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Skynet's World is a timeline deviated from Judgment Day timeline and leads to the event in Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles.

Prior timelines[]

Original timeline[]

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  • Skynet sent Eve to the year 1997 to ensure its existence.

Skynet's World timeline[]

May, 1984
  • The T-800 arrived from the future to kill Sarah Connor. Its mission failed as Kyle Reese intervened and rescued Sarah successfully, but he was killed. Before his death, Kyle impregnated Sarah, who later gave birth to John Connor in 1985. The Terminator
May, 1994
  • The T-1000 arrived from the future to kill John Connor.
  • John and the T-800 rescued Sarah Connor from Pescadero State Hospital and fled the T-1000. The three found refuge at Enrique Salceda's camp in desert. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • John realised Sarah was about to do something rash, and talked her out of leaving the camp to attempt to assassinate Miles Dyson
  • The T-1000 anticipated that the Connors might try to kill Dyson, hence it visited the Dysons, only to find everything was fine. It warns the Dysons to be on guard.
  • Miles Dyson agreed to move his family to Colorado, where he can work inside the Advanced Defense Systems Complex, a special NORAD facility, to complete his work on the new microchip.
  • Sarah and John move to the paramilitary Estancia of one of her old friends, Raoul Tejada, in Argentina.
  • Eve arrived in the Colorado Mountains and managed to penetrate the Advanced Defense Systems Complex on August 28.
  • Eve manipulated Skynet to formulate the plan to fire nuclear missiles at Russia and China, anticipating the counter-attack.
  • Judgment Day happened.
Between 1997 to 2003
  • Civilization descended largely into barbarianism and warlord rule. The inhabitants of Raoul's estancia had their hands full fighting off warlord armies over the next few years.
  • John Connor began gathering human forces to form the Resistance for an eventual direct assault on Skynet. Over the years, his fame began to spread and respect for him grew.
  • Skynet began to study Eve in order to eventually build more Terminators.
  • The T-1000 tracked down John Connor. It killed and impersonate Raoul. However, it was destroyed by estancia.
  • Sarah Connor, T-800, and Paco Salceda were killed during the Battle of Buenos Aires.
  • General John Connor and his Resistance force arrived in Los Angeles and set up his command there.
  • T-799 was completed and activated by Skynet.
  • John had sought out Kyle Reese as an aide.
  • John launch the final attack against Skynet at its Rocky Mountain stronghold. Dark Futures
  • Skynet sent a T-800 and a T-1000 to 1984 and 1994 to kill Sarah Connor and John Connor, respectively.
  • The Resistance found the Time Displacement Chamber. Reese immediately volunteered to traveled back to 1984, while John sent a T-800 to 1994. Additionally, John sent a Eve back to April, 1984.
  • Young John, Sarah, Jade, Anton, and Eve arrived in 2029 from John's World.
  • General Conor led a group of nine to Madrid, Spain and successfully destroyed a surviving Skynet there.
  • The human survivors realised there would be still clean-up to do, with independent Terminators and Hunter-Killers continuing to act out their mission instructions to kill humans before humanity would rebuild the entire world
  • Jade and Anton had decided they must travel back to their own timeline — Jade's World — to stop Skynet there. Young John and Sarah decided to go with them. An Evil Hour
  • After the destruction of Skynet, human warlords rose up again and battles between human groups resume, just as it had been after Judgment Day and before John Connor united them into Resistance. Some resistance cells had held back supplies and munitions for the eventuality of Skynet's defeat, to turn against their own fellow humans in a grab for power.
  • The Tejada estancia was about to fall to a combined force of two warlord armies and was desperately begging for help from General Connor's North American forces.
  • Cecilia Tejada was sent to the estancia in Argentina via the space-displacement teleportation capabilities of the time vault in Colorado along with three T-799 and three T-800 Terminators. The group made relatively short work of the warlord armies in the region.
  • Anton was killed in an operation to destroy a nest of aerial HKs in the post-Skynet clean-up efforts in Virginia. Times of Trouble