The T-400 Endo, nicknamed "Clanker" or "Faker" by Resistance, is a Humanoid Hunter Killer invented during initial tests to mimic human autonomy. Although they served Skynet as impressive guards in early internment prisons, they are no longer a match for modern weapons, and only a few rusty units remain in service.[1]

In Kyla's World, a T-400 can be destroyed with an Uzi 9mm submachine gun.[2]

In Salvation timeline, the T-400 is utilized to capture humans for Skynet.[3]

Technical Data[edit | edit source]

T-400 with a rusty exterior.

A T-400 was physically strong and could lift about 1000 lbs of weight. It was known to be able to break through concrete and reinforced walls. It could easily beat a human in close combat.

Unlike later Terminator models, the T-400 series used cheaper materials like steel rather than hyper alloys and, likewise, more primitive technologies throughout. The hydraulic systems were slow but capable of providing the Terminator superior strength compared to a human. The primary optical sensor with its bright red glow was a dead giveaway to any Resistance snipers out in the field, who then often proceeded to pick off the T-400 units afar. The series also featured a secondary more traditional optical sensor mounted on its own gimbal above the left shoulder to afford the machines a wider view of the battlefield and compensate for the slow and limited turning angle of the head assembly, even permitting the units to see behind themselves.

Overall the machines made for poor Infiltrators as they were noisy, slow and poorly armoured which made them easy targets on the battlefield. The single glowing red optical sensor and exposed wiring could be exploited by a trained resistance fighter to quickly defeat a unit in ranged combat. However due to the relatively low production costs, units were typically deployed en masse to compensate as the war grew on.

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