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The T-1000 is a T-1000 Infiltrator that was sent to the past by Skynet.

May 12, 1984. The day you arrive.

History[edit | edit source]

1973[edit | edit source]

This T-1000 was sent to the year 1973 to kill Sarah Connor when she was only 9 years old. He was only able to kill her parents and his mission was compromised when a T-800 from an unknown point in time arrived and rescued the young girl.[1] Terminator Genisys

1984[edit | edit source]

After the arrival of Kyle Reese in 1984, the T-1000 disguised itself as a police officer arrived at the place where Kyle was and chased him into a department store. Shortly after Officer O'Brien and his partner showed up, he hid inside a large mirror before attacking Kyle and the two officers until Sarah Connor came to the rescue of Kyle.

The T-1000 continued its pursuit of Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and Pops with a piece of itself as a tracking device from the back of their ambulance. The T-1000 trailed them to an abandoned warehouse where it impaled the Guardian with a spear formed from itself and then used a drop of mimetic polyalloy to reactivate the T-800 that had recently been disabled by Sarah. While the T-1000 pursued Sarah, the T-800 engaged Kyle Reese in combat, but Reese was able to decapitate the T-800 with a Barrett 50-cal sniper rifle.

After a brief confrontation, Sarah lured the T-1000, who impersonated Kyle, into a "kill box"— a large room with barrels of highly corrosive acid under a grate on the ceiling. It tried to confuse Sarah with the real Kyle, but she guessed (correctly) by shooting the decoy in its foot. She then shot acidic containers on the ceiling, which corroded the Terminator to almost the point of immobility, although this did not completely stop it, as enough polyalloy remained to still form a semi-coherent form that it used to slash at Sarah. It only got a couple of strikes in before Pops, who had since freed himself from the T-1000's spike, finished it off by holding it under the acid shower until it corroded and was destroyed. Terminator Genisys

Terminations[edit | edit source]

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Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • This T-1000 only has one line of dialogue in the entire film (not counting impersonations). It tells Kyle Reese, "May 12th, 1984, the day you arrived".

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