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Some Terminator series units can enter a standby mode which allows them to conserve power. These Terminators can exit standby mode after a 15-second reboot.

Terminators sometimes enter standby mode after successful completion of their missions.[1]


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[]

Several Terminators have entered standby mode and later rebooted:

  • Vick Chamberlain may have been waiting for Derek Reese in the Resistance safe house while in standby mode; he did not attack until his arm was moved and revealed no barcode. "Gnothi Seauton"
  • Carter rebooted from standby mode when the mercenary shoved him over. Interestingly, Carter displayed the autonomic response to catch himself on his fists before the eyes indicated a return to full function. Later, Carter rebooted from standby again when Cameron attacked him. "Heavy Metal"
  • Myron Stark rebooted from 80 years in standby mode when Cameron attacked him. "Self Made Man"

Terminator Salvation[]

The Harvester on board the Transport seemed to enter standby mode after capturing Kyle Reese and Star. Terminator Salvation



John: It's like he's frozen.
Sarah: He's frozen?
John: Yeah, when the door shut, it's like he went to sleep or something.
Cameron: Standby. He completed his mission. He powered down to standby mode until he's moved or triggered awake.
Sarah: Triggered?
John: The door. That put him into standby.
Cameron: 15 seconds. That's the reboot time.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 episode "Heavy Metal"


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