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A Spider Tank trying to stop John Connor and Kyle Reese

The Spider Tank is one of Skynet's Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers as a principal ground-based combat robot utilized as Skynet Assault Battle unit.

Spider Tanks are roughly two-and-a-half times the height of a human being. They are quadrupedal ground units of a similar design to the HK-Centurion. Spider Tanks have two arms, each equipped with a forward-facing and rear-facing plasma cannon.

A Spider Tank is stored in the belly of an HK-Aerial for transportation.


During the raid on Los Angeles, when John Connor and Kyle Reese rushed to enter Skynet's facility that housed Time Displacement Equipment, a falling HK-Aerial dropped a Spider Tank in front of them. After a brief battle, Skynet Core in Colorado was destroyed and all the machines were shut down, including the Spider Tank. Terminator Genisys


  • Tier 1: NH-101 "Sycophant"
  • Tier 2: NH-107 "Demon"
  • Tier 3: NH-201 "Inquisitor"
  • Tier 4: NH-207 "Chaos"
  • Tier 5: NH-301 "Absolute"





  • An early concept of the HK-Aerial deploying the Spider Tank depicts the Spider Tank being the front portion of the HK-Aerial.
  • Another early concept art depicted the Spider Tank as a T-1 with spider-like legs.
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