Sergeant Wright.

Sergeant Wright (first name unknown) was the Los Angeles police sergeant assigned to the front desk at the station where a Series 800 Terminator slaughtered 16 officers on duty the night that Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese were brought in for questioning.

Wright talked briefly to the T-800, which asked to see Connor, refusing the T-800's request and stating she was busy making a statement. Sergeant Wright offered the T-800 a chance to wait, but the T-800 declined. Moments later, Wright looked in horror as the T-800 drove a car through the entrance, which continued into the bulletproof glass area of his desk. Wright was killed by this forced entry, which gave the T-800 access to the police station in an effort to murder Sarah Connor. In the Terminator's attempt to do this, it would result in a gun battle where 16 more policemen would be murdered by the T-800.


Behind the SceneEdit

  • Sergeant Wright, credited as Desk Sergeant, is portrayed by Bruce M. Kerner, who was also the executive in charge of production of the film The Terminator.
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