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Sumner was one of four Resistance agents sent back in time by John Connor to set up a safe house, gather intelligence, and wait for further instructions.

He was killed by Series 888 Infiltrator Vick Chamberlain, along with his fellow cell members Timms and Sayles.


  • This is the second time that a Resistance soldier named "Sumner" has been killed after going back in time as in The Terminator, it was originally scripted that Kyle Reese and another soldier, named "Sumner", were sent to protect Sarah from the Terminator, but Sumner died upon arriving after the time portal fused him into a fire escape (the sequels show the time displacement field melting whatever object is in the way). In the original script, Reese said to Dr. Silberman, "The Terminator had already gone through. Connor sent two of us, but Sumner didn't make it." [1]
  • Coincidentally, Robert Patrick, the third actor to play a Terminator, went on to play a character called Sumner in Stargate: Atlantis.