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The T-800 from Terminator Salvation timeline

The T-800 Terminator, originally developed as Terminator Resistance Infiltrator Prototype (T-RIP) from the T-700 series, is the first Terminator with living tissue outer sheath and later utilized as Infiltrator in Salvation timeline. A T-800 is powered by nuclear power cells.

Specification[edit | edit source]

The blueprint of the T-800 Terminator with living tissues

In the Terminator Salvation timeline, Skynet has created T-800 Terminator in 2018, much earlier than in previous timelines, possibly based on the reversed engineer design scheme by the US Military in 2004.

The T-800 Terminator is an updated T-700 endoskeleton fitted with the synthetic skin. Different from the T-700, a T-800 does not rely on Skynet for command and control functions.[1] However, it is still able to be remotely-controlled by Skynet or a Terminator Ultra-5000 unit.[2]

The Head-up display of a T-800 unit is different from the previous timeline, as it is more advanced and high definition.

John Connor's T-800 Avatar

Skynet later developed several customized Terminators based on T-800 Endoskeleton, such as John Connor's "avatar" and the New Terminator.[2]

Durability[edit | edit source]

  • John Connor fired a burst of automatic fire at the T-RIP's chest with no effective damage whatsoever.
  • The T-RIP is hit in the face with the stock of John Connor’s gun, and it is completely unaffected by the attack.
  • Moments later, John hit the T-RIP with two grenades, resulting in the complete destruction of its outer flesh sheath. However, its endoskeleton suffered no noticeable damage from these attacks. This is the first instance where a T-800 has endured something that its previous counterparts could not. It is possible that Kyle Reese (in The Terminator) possibly put the pipe bomb in one of its weak point or the Terminator was possibly already severely damaged to a point where a simple bomb could destroy it, as it was shot multiple times, and was in a car crash and tank explosion; whereas the Prototype was in pristine condition.
  • After a surprise attack on both John and Kyle, the T-800 was hit with a third grenade at close range, the force of which threw the machine several feet and rendered it inoperative for a short time.
  • While trying to escape the T-800, John shot it several times with a combat shotgun, creating enough force to make the machine pause with every hit; yet it still advanced without any sign of damage, despite Connor aiming for its vulnerable spots, such as shoulder joints, elbows and knees.
  • Enraged by the melting of his hand, Marcus Wright, a T-H, charged the T-800 from behind and threw it into a steel drum before beating it repeatedly with a metal rod. The machine was barely fazed, however, and quickly overpowered its adversary.
  • John fired several pistol shots at the T-800, with no effect.
  • The T-800 was consumed by molten steel from above, however; due to the temperature of the steel (less than that which disintegrated the T-800 and T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day) it was able to keep lumbering towards its target, despite the mass of metal on its shoulders and in its joints. It is possible the metal could've damaged it more given enough time, but the metal was supercooled moments later, trapping the machine but still allowing it to painfully scratch a scar into John Connor’s face before freezing up.
  • The cooled metal locked up the T-800's joints, but the T-800 was able to use sheer mechanical strength to break free from the brittle ore and was able to partially recover. Ironically, this ultimately proved to be its downfall; as evidenced it was unable to fight when Marcus used a piece of pipe to decapitate his nemesis.

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  • T-H - Human-based Infiltration Prototype

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