The term "T-950" should not be confused with I-950.


The Endoskull schematics of a T-950.


Two T-950 units engaging.

The T-950 is an advanced variation of the T-900 Terminator produced by Skynet. The T-950 is an alleged "bridge" for the T-800 to the T-X as it is an Infiltrator with living tissue over a hyperalloy-armored endoskeleton like a T-800 while possessing reconfigurable arms, housing various weapons as a T-X does.


Some T-950 units are covered by living tissue, while others, such as the female T-950, have their arms covered with mimetic polyalloy, possibly to avoid laceration during the weapon switch.

Since the Mimetic Polyalloy only covers its arms for them to switch between weapons easily, the T-950 unit is unable to alter their facial or general physical appearance, as the outer sheath on its face is made of living tissue.

Each unit possesses at least two types of onboard weaponry within its arms. In addition, an arm of a T-950 is able to fold backward to shoot targets behind, which is useful in some situations, such as car chases.

A T-950 is able to withstand several shot from close range. In addition, the T-950 can also withstand a certain level of crush by a vehicle, such as a train in a subway.

The T-950 Terminatrix seems to be more resilient to EMP than the T-950 Terminator as she hold an EMP grenade to attack him in close quarter combat without any visible damage.

However, a damaged T-950 can suffer from drastic energy consumption.

The T-950 features a head-up display similar to the T-850. In addition, it is able to use a heat signature scanning function.


  • A T-950 is shown being able to defragment its hard drive.
  • A T-950 unit seem to feature a certain level of emotion, as it asks itself, "Where the HELL am I?" instead of simply "Where am I?", even playing a pun "Bear you go" (There you go) to a SWAT member.
  • In Terminator 3: Fragmented part 1, the bullet hits on a T-950 often seems to have the liquid metal impact effect on the body in some pages. It is possibly merely an error or effect from the author's intention as those damages did not recover as a T-1000 or T-X does.

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