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The T-850 was a Series 850 Infiltrator(s)[1] sent to New Orleans in 1996 by Skynet from the future with a mission to assassinate John Connor when he was 12-year-old.

History[edit | edit source]

Original timeline[edit | edit source]

The T-850 was sent to 1996 in order to kill John Connor. However, it was destroyed by John Connor and Sarah Connor with help from a "Terminator" sent from the future as a protector by the Resistance. Terminator: Revolution #3

Alternate timeline[edit | edit source]

Instead of one unit, Skynet sent a squad consisting of eight T-850 Infiltrators, all with identical Model and outfit, to assassinate John Connor in New Orlean, 1996. Terminator: Revolution #1 One unit tracked down the 12-year-old John Connor and chased him along the street when he was on his way to school. John was able to hide in a bar. Unable to find John Connor, the squad of T-850 began to brawl, killing people on the street. A T-850 intruded the bar and killed the owner Otis before cornering John in the storage. It was briefly stopped by the now grown-up John Connor, who accidentally travelled back to 1996 with T-Infinity, with molotov cocktail and shotgun. The two John Connors managed to escape the scene. Terminator: Revolution #2

Unable to locate the 12-year-old John Connor, the squad tracked down their beta target: Sarah Connor. She was located and cornered by the Infiltrators near the school where John was attending. Terminator: Revolution #3 Before she was about to be terminated, the T-Infinity arrived and intervened by slashed the arm of a T-850, who pointed the gun at Sarah. The T-Infinity began to engage with the T-850 Infiltrators. The battle ends up with all the T-850 destroyed by the T-Infinity. Terminator: Revolution #4

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Model 101 Infiltrator from The Terminator: Dawn of Fate.

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