Skynet, housing in T-5000 Terminator as "Alex"

Skynet, or Alex, is an Artificial intelligence who is responsible for Judgement Day and the future war.


See also: Skynet (Original Time) and Alex

Skynet came online in the year 1997 and it initiated Judgment Day against humanity before the War.

At a certain point, Skynet uploaded itself into a T-5000 Terminator and infiltrated John Connor's Tech-Com unit under the guise of Alex, leaving its core in Colorado as a decoy.

During the Operation Chrono, Skynet's complex in Colorado was destroyed. When the Resistance members were parting Kyle Reese, Skynet attacked and transformed John Connor into a T-3000 Terminator before it killed other Resistance members present. However, this action led to the creation of an alternate timeline.

After successfully transforming and brainwashing John Connor into its henchman, Skynet sent him to the alternate 2014 in order to ensure its counterpart's creation, which would be known as "Genisys". Terminator Genisys

At a certain point after its empty core's destruction in Colorado, Skynet re-initiated itself and continued its war against human. Terminator Genisys: Future War

Alternate timelineEdit

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As John Connor brought the source code and know-how to Cyberdyne Systems in the alternate 2014, the company was able to restart the Skynet project, now under the name "Genisys", which would be fully online in 2017.

Unknown to the Cyberdyne Systems, John had been secretly providing "knowledge" — possible the will of Skynet from his timeline — to Genisys, making the AI become a continuation of the Skynet from the original timeline. Terminator Genisys


  • Skynet in Terminator Genisys timeline has demonstrated more emotions than its other previous counterpart. For example, Skynet disdains John Connor's victory and taunted him. In addition, Skynet refers its minions as "slaves" and show its superiority over them.

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