and decided to correct it by using a T-Infinity. The T-Infinity is sent back to July 17, 2009 just before John Connor becomes the leader of the Resistance.

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Terminator: Revolution[]

Skynet dispatched the T-Infinity again from 2033 to 2015 in order to kill Tara Connor. During a raid in the Resistance Headquarters, the T-Infinity is temporally disabled by John Connor with an EMP pulse and a steel bar, causing its onboard time displacement equipment to malfunction. Thus, both John Connor and the T-Infinity are sent back to Alabama in the year 1996. Issue #1

The T-Infinity arrives Birmingham, Alabama in 1996. The malfunction caused a confusion within its system, thus its mission priority becomes Sarah Connor. Issue #2

The machine goes to young John Connor's school and kills the principal, waiting for Sarah Connor. It fails to terminate Sarah upon the first encounter. Issue #3Sarah runs to the street, only to face the army of the T-850. The T-Infinity follows her to the street and begins to fight the T-850s. Issue #4

After destroying the T-850s, the T-Infinity uses the chrono-imager to track down Connors to their hideout in the woods, only to be confronted by the Connors. During the battle, the machine's right arm is destroyed by John Connor with a bazooka. The machine is later destroyed by a Dire Wolf, a wolf Terminator used to destroy the T-Infinity. After destroying the Dire Wolf, John Connor uses the onboard time displacement equipment from the remains of the T-Infinity to travel back to the 2015 with Kyle Reese. Soon after the arrival, John uses T-Infinity's neural network to set a coordinate for a missile to hit the Skynet Hub in Nebraska, destroying Skynet once and for all. Issue #5


  • In The Terminator RPG, the sourcebook covering the events of Terminator 2, the description of the T-Mobius model of Terminator matches the details of the T-Infinity.



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