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Your clothes, give them to me, now.

The Terminator T-800 was a Series 800 Infiltrator of Model 101 sent back to 1984 by Skynet to kill Sarah Connor.


As Tech-Com launched its final attack on the Time Displacement Facility, Skynet activated the T-800 and assigned it to travel to 1984 to terminate Sarah Connor. The Infiltrator arrived at Griffith Observatory on May 12, 1984. However, while attempting to obtain clothing, the Terminator was attacked by another T-800. The two engaged in a brutal fight, but the T-800 was ironically disabled by a direct hit to its chest from a .50 caliber sniper round fired by Sarah Connor, his intended target. To prevent future technology from altering the flow of history, Sarah and the Guardian took the deactivated T-800 with them to dismantle it.

Before it could be destroyed, the T-800 was reactivated with a single drop of Mimetic polyalloy from a T-1000 that had also been sent back to kill Sarah Connor. As the T-1000 pursued Sarah, the T-800 attacked Kyle Reese and pursued him deeper into the Guardian and Sarah's safe house, losing its skin sheath to a grenade launcher. Reese attempted to overcurrent the machine, but failed. The T-800 was finally destroyed by Reese when he was able to fire another .50 caliber round into the Terminator's neck, decapitating the machine. Once the T-1000 was destroyed, Sarah and the Guardian extracted its CPU to operate their time displacement equipment and then proceeded to dissolve the T-800 in an acid bath. They stated that using the T-800's CPU to run the time machine would burn it out and it was presumably destroyed by Guardian after sending Sarah and Kyle to the future. Terminator Genisys

Behind The Scenes[]

  • Brett Azar stood in for the Terminator during filming, however, he was edited out and completely replaced with the digital Terminator model, rather than having Arnold Schwarzenegger's face superimposed over his own. Brett Azar also portrayed the young Guardian with digital makeup.
  • The digital version of the Terminator has been stated to consist of over 1 million polygons.[citation needed]
  • In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, there is a dropped idea featuring two CSM-101 fighting each other.[1] The idea was not used on-screen until Terminator Genisys.