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Sayles was one of four Resistance soldiers sent back from 2027 to 2007 by the future John Connor.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season One[]

"Sayles was... I mean, I loved the guy but he was an idiot. He was careless."
- Derek Reese

Along with Derek Reese, Timms, and Sumner, Sayles worked to setup a Resistance safe house and to gather intel against Skynet.

Sayles followed up on some leads, and on his own initiative started tailing a Los Angeles city manager named Barbara Chamberlain. Unfortunately, she had married a T-888 Infiltrator named Vick Chamberlain who detected Sayles' surveillance and followed him back to the safe house. Sayles. Sumner, and Timms were killed by Vick, while Derek Reese, the leader of the resistance cell, managed to escape the Terminator. "Vick's Chip"


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