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Call to John now!

The T-1000, Advanced Prototype was a T-1000 Prototype Terminator[3] sent by Skynet from 2029 to terminate John Connor when he was 10 years old. It was the second Infiltrator sent back on assassination missions by Skynet.



T-1000 arrives in the past naked, after killing a cop.

The T-1000 arrived under an overpass, its electrical displacement attracting the attention of Joe Austin, a patrolling cop. The T-1000 snuck up on Austin and killed him, mimicking his clothing and taking his gun. The machine then used the cop's in-car database to pull up John Connor's criminal records and thereby learn the address of him and his foster parents, Todd and Janelle Voight. It later visited the couple and obtained a picture of John, learning that he had already hopped on his bike with his DJ friend to the local shopping mall. The T-1000 also learns of the reprogrammed T-800 (Model 101) and begins searching the neighborhood, asking random pedestrians if they've seen John. It encounters two girls who direct him to the "Galleria" where John was claimed to have been headed. The T-1000 continues his search inside the mall, unaware of the T-800's proximity.

It investigates a video game arcade and locates his target as he flees from the T-1000. John's friend assuming the machine to be just a normal cop is shoved aside in an effort to distract the machine. The T-1000 chases John through the maintenance corridors and catches up with the boy at exactly the same moment as the T-800. Before it can shoot John, the T-800 blasts him with his shotgun, distracting him for a moment, allowing the other machine to shield him. The T-1000 retaliates by unloading his entire magazine into the T-800's back, killing a Japanese worker in the process.

While in the process of reloading, the T-800 blasts the T-1000 repeatedly, knocking him out and to the floor. It takes a moment to recover whilst the T-800 reloads and then springs to its feet and grabs the T-800's shotgun. They struggle for a moment before the T-800 grabs hold of the T-1000 and slams him into a brick wall. The T-1000 responds in kind, throwing the T-800 through another plaster wall and then hurling him through a window, much to the surprise of the nearby shoppers.

The T-1000's pursuit of John continues. John speeds away on his bike with the T-1000 in hot pursuit, running 5 times faster than any athletic human possibly could. John escaped onto the main road and managed to put some distance between him and the T-1000, however, prompting the Terminator to steal a tow truck after throwing out the driver who was driving without a seat belt. He then drove after John, who once again escaped, fleeing down a levee.


The T-1000 chases John Connor in a badly-damaged tow truck.

The T-1000 was not to be deterred, however, and drove his truck off a bridge and into the embankment, once again initiating a chase, severely damaging the truck in the process. John managed to keep ahead and the T-800 was not far behind on a bike of his own. Behind them, the T-1000 was almost decapitated whilst driving under a low bridge, but afterward he took out the badly-damaged windshield and managed to close the gap between them and started to ram the back of John's bike. By this time, however, the T-800 had caught up and was attempting to overtake the T-1000's truck.

He tried to dissuade the T-800 but it managed to slip through regardless and rescued John from his under-powered motorcycle, which got crushed by the truck. The T-800 then shot out the truck's front-left tire, compromising the T-1000's ability to steer effectively. Up ahead was another low bridge with a divider, which the motorcycle was able to pass through with ease, due to its size. However, the truck wasn't so lucky due to its size, and with its steering ability out of commission, it was also unable to stop. The remaining tires lock up, causing the truck to steer out of control onto the muddy concrete, ramp the divider, and crash at the bridge, resulting in more pieces falling off. The fuel tank's leaking gasoline and its vapors, the hot concrete, and a loose, swinging battery cable set off an electrical spark which, in turn, triggers the vehicle's explosion, distracting the T-1000 long enough to allow for John's escape. It emerges from the wreckage and steals another police car.

Having lost sight of his target, the T-1000 calculated John's next move and revisited the Voight house, killing and then impersonating Janelle. It remained in this form until John called to warn them, during which he tried to convince the boy to return home for dinner so it could kill him. However, John sensed something's wrong since "Janelle" was too nice. The constant barking of the dog, Max, further incites John's suspicion, and the T-1000 makes an error; mistaking the dog's name. By this time, the T-800 had taken over the phone and was impersonating John — it confirmed his foster parents were dead. The T-1000 stabs Todd in the mouth and, now irritated, also kills Max.

