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The Secret Terminator lab is a location in the T2 Trilogy novel series that was constructed under the old Dyson property by Serena Burns for the production of T-101 Infiltrators[1] up to two at a time for units Two through Seven in 2001.

In 2002, a second facility was established by redesignating the Montana Infiltrator facility upon operational control of the mission transitioning to Clea Bennet after Serena's termination.


Working with the assistance of the created Terminators, the process of creation was advanced beyond the initial two-month duration. Due to mission requirements, extra tissue accelerants could be introduced into the living tissue development matrix during growth.[2]

With the creation of Four through Seven, Serena realized that the simultaneous presence of identical Model 101 units would compromise infiltration, and initiated a protocol of radical cosmetic alterations to defer suspicions. Units produced after Seven incorporated alteration of the cartilage matrix to adjust facial features away from the Model 101 norm, variations in projected melanin levels, and non-standardization of tissue accelerant levels generate sufficient physical differences from this point forward to eliminate Identical Terminator Syndrome.

Clea Bennet and Alissa redesignate their Montana Infiltrator creche [3] into a new Terminator production facility in 2002 after the termination of Serena, and continue Terminator production with the remaining future-tech components. To increase the available CPU stock for additional Terminators, Clea, still facing several years of technological innovation to go before being able to replicate true chips with contemporary tools and materials, was still able to craft her own version of CPUs with 97.3% comparable efficiency. Utilizing these chips, she ramped up the production of T-101 Terminators begun by her predecessor. Power cell allocation per unit was reduced to two each to expand production capacity, sacrificing redundancy and efficiency for quantity.

Production Run[]

  • One (ID Number 1, T-101)
  • Two (ID Number 2, T-101)
  • Third (ID Number 3, T-101)
  • Four (ID Number 4, T-101)
  • Tom Gallagher (ID Number 5, T-101, modified)
  • Bob Harris (ID Number 6, T-101, modified)
  • Dick Lewis (ID Number 7, T-101, modified)
  • Watcher (ID Number 8, T-101 radically modified, Unique Model)


2x living tissue generation chambers

  • Model 101 infiltration sheath[4]
    • Skin Graft matrix-material from a contemporary surgical-supply store, enhanced with future-tech chemicals extracted from the I-950's own blood.
    • Additional Tissue Accelerant
    • Teeth collected from a series of contemporary dental-supply companies
    • Glass eyes
    • modification: Titanium Steel claws for concealment under nails.
  • Latest generation future-tech Neural Net CPU smuggled from 2029[5]
  • Latest generation future-tech compact power cells smuggled from 2029[5]



  1. In T2 Trilogy timeline, a T-101 is the equivalent to T-800 Infiltrator of Model 101 outer sheath in other timelines. In addition, a T-90 is the equivalent to T-800 Endoskeleton in other timelines.
  2. Terminators decanted from an accelerated matrix chamber have a full array of head, facial and body hair, and the physical appearance of a weather-beaten mid-to-late 30 year olds.
  3. The term "Creche" is commonly used to refer to the industrialized birthing and early development center for clones and other sci-fi based mass-human production facilities. "An organization of adults who take care of children in place of their parents." Specifically, completely replacing any normal family units.
  4. Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, Dieter von Rossbach template for the Model 101 in the T2: Infiltrator timeline
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