T-800, the first of the Series 8xx Terminators.

The Series 8xx Terminator refers to a succession of Terminator series mass-produced by Skynet. There are three dominant lines of the Series 8xx: the Series 800, the Series 850, and the Series 888 Terminator.

All three series are machine-based cybernetic organismsliving tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. The T-800 is Skynet's first successful Infiltrator unit, capable of infiltrating the Resistance. The T-850 is an upgraded version, hardened against plasma attacks and with more powerful features. The T-888 is another upgraded version which is more advanced.

Relative to the Series 1000 and Series X Terminators, Series 8xx Terminators have been considered to be a obsolete design.[1]

Known variants[edit | edit source]



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The T-800 Terminator uses a nuclear power cell as its power source. In the original timeline, the T-800 was activated in 2026,[2] but in an alternate timeline, the Series 800 Terminator has been mass produced prior to 2015.[3]. In yet another timeline, a prototype T-800 was activated in 2018.[4]



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In at least one timeline, Skynet decided to harden the Series 800 Terminator against plasma attacks and add new features to aid in the destruction of mankind. The Series 850 Terminator was created after 2029.[5]

The Series 850 Terminator is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells.



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The Series 888 Terminator is an alternate successor to the Series 800 Terminator. It was made to be faster, stronger and more resistant to damage. When knocked offline, it could reboot in two minutes. The Series 888 Terminator also possesses a flexible endoskeleton and is capable of activating even if the head is separated from the torso.

In its accelerated timeline, the T-888 was active before 2027.[6]

Other variants


John Connor (Terminator Salvation)

In Terminator Salvation timeline, Skynet provides John Connor with a black T-800 endoskeleton, which is possibly customized, since it is not controlled by Skynet's system and the combat chassis is powerful enough to engage multiple T-800 units at one time as well as overpowering the Terminator Ultra-5000, which is built with the most advanced technology in the year 2029.

The endoskelon is able to carry and use two Miniguns at one time.

In addition, the endoskeloton features yellow optical sensors instead of the usual red ones on most of the Hunter-Killers. The is also some differences in design to the T-800, such as the rib cage is designed like a human's, while its optical sensor is yellow instead of red.[7]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The phrase 8xx has never actually been used in the Terminator franchise. It is a coined word meant to encapsulate the Series 800, 850, and 888 lines of Terminators. This is similar to the phrase "x86", coined to encapsulate Intel 286, 386, 486 and Pentium line of compatible chips into a single phrase.
  • The Series 850 and Series 888 Terminators have appeared in different timelines, and have yet to be shown to co-exist in the same timeline.
  • Despite being redundant by comparison to the Series 1000 and Series X Terminators, the Series 8xx Terminators are shown to be remarkably adaptable and persistent, traits that have allowed them to defeat their superiors despite the odds.
    • In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-800 assigned to protect John Connor was able to hold its own against a T-1000 in hand-to-hand combat, but due to its mechanical nature, it suffered several instances of structural damage. Regardless, the T-800 restarted itself by using its alternative power cell, which in turn allowed it the chance to launch a surprise grenade attack on the T-1000, subsequently causing its demise.
    • In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, a T-850 that was likewise reprogrammed to protect John Connor proved to be a moderate threat to the T-X. It held its own in hand-to-hand combat, dominating the fight at first, though this was relative as the T-X was never in any real danger of being disabled by the T-850. That said; once the T-X escalated its aggression, the T-850 was swiftly defeated. However, like the T-800 before it, the T-850 was able to overcome its first defeat and use its unstable hydrogen fuel cell to obliterate the T-X (and itself along with it).
    • In Terminator Genisys, Guardian, a T-800 programmed to protect Sarah Connor, with knowledge of the events that originally lead to Judgment Day, is able to destroy the T-1000 with the only noticeable damage to it being the loss of the outer shealth over its right hand, and would later devise a way to defeat the T-3000 which involved disrupting its magnetic field by trapping it inside an unfinished time displacement machine, despite damage dealt by th T-3000 to Guardian, including the removal of Guardian's left arm.
    • However, a T-1001 terminated a T-888 with ease.
    • In Dark Fate, Carl, a T-800 unit operating for decades, was able to physically dominate in a battle against the advanced Rev-9 as Carl constantly pinned the Rev-9 and sent it flying with ease. However, it was not able do inflict any permanent damage until he and Grace forced it into a turbine.

References[edit | edit source]

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