It searches John's room, tracing his fingers over everything in sight as it searches for anything relevant to his mission. It finds a hollow in the wall behind a poster that contains dozens of letters from Sarah Connor, John's mother. It follows the return address to Pescadero State Hospital and is granted access to the prison, where it attempts to gain access to Sarah. It opts for a more stealthy approach, however, and flattens himself to the floor, absorbing the template of a cop.

The T-1000 assumes the guard's form and fatally lobotomizes him. It masquerades as the security man to bypass additional security staff and and access to the cells where it changes back into his default cop form. Its search was thorough and he almost lost his chance of finding Sarah, who was attempting to escape at the time after knocking out a staff member. The T-1000 caught up with her, but John and the T-800 had also arrived. It phased through a barred escape-proof security door and gave chase as they fled into an elevator, receiving a shotgun blast in the face at close range.


The T-1000 with a split head.

It quickly recovered, pried open the empty elevator doors leading to the shaft and jumped onto the elevator roof, morphing his arms into swords to try and stab the Connors from above, one stab catching Sarah on the shoulder. The T-800 and Sarah attempted to deter the machine by firing at the roof, but it manages to pinpoint Sarah’s position thanks to her constant firing of her pistol. It manages to slash her shoulder, but it did barely anything to faze her. Soon the trio eventually reach the underground carpark. Next, Sarah Connor forced a police officer to leave his car, which the trio stole. The T-1000 formed a large blob and "poured" itself into the lift's interior, reforming into a humanoid form and giving chase once again, but was slowed down by the T-800’s shotgun and Sarah’s pistol. It managed to grab hold of the trunk and smashed the rear window with its sword hook to get at John, but the T-800 shot off its left arm, then blasting the machine off the car, causing it to tumble and roll down the road. It quickly stands up and continues running but the car was already long gone. His left hook, still lodged in the trunk, was thrown off by John.


The T-1000 searches the Dyson home.

The T-1000 recovered his pieces and took a cop's bike, which it used as his main mode of transportation as he began seeking out possible locations that the Connors might attack, specifically Skynet targets. A visit to the Dyson residence revealed signs of a gunfight and all of Miles Dyson's files destroyed. The T-1000's police radio then alerted him to a break-in at Cyberdyne Systems Corporations, to which he responded promptly, arriving in time to catch sight of the Connors fleeing in a SWAT van.

He then stole a helicopter and attacked the Connors on the freeway, injuring Sarah in the process, after which it crashed into the back of the van, forcing it on its side. He extricated himself from the wreckage and wasted little time impaling a concerned truck driver in the chest. He then steals his vehicle, which was pulling a tank of liquid nitrogen. The T-1000 chased the Connors, almost forcing them off the road several times, and inadvertently directing them towards a steel mill.


The T-1000 is frozen in liquid nitrogen.

The T-800 climbed across the car and onto his truck, firing an M4 carbine into his face and grabbed the wheel. He swerved it to the left, causing the truck to topple on its side and the momentum carrying it into the mill where the tank cracked open, spilling its contents. The T-1000 staggered out of the truck, covered in liquid nitrogen, and ambled towards the Connors, his body is rapidly freezing due to itself made of liquid metal. The more it persisted, the worse off it became, as his legs cracked and fell apart and his right arm then broke off entirely.

It examined his arm in shock as he froze completely and ceased all movement. The T-800 then shot him, shattering his body into tiny mercury-like pieces that scattered across the floor. This might have been the end for the T-1000, were it not for an overflowing vat of molten steel, the heat of the molten steel caused the pieces to melt into their liquid metal form. Each droplet started to merge with others, quickly forming a large puddle, imitating the appearance of the element Mercury, from which it started to solidify.


The T-1000 trapping the T-800 in a large cog.

Once he was fully reformed, the T-1000 resumed his hunt for the Connors, but started to suffer glitches, a malfunction caused by the liquid nitrogen, resulting in his feet and hands taking the form of whatever they touched. He was hardly concerned, and quickly caught up with them, resulting in another direct confrontation with the T-800, the two Terminators seemed to be evenly matched until the T-1000 used his Mimetic Pollyoy structure to his advantage when the T-800 tried to punch him, he then trapped the T-800's hand in a large cog.

