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Skynet Satellite is a satellite utilized by Skynet. In some timelines, it is used to house Skynet or its backup.


According to a promotional video by Cyberdyne Systems, Skynet Satellite would be able to read a car license plate in any city around the world from orbit.[1] It could look into a window of any building in the world. It was even able to use thermal vision to check anyone inside, even initiate an attack.[2]

In The Terminator: 2029, Skynet itself is housed within Skynet Orbital Platform, also known as Skynet Central Command, a satellite in orbit around Earth. It is destroyed by the Resistance with a missile.

In RoboCop vs. The Terminator timeline, Skynet was originally an orbiting defense system housed within a satellite.[3] RoboCop travelled back to present day in order to destroy Skynet before it became self-awareness. To achieve the goal, RoboCop destroyed this orbiting satellite housing Skynet.[4]

In Rise of the Machines timeline, by 2004 (or 2003 in Kyla's World), Skynet was already online and took over control of several satellites. After arriving in the present day, T-X accesses those satellites to gain information it needs.[5]

In The Terminator: Dawn of Fate, the Resistance invades Cheyenne Mountain in order to destroy Skynet's Central Processor. Kyle Reese is instrumental in destroying the primary processor core despite heavy opposition from attacking Skynet units. Before its destruction, Skynet is able to contact an orbiting satellite and activates a fail-safe which restores Skynet at a new location (presumably the Los Angeles base).


Behind the SceneEdit

  • In reality, Skynet is a family of British military communications satellites developed during 1960s. It is unknown whether those Skynet Satellites in various Terminator fictions are inspired by the real-life Skynet satellites.


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