The T-400 Endo is a Humanoid Hunter Killer invented during initial tests to mimic human autonomy. Although they served Skynet as impressive guards in early internment prisons, they are no longer a match for modern weapons, and only a few rusty units remain in service.[1]

In Kyla's World, a T-400 can be destroyed with an Uzi 9mm submachine gun.[2]

In Terminator Salvation timeline, the T-400 is utilized to capture humans for Skynet.[3]

Technical Data Edit

T400 rusty

T-400 with a rusty exterior.

A T-400 was physically strong and could lift about 1000 lbs of weight. It was known to be able to break through concrete and reinforced walls. It could easily beat a human in close combat.

The T-400 series, unlike later Terminator series, had several areas were its wiring was exposed, which became a huge weakness of the T-400 series since in time, Resistance fighters learned to always aim for these spots. It also did not help that the T-400 had only one big, red optical sensor that glowed red. This optical sensor with its bright glow were a dead giveaway to any Resistance snipers out in the field, who then often proceeded to pick off the T-400's afar.


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