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A Specialist is a genetically or cybernetically enhanced human during the Future War in Jade's World timeline. Specialists are stronger and able to withstand injury and exhaustion better than a typical human. Some of them are able to mimic other people's voices, while others are capable of mind control.


In Jade's World timeline, Skynet came online in 2007, but it did not cause Judgment Day until 2021, hence humans became much more technologically advanced before Judgment Day due to the Skynet-inspired computer processors in use from 2007 to 2021.

In order to stop the development of Skynet, the Resistance sent a commando consists of five Specialists to the year 2001 of John's World: Danny Dyson, Miho Tagatoshi, Anton, Selena, and Robert Baxter. Dark Futures

In 2007 of John's World, another Specialist from unknown timeline arrived the present day New Mexico and assumed the identity of a dead indigent named Lee Portis in order to find a man named Jeremiah Porter. Hour of the Wolf

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