The T-700 from Terminator Salvation timeline

The T-700 is the first generation of the T-800 Terminator in Terminator Salvation timeline.[1][2] Powered by nuclear power cells, the T-700 is structurally identical to its Terminator cousins, but are built solely for combat as it features a more durable endoskeleton than the previous series, but its CPU is less advanced than the T-800.[1] Units of the T-700 are also entirely reliant on Skynet for command and control functions as they lack the ability for independent thought.[3]


In 2018, the T-700 Terminator was mass-produced by Skynet in at least one factory, which is beneath the Skynet Central in San Francisco.[1]

Shortly following the Mission to Skynet Central, the T-700 had become Skynet's primary battle unit having replaced the T-600 and were armed with G11 caseless-round submachine guns.[4] Like the T-600, the T-700 was capable of repairing itself. In order to complete its objectives, a T-700 could function even with severe damage to its structure. However, a T-700 could have its targeting systems disabled by piercing the back of the neck just like a T-600 as a T-700 was disabled after being shot in the neck by an arrow.[2]


  • In Terminator Salvation, the T-700 Terminators in the factory are not protected from the grime of production, resulting in their chassis being covered in oil and other matter that renders their endoskeleton a dark hue.[1]

Relationship to the T-800Edit


Early concept of the T-700, later used in Terminator Salvation game.

  • The early concept image shows the T-700 as a much larger machine (6'9"-tall[1]) more reminiscent of the T-600 and bear many distinguishing differences between itself and the T-800.
  • The final version of the T-700 resembles a T-800 with a darker tone and few slight structural differences, for example: the T-700's teeth are metallic in appearance, whereas the T-800's resembles that of a biological human; the lower jaw of the T-700 is slightly more angular than the T-800's; and the T-700's eye colour is not pure red, instead containing the same orange tint found in T-600s.
  • The color difference between T-700 and T-800 mentioned above is presented in the Playmates Terminator Salvation toyline. T-700 and T-800's (as T-RIP) toys share similar molds with different painting application. The molds differ in height by about a third of an inch and feature slight differences, such as the 5 splines protruding from a T-700's lower back instead of the 4 splines of a T-800.
  • In Terminator Salvation film, John Connor refers to the T-700s in the factory as T-800s. This is probably because the T-700 and T-800 were structurally similar to each other. Also, Barnes described the T-800 as the refitted T-700 endoskeleton with synthetic skin in the novel Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire.

Behind the SceneEdit

  • Terminator Salvation marks the first appearance of the T-700 Terminator.
  • In the video game Terminator Salvation, the T-700's character model is the one from the concept art instead of the one seen in the film. [Confirmation needed]
  • The packaging of Playmates action figure for Marcus Wright identifies him as a T-700 Terminator[5], though this is likely an error as he is actually a T-H.
  • The website for Playmates toys shows the T-700 as the Terminator first encountered in the film Terminator Salvation. However, this is proven to be incorrect as the first on-screen Terminator is clearly a T-600 in Skynet VLA.



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  • T-90 - Humanoid Hunter-Killer, the T-800 Terminator without living tissue outer sheath in T2 Trilogy timeline.
  • T-801 - The T-800 Terminator without living tissue outer sheath, for Heavy Combat purpose in The Terminator: 2029.
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