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The name or term "Serena Burns" should not be confused with Serena Kogan.

Serena Burns is an I-950 Infiltrator, deployed in 2029 with the mission of locating and infiltrating John Connor's Resistance. She was a carefully calculated 5'6", with blond hair and blue eyes.


Post-Judgment Day Objective[]

Serena was born in 2021 from Lisa Weinbaum's genetic material harvested by Skynet. Her ultimate goal was the termination of John and his lieutenants. Serena arranged to be encountered by a Resistance squad under the command of Lieutenant Zeller, claiming the identity of "Serena Burns", Rodriguez's Rangers, number 17-A440, a messenger under the command of Lieutenant Atwill from another human enclave recently obliterated by Skynet.

Successfully infiltrating the squad she served over six months under Zeller, alongside Corporal Ortiz, Corpsman Gonzales, and Krigor. Coming to the romantic attention of Captain Maria Graber, she was within 12 seconds of meeting John Connor face-to-face for commendation, intending to assassinate him with an internally carried bomb, when Skynet recalled her for immediate Temporal deployment. Once temporal abnormalities were detected, she was sent back in time by Skynet to ensure its creation.

Pre-Judgment Day Objective[]

Serena installed herself as Cyberdyne's chief of security and sponsored a Luddite terrorist movement that survived past Judgment Day to become the core of a human scientist corps in alliance with Skynet seeking the destruction of humanity. Serena also initiated pre-Skynet development of the Series 800 Terminators via a self-perpetuating construction chain, having Terminators build other Terminators in a Secret Terminator Lab. She eventually assumed control of automated defense factories in remote American locations in preparation for Skynet's ascension.

Serena prepared for her mission continuation by initiating the I-950 parthenogenesis protocol, and impregnating human surrogates with her own cyborg clones. She created two copies, designated Clea Bennet and Alissa. Serena directed an emergency acceleration in Clea's development outside of normal parameters and may have incurred flaws in her neurological development as a result.

Serena Burns was confronted by Sarah Connor and Dieter von Rossbach in a Cyberdyne facility. Initially she was shot in the head by Sarah and had half her brain removed. However, the cybernetic components were able to animate her remains after a few minutes and carry on the fight, acting as an organic Terminator for several minutes. Dieter finished the job with several point blank shots from a Browning Hi-power directly into what remained of her head after she had near-mortally wounded Sarah.


- Serena Burns' dying thought.

Due to her strict upbringing and dampened emotional capabilities, Serena was always very controlled and focused, rarely allowing her emotions to compromise her mission. As a child she was both inquisitive and intuitive, a fact that her carer (Thera) found to be rather disturbing. Though she held no love for Skynet, she was utterly devoted to it and valued her life second to the completion of her objective.

Whilst infiltrating the Resistance, Serena started to view her mission as a game, and took great delight in duping her enemies. Despite being bred to assassinate the human species, Serena genuinely enjoyed their behaviours and quirky mannerisms. She became quite attached to human life, though she would readily abandon her personal pleasures in favour of her mission, even to the point of blowing herself up.

When she began her objective in the past, she was fascinated and tickled by the modern day clothing and female accessories, indulging in several vices courtesy of a stolen credit card. She was very careful and decisive in her infiltration of Cyberdyne, using her wiles and charm to win her position. Towards the end of her mission, however, Serena became more prone to emotional outbursts, especially out of frustration when John Connor all but fell into her lap.



As an infant, Serena was "loved" and cared for by Skynet, who gave her constant attention and encouragement. Through her mental conditioning and overall upbringing, Serena came to view Skynet as her mother/father, though she felt no real love for the AI. She was willing to sacrifice her own life, which she valued greatly, for the completion of her mission. During her tenure in the past, Serena feared insanity from her disconnection from her maker, but was able to take comfort in the "echoes" that occupied her neural net. When Skynet merged with her in the future, she described it as "nominal ecstasy".

Maria Graber[]

In her efforts to get close to John Connor, Serena befriended and eventually seduced Cpt. Maria Graber. They immediately formed a close relationship when Serena offered a starving Maria some field rations, after which they quickly developed an intimate (and possibly sexual) closeness. Maria was very proud of Serena and was ecstatic at the idea of introducing her new lover to General Connor, not knowing that such an act would end her life and the fate of humanity. Though Serena enjoyed every aspect of her facade, she most definitely was not truly infatuated with Maria and viewed her as a tool, nothing more.

The Prisoner[]

As part of her social development and training, 13-year-old Serena was assigned the task of seducing a teenage boy who'd been captured by Skynet. She entered his cell wearing only a night gown and was immediately pinned to the floor by the youth, who demanded she explain who she was and what she was doing there. Serena pretended to be a fellow prisoner and played on his sympathy by stating that she'd never met any free humans and that Skynet was performing experiments on her.

She subsequently lost her virginity to the boy, after which she snapped his neck, upon Skynet's orders. Serena would later look back on this experience wistfully and note her adeptness at fooling humans.

Clea Bennet and Alissa[]

Due to the secrecy of their creation and the importance of her mission, Serena never truly met her offspring and kept them hidden far away under the protection of a T-800. When informed of her ability to self-clone, Serena was initially disgusted with the idea of becoming pregnant, as it would nullify her services. She never carried either Clea or Alissa to term, however, and had their embryos implanted into surrogate mothers instead.


  • Serena smuggled numerous technological devices from the future to the past concealed in her abdomen. She removed them with self surgery in the secret lab she constructed beneath Miles Dyson's old house.
    • An unspecified number (approximately 10) of Terminator CPUs, latest 2029 Skynet designs.
    • Three latest generation Compact power cells for the Terminators for each unit.
    • I-950 Cybernetic Implants to use with the parthenogenesis protocol.