He then sought out the Connors, a menacing ripple flashing across his body, and managed to corner Sarah alone, taking a shotgun blast straight through his right eye before impaling her on a sword made from his finger. The T-1000 demanded she call out for John, but Sarah put up a staunch refusal. Cursing the machine with 'Fuck you', she frustrated him. Before he could kill her, the T-800, which had extricated itself from the gear trap, drove a pipe through his body.

Frustrated and visibly "annoyed" by the T-800's constant interference, the T-1000 ruthlessly struck the machine repeatedly with the pipe and smashed his head several times with heavy machinery, including a massive ingot of steel hanging on an overhead crane. As the severely weakened T-800 attempted to crawl towards his M-79, the T-1000 drove the pipe into his spine and twisted the T-800 around before driving him deeper, destroying the machine's main power source.

With the T-800 seemingly disabled, the T-1000 took the form of an injured Sarah and called John, who responded to his cries. Before the T-1000 could kill his target, the true Sarah arrived and shot the fake with her shotgun. The T-1000 returned to its default cop form and faced off against Sarah, who blasted him to the edge of the ledge, almost knocking him into the vat of molten steel below. Her shotgun ran out of shells before she could do so.


The T-1000's death

As the T-1000 advanced on the Connors, his wounds healing, the T-800 arrived, having used its heat sinks to power a second back-up power cell and again extricated itself from the metallic rebar. He fired a grenade into the T-1000's chest, whose mouth opened wide in shock as the projectile exploded within it, severely contorting his form. Unable to recover in time, the T-1000 lost its balance and toppled into the molten steel.

The extreme heat rapidly-decimated its molecular structure, and it changed from shape to form, trying desperately to adapt to the deadly 1600°C environment. It proved futile, as the steel corrupted its design and melted its body. It gave one last metallic scream of mindless terror as it literally turned itself inside out, vomiting forth its own face from within before dissolving into nothing, its mission was a failure and its existence ended.

Deviating timelines[]

Battle Across Time[]

The T-1000 made a return in the Universal movie/attraction which serves as a mini-sequel to Judgement Day where it again attempts to kill the Connors. It was shot by a reprogrammed T-800 and was possibly destroyed upon the destruction of Skynet.

Skynet's World timeline[]

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Dark Futures

Terminator/Robocop Kill Human[]

In an alternate timeline, the T-1000 succeeded in killing John Connor and perished in the sinking of the Omni Consumer Products ship it was onboard alongside Robocop. Terminator/Robocop Kill Human issue 4


Similar to most of the Terminator Series, the T-1000 appears to possess a limited emotional range (aside from that necessary for infiltration). He exhibits a shocked expression when his arm breaks due to the liquid nitrogen, as well as just before he explodes in the steel factory. He wags a finger in a "tsk-tsk" gesture at one of his attackers after an unsuccessful attempt at destroying him, and also performs a double-take when he spots a clothing store mannequin that resembles his liquid metal form. He also displays frustration when the T-800 thwarts his interrogation of Sarah Connor, prompting him to ruthlessly pummel the T-800 with heavy machinery and steel ingots before impaling him. As well, a confused expression appeared on his face in the steel mill when he started to malfunction and his hand automatically fused with a metal bar as he grabbed it (deleted scene).

Then of course, his most active trait is his subtle but still present sadism, which differentiates him from other Terminators (even those with limited emotion like the T-X). This is especially noticeable in the climax where he has several opportunities to simply kill Sarah and get to John but instead enjoys tormenting Sarah as long as he can, this behavior goes against its usual programming.

While generally more calculating and subtler than T800s in his MO, he does unnecessarily stab the nitrogen truck driver when he simply asked if he's alright and was no threat or hindrance to him. Probably done out of frustration, which was never a flaw of the original terminator, who did not engage targets that served no purpose (Prime example, he incapacitated the truck driver & told the passenger to 'Get out', not bothering to waste time on harming him or ejecting him)


Successful Terminations[]

Officer Austin: The unfortunate cop who happened upon the T-1000's displacement.

