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The page is about the T-850 in Rise of the Machines timeline, for the T-850 in Resistance timeline, see T-850 Infiltrator; for other T-850, see T-850 (disambiguation).

T-850 Endoskeleton.[1]

The Cyber Research Systems Series 850 Terminator[2], also known as T-850 Terminator or T-850 Battle Robot,[3] is a variant of the Series 800 Terminator mass-produced by Skynet in Rise of the Machines timeline.



The T-850's flesh covering is more easily removable than the T-800's, making internal repairs easier. Whereas the skin of a T-800 must be sliced open in order to access the cranial CPU port, the T-850 possesses an easy access system for maintenance. A release point is located underneath the skin on the right side of its neck which, when pressed, causes the unit's head to roll slackly onto its right cheek. From here, seams that follow the unit's hairline from the base of its neck behind its ears to its temples can be accessed and the skin parted easily and peeled back to reveal the metal skull with its tiny access port.[3]

The damaged skin and flesh of a T-850 are also able to partially reform over its endoskeleton, aiding in future infiltration.[4]


The T-850 is outfitted with a series of action network circuits, fired by its CPU when in a combat situation. These act like the electronic equivalent of adrenaline, supercharging systems, getting it "pumped" for a fight.[3] This is fundamental in the T-850's ability to take on later Terminator series, such as the T-900, T-950, and T-X.


Subdermal Armor (abdomen)

The T-850 Endoskeleton is made of titanium alloy.[3]

As an upgraded version of the T-800, the T-850 Terminator's Endoskeleton seems able to better withstand plasma weaponry than its predecessor as a T-850 unit can take a shot from a plasma cannon from a T-X without being destroyed. However, the impact is enough to knock it offline and damage inner components.

Power source[]

Twin hydrogen fuel cells.

Main article: Hydrogen fuel cell

Different from the nuclear-energy Iridium Power Cell used by the T-800 units in the Original timeline, a T-850 is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells. Though partially impaired having lost one cell, a T-850 can still operate at near-full capacity on its remaining fuel cell. The T-850 can operate for a short period on stored charge, enabling the removal of both fuel cells. Rated capacity and length of time before shutdown has yet to be determined since operational continuance would depend on functions required following the removal of the second fuel cell.

Shut-down capabilities[]

T-850 restarting.

The Series 850 Terminator, though not able to self-terminate as an act in and of itself unrelated to the achievement of mission objectives, is able to completely shut itself down, and reboot from scratch, overriding any temporary modifications that may have been made to its systems.[5] Added to this are other features to increase reliability and longevity.

The T-850 possess built-in safety and redundancy engineering, as well as the ability to shunt delicate control circuits to protected areas in the event of a massive electric shock.

Other traits and subroutines[]

The T-850 analyzing its surrounding, including ambient music and scanning building inside to create a 3D model.

Basic psychology and knowledge of human emotions and socio-ecological interactions are among the subroutines of the T-850, yet another of its advancements over the T-800 Series. This allows it to better understand humans, making it a better Infiltrator and a more efficient killer.

The Series 850 Terminator, like the Series 800 Terminator before it, possesses detailed files. Known to be amongst these are a list of more than 1000 different emotional elements that modify human behavior;[3] zoological information on all recorded species of animal, enable a unit to identify any species and replicate its sounds exactly with its voice processing unit;[3] popular music and artists of the 20th and early 21st Century (though why this is included is yet unclear).[3] The T-850 constantly evaluates data: old data from its memory banks and new data that its sensors continuously gather. From such evaluations, it can make predictive forecasts to which it can assign probability values, out-thinking its enemies, always one or two steps ahead.

Equipped with a battery of sensor arrays, the Series 850 Terminator is able to detect its environment, even creating a 3D model of surrounding environment. It possesses the ability to detect infrared, radar, optical and electromagnetic emissions, heat signatures, electronic noise, high-frequency cell phone broadcasts, and directed sound.[3]

Differences from the Series 800[]

The T-850 is very similar to the T-800 in many ways, as it is basically the same style hyperalloy combat chassis with a few modifications. Additionally, the living tissue face looks about 10 years older than previous units sent to the past from future.[6] As well as the endoskeleton looking very much like that of a T-800, the T-850's is also capable of utilizing the same models of living tissue sheath for the T-800, such as Model 101.[7] The skin peels away more easily and is more regenerative. It has a more durable endoskeleton, more resistant to plasma weaponry. It also possesses subroutines on basic human psychology and behavior in its programming. The T-850 is slightly stronger and faster than its predecessor.

Known units[]


Behind the Scene[]

  • In the Future War nightmare from the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the Endoskeleton army should be T-800 Terminators as John had not met a T-850 yet. However, since the production of the T3 only created the character model for the T-850, the image of Nightmare Endoskeletons is used to represent the T-850 for Terminator Wiki.


Video games



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