The Skynet VLA being invaded by the Resistance

‎The Skynet VLA was a Skynet outpost in operation in 2018, containing weapons data and prisoners. The facility was buried beneath the sands of the desert and portions of it were flooded. A Resistance assault team led by General Olsen and John Connor attacked the base in order to rescue the prisoners and gather critical data in the planning of a coordinated strike against Skynet. While Connor worked to rescue a group of prisoners being transported by a Skynet Transport, a Resistance technician named Barbarossa triggered a Skynet booby trap, which detonated a tactical nuke[citation needed], causing the base to explode, killing all but Connor, who was in a helicopter attempting to pursue the Transport at the time.

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The coordinates of the location are shown in the display of the guided missile that bears down on the field of satellite dishes in the opening battle of the film. However, the coordinates are slightly in error: "North 36 deg, 17 mins, 22 secs and East 117 deg, 15 mins, 23 secs" would be in Eastern China, south of Beijing, an unlikely target for Connor's team to travel to. However, if the eastern coordinate of 117 deg is changed to West then the target is in Death Valley, California, a more probable target. Simple deduction at this point would give us a location of Death Valley.

There was a cable running from Skynet VLA to Baker's Hollow.[1]

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