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The Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800 Terminator[1] was sent to New York City in 1984 from 2029 by Skynet with a mission to terminate NYPD Officer Lucy Castro.


Rough the same time around the incident in Los Angeles, the Terminator arrived in New York City in 1984 from the year 2029 with a mission to terminate Lucy Castro and William, her boyfriend. After acquiring clothes, it used white pages to locate Lucy's apartment. There, it killed Will by throwing him to the ground floor from the top floor. Lucy managed to escape. Later, the Terminator reacquired Lucy in a grocery store, where it also got a shotgun. Sector War issue 1

It took a garbage truck and tracked down Lucy in the nightclub Noise Hole. In an ensuing gunfight, the Terminator killed Dimarco, a policeman moonlighting at the club, while Lucy managed to escape in her police cruiser. Sector War issue 2 The Terminator later followed Lucy into Papa Oso's turf, where he met a kill box. Papa Oso's gang tried to take it down while Lucy fled the scene. Sector War issue 3

The Terminator reacquired Lucy again in subway and tracked her down in a construction site. However, it was sent to bottom of the sea by Lucy with a bulldozer. Sector War issue 4


  • It is worth noting that unlike most of the Terminators sent by Skynet, this Terminator does not kill innocent people. For example:
    • The Terminator asked the man in phone booth to give it the clothes without using force. The man even taught it how to use white pages.
    • The Terminator asked the clerk in grocery shop if he had any weapon. After it took the weapon, the Terminator even thank him before leaving.
    • The Terminator asked the garbage truck driver to give it the car key, then told the man to leave.
    • It not only commented Lucy that she was formidable, but even told her who it is why and she was targeted.
  • Although being a CSM-101 Infiltrator, this unit has a very different appearance to the standard Model 101 Infiltrator, such as featuring blonde hair. However, its image on the cover of second issue is drawn like a Model 101 as seen in the films.


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  1. Per Termovision as seen in Sector War issue 1.
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