Method: The T-1000 possibly - though not explicitly shown - stabbed Austin in the abdomen and took his gun before mimicking his clothes and commandeering his squad car. (In the novelization, the T-1000 also copies Austin's physical appearance as well as his uniform.)

Worker: The Japanese cleaner was caught in the crossfire between the T-1000 and the T-800.

Method: He was shot multiple times with the T-1000's Beretta 9mm.

Janelle Voight: Following standard practice, the T-1000 visited John's foster home with the goal of lying in wait for his return.

Method: Unspecified, though likely impalement (given its modus operandi).

Todd Voight: Todd, unaware that his wife had been replaced by the T-1000, shouted distractedly at John's barking dog.

Method: Todd was stabbed through the mouth (and the back of his head) while drinking from a carton of milk.

Max: The dog's constant barking helped tip off the T-1000's deception during a phone call to John, thereby foiling its plan to lure John back to the house.

Method: Not explicitly shown, likely morphed a sword. In the Special Edition and Ultimate Edition cuts, the Terminator holds the dog's bloody collar for a moment, seeing the dog's real name and realizing that the T-800 Terminator had fooled it. The Theatrical Cut removes this brief sequence.

Lewis: Seeking a method of infiltrating the Pescadero hospital, the T-1000 targeted Lewis for mimicry.

Method: After obtaining a sample from Lewis, the T-1000 assumed his form and stabbed the guard through the eye and hid his body in the janitor's closet.

Cryoco truck driver: The driver pulled up after the T-1000's helicopter crash and asked if he was alright.

Method: The T-1000 stabbed the driver through the chest to steal his truck. It is revealed that the man only got badly hurt in Dark Futures. This kill/injury is notable in being totally unnecessary, likely due to frustration as it was no help to his mission, nor was the victim a hindrance or threat.

Attempted Terminations[]

John Connor: The T-1000's primary objective was the termination of John Connor, but despite numerous near successes, it ultimately failed in each attempt.

Failure 1: The T-1000 attempted to shoot John in the narrow staff-only corridor of the Galleria, but was prevented from doing so by the timely arrival of the T-800, who shielded him.
Failure 2: The T-1000 stole a truck and chased John on his bike through a storm drain, attempting to run him down and almost succeeding. But once again the timely arrival of the T-800 prevented this; resulting in the T-1000 crashing into a bridge.
Failure 3:
A) Finding John, the T-800, and Sarah at the Pescadero State hospital, the T-1000 tried to shoot John as he escaped in an elevator, but the T-800 took all of the bullets and proceeded to shoot the T-1000 in the head at point-blank range with his shotgun, splitting it and stunning it for a brief period of time.
B) After putting its head back together, the T-1000 jumped onto the top of the elevator as it descended, using its blades to try and impale John from above. It was unable to reach him, however, and was distracted repeatedly by the combined fire from the T-800 and Sarah.
C) With the Connors escaping in a stolen police car, the T-1000 managed to jump onto the trunk and smashed through the rear windshield in an attempt to slash John with its blades but was blasted off by the T-800's shotgun and fell from the car.
Failure 4: During the helicopter chase across the highway, the T-1000 tried to shoot John with its sub-machine gun, but he was able to shield himself with body armor.
Failure 5: The T-1000 tried repeatedly to force the Connor's getaway vehicle off the road in its stolen truck and came close to crushing them on a few occasions. It was thwarted by the T-800, who boarded the truck and forced it into a hard turn that toppled the truck on its side.
Failure 6: In the steel mill, the T-1000 took Sarah's form and succeeded in luring John to it by crying for help. Before it could get close enough to terminate him, however, the real Sarah arrived and blasted it from behind with a shotgun, after which it was itself terminated by the T-800.

Sarah Connor: Despite being only human, Sarah proved to be something of an irritation to the T-1000 and was therefore considered a moderate threat.

