Cameron fighting in the facility

The control room

The Serrano Point nuclear power plant is a facility located at Avila Beach, California that would become critical to the success of the Resistance in the Future War.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Pre-Judgment Day[edit | edit source]

Information provided to the Connors by the mortally wounded Resistance fighter Wells set them to target the facility and a chief engineer there named Carl Greenway. Cameron and Sarah get hired to the plant as janitorial engineers.

Sarah gets close to Carl, and discovered that he is resistant to reactivating the plant. He is considered far too overcautious by his coworkers, who dislike him intensely enough that one shatters Greenway's windshield in the parking lot of a bar. If the plant is activated as an unsafe facility, Skynet reaps the benefits of its devastation and the millions of dead it would cause, and if it isn't, the Resistance doesn't get control of it in the future.

Because of his resistance to the reopening of the facility, Carl was targeted for termination by the Greenway Terminator, a Series 888 terminator fielded specifically to replace Carl and cause an overload failure at the plant. Discovered simultaneously by the investigations of Derek finding Carl dead in his home, and Sarah noting a missing prominent scar on the pristine living tissue infiltration sheath, they are able to intervene and prevent a complete catastrophe.

In the aftermath of the emergency, the facility became one of nine across the country acquired by Automite Systems (a subsidiary of ZeiraCorp) for a pilot program to increase safety. In a press conference, the corporate representative announced that his corporation will be installing artificial intelligences to "eliminate the possibility of human error". After his speech, he gets into his car and morphs into the T-1001, Catherine Weaver.

One of the survivors of the Greenway Terminator's attack is the plant manager, Mr. Nelson. Although initially hostile to and suspicious of Sarah and her snooping, his survival is thanks to her intervention. Mr. Nelson also escorted Agent Ellison through the damaged areas of the facility, expressing concerns that echoed Ellison's own questions about the event. Concerned with the misrepresentation of the facts about the Greenway incident in the official report, he compiled a separate report for submission to the NRC that may cause severe complications for Weaver's plans to automate the facility in August, 2009. For this threat, he was terminated by the T-1001 outside the local plant worker hangout, The Broken Atom.

Another significant member of the plant's staff is the Director of Human Resources, Sandra. She and her co-workers celebrated a birthday party at the Broken Atom the night Sarah met with the real Carl Greenway. Photos of this party behind the bar reveal Sarah's presence to Ellison's investigations.

Post-Judgment Day[edit | edit source]

Following Judgment Day, Serrano Point would become a key Resistance base following its recovery from the machines at the Battle of Avila Beach on December 8, 2026. General Perry, Lieutenant Derek Reese, and Jesse Flores were assigned there in 2027. Also, it was the place where they managed to cure a bio-weapon made by Skynet thanks to a natural immunity from Sydney Fields.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Serrano Point nuclear plant is not a "covert" location. It is unclear why Skynet simply does not destroy the location, given that it has total air supremacy over the Resistance.
    • It is completely possible that Skynet would rather recapture Serrano Point than destroy it all together.
  • Since Skynet doesn't destroy this site in the future instead of sending a Terminator back in time to either destroy or keep the nuclear power plant shut down, it is possible that Skynet is interested in the geographic area of the nuclear plant site for tactical and strategic reasons instead of the nuclear power.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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