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The name or term "T-800" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see T-800 (disambiguation).

A T-800 wielding a RBS-80

During the Future War, Skynet had developed T-800 Infiltrators in an attempt to infiltrate Resistance bases and bunkers to kill humans, neutralizing the Resistance.

There are at least four known units:


The T-850 from Terminator: Revolution

  • The first and the third T-800 Infiltrators' design is apparently based on the Future Terminator from The Terminator.
  • It is unknown if the first and the second T-800 Infiltrator are the same unit. However, both units and the T-800 sent back to 1984 are Model 101 Infiltrators as they all feature the same face, black hair, and a mustache. Note that the design of Model 101 in Dawn of Fate does not consist with the one from various films, possibly because the video game publisher Infogrames does not have any rights to use Arnold Schwarzenegger's face.
  • The T-850 Infiltrator from the comic Terminator: Revolution shares a similar appearance with the Model 101 in Dawn of the Fate.



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