Failure 1: The T-1000 infiltrated the Pescadero State hospital in an attempt to copy her form and await John's contact. However, the unexpected arrival of the T-800 and John nullified its objective. The T-1000 tried to stab the Connors while on top of the elevator and succeeded in slashing Sarah's shoulder but was too distracted by gunfire to cause any more damage.
Failure 2: Chasing the Connors in a helicopter, the T-1000 exchanged gunfire with Sarah and managed to shoot her in the leg but was prevented from finishing her when the T-800 slammed on the brakes, forcing the helicopter to crash into the back of their truck.
Failure 3: The T-1000 tried several times to force their rickety garden shed truck off the road, but was again met with failure when the T-800 boarded its truck and forced it onto its side.
Failure 4: In the steel mill, the T-1000 managed to disarm and stab Sarah in the shoulder, choosing to torture her into calling out to John. It threatened to stab her in the eye if she refused, and almost acted on its conviction, but was attacked from behind by the T-800.
Failure 5: After her shotgun ran out of shells, the T-1000 advanced, but was foiled for the last time by the T-800, resulting in its own termination.

T-800: This machine proved to be a formidable barrier between the T-1000 and its target, John Connor, despite possessing tactical inferiority.

Failure 1: Facing off against the T-800 for the first time, the T-1000 could find no means of executing a swift termination, and therefore chose to incapacitate it and hunt down John Connor.
Failure 2: During the chase in the storm drain, the T-1000 tried to crush the T-800 as it passed on its motorbike, but it proved to be both faster and more maneuverable and easily swept past the T-1000's truck.
Failure 3: In the steel mill, the T-1000 snuck up on the T-800 and engaged in hand-to-hand combat, proving to be the better fighter and trapping the T-800’s arm in some machinery. Again, with no immediate means of destroying the unit, the T-1000 left it in favor of pursuing the Connors.
Failure 4: After being ambushed from behind during its interrogation of Sarah, the T-1000 ruthlessly pummeled the T-800 with a steel pipe and smashed its head several times with heavy machinery and a steel ingot before stabbing it with the pipe, destroying its primary power cell. Though this would have terminated the T-800 in normal circumstances; the extreme temperatures of the mill allowed the T-800 to utilize its heat sinks for a source of alternate power, an ability the T-1000 apparently overlooked.

Possible/Indirect Terminations[]

Truck driver: The T-1000 commandeered the man's truck and hurled him out of the driver's seat. It is possible, though unlikely, that the driver might have died from being violently thrown from the moving vehicle. At the least he broke a leg because in real life the ejected driver broke his leg, the crack of his knee is audible in the film!

Cop biker: The T-1000 obtained a police bike from an officer, most likely killing him in the process. During his prolonged death writhing in the steel mill going through his attained forms, he does turn into the cop though onscreen we never see him use his form, he certainly had physical contact with him to have acquired his form. Nevertheless, it is unlikely he'd kill him in presence of surrounding officers and only requires physical contact to mimic appearances. However, the novelization of the film claims that not only did the T-1000 kill him, but the body was found a few hours later "unceremoniously tossed in a trash dumpster".

Helicopter pilot: Upon pouring into the cockpit and reforming, the T-1000 ordered the pilot to "Get out". The pilot, freaked out by what he was seeing, readily jumped from the cockpit. It is possible the fall killed him, then again he may have survived with injuries.


  • In T2: Infiltrator, it is mentioned that the helicopter pilot did die from the fall while Dark Futures claims the driver of the liquid nitrogen truck survived.
  • In Terminator: Resistance, T-1000's default appearance (model) is a Resistance soldier (R826457) captured by Skynet forces and died of human experiments.[4]
  • The police car he takes is a 1987 Chevy caprice, in a deleted scene after the tow truck was set on fire, the T-1000 spots a bunch of emergency workers arriving and takes the opportunity to steal an 88’ Chevy caprice that an officer left unattended.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The T-1000 was portrayed by Robert Patrick, with Jenette Goldstein (Janelle Voight,) Don and Dan Stanton (Lewis), and Leslie Hamilton Gearren (Fake Sarah at the steel mill) portraying its various impersonations. Astoundingly enough, of its 15 minutes of freakish and chillingly inhuman transformations onscreen, only six of them were achieved through the use of computers. The remaining nine were actually achieved through highly articulate, detailed and realistic puppets-and-prosthetics created by Stan Winston Studios, the same team responsible for the metal skeleton effects of the T-800.
  • The handgun the T-1000 takes from the cop is a Beretta 92 FS 9mm, popular gun among law enforcement in 1995.


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