This is the official biography of Sarah Connor during the second season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

November 14th 2007 OnwardsEdit


Sarah 201.1

Sarah and John

"Everything that happened today... There's nothing we can do to change it... We're alive... It's gonna have to be enough."
- Sarah Connor. ("Samson & Delilah")

In immediate response to the explosion, Sarah grabs her shotgun and approaches the front door to investigate, but is caught by surprise by Sarkissian's thug, who knocks her to the floor and holds her at gunpoint. John tries to escape out of the back door but Sarkissian himself catches him. They are both tied up and taken upstairs where Sarkissian viciously beats them both and tries to strangle Sarah. John manages to get free, however, and attacks Sarkissian, violently throttling him to death whilst she cuts her bonds.

Sarah is shocked by John's actions but before she can comfort him in any way, Cameron arrives on the scene, damaged from the car explosion. She points a gun at John, poised to shoot, but another explosion from below distracts her long enough for Sarah and John to escape out of the window. They steal a car and speed away from the scene, during which Sarah asks an unresponsive John if he is alright, accidentally crashing the car in the process. Both injured and in need of sanctuary, they hide in a nearby church with the priest's permission.

Sarah 201.2

Sarah after the car crash

Sarah tries to get John to talk about his murder of Sarkissian, but he refuses to speak on it, so she brings up the subject of Cameron instead. Guessing that she's reverted to her Skynet settings, Sarah strongly suggests that they destroy her, which angers John. They decide to lay a trap for Cameron, however, and almost succeed in removing her chip, but she reboots before they can get it out. With Cameron on their tails again, Sarah and John steal another car and attempt to escape down a levy, but Cameron cuts them off and overturns the car.

Injured more so by the crash, Sarah orders John to run for his life as Cameron advances. She crawls out of the car and is subsequently tortured by Cameron, refusing to call out to John (mirroring her encounter with the T-1000). When Cameron leaves, Sarah tries to stop her, but is thrown back against the car and seemingly rendered unconscious. She recovers, however, and hijacks a truck, which she then uses to pin Cameron between another truck in a warehouse that John fled to.

Sarah 201.3

Sarah looks on as John reactivates Cameron

Keeping her foot on the accelerator, Sarah watches as John tries to remove Cameron's chip, hesitating when she tries to appeal to his feelings for her in a bid to trick him into letting her go. Upon Sarah's insistence, however, John removes the chip after Cameron proclaims her love for him. Later that evening, Sarah and John are found by Derek and Charley, who patch up their wounds and discuss the trauma that John experienced. Derek tries to talk John into destroying Cameron, with little success. Sarah tries her own tack, telling him how proud he's made her, and succeeds in convincing him to destroy Cameron.

During the ride to a secluded location, Sarah reminds John that machines can't feel emotions, especially love, and that everything Cameron said back there was a lie. John claims to know this, but cleans her chip regardless. As they prepare to set Cameron alight, John has a change of heart and re-activates Cameron, much to Sarah and Derek's disapproval, though she keeps the latter from interfering. Sarah watches in terror as John gives Cameron his gun and is relieved and confused when she gives it back, promising not to kill him.

With Cameron "good" again, they return to the church and Sarah makes John a sandwich. She speaks briefly with Cameron, musing over the story of the Resurrection, before being told not to let John bring her back if she goes "bad" again. She then sits outside the bathroom and tearfully apologizes for everything that happened that day, wishing John "happy birthday".


Sarah 202.1

Sarah enjoys some peace and quiet

"What am I supposed to do, just wait? Like a time bomb, am I just gonna go off someday?"
- Sarah Connor. ("Automatic for the People")

Following the chaos of John's 16th birthday, Sarah spends a restless night in the church, watching over John as he sleeps, still wary of Cameron. In the morning, she sends John to school, reasoning that he deserves a normal day for once. She, Cameron, and Derek then go house hunting, finding a place belonging to a heavily pregnant landlady called Kacy Cotton. Sarah instantly bonds with the mother-to-be and shares an awkward moment with a curious Cameron who feels Kacy's stomach. Sarah agrees to renting the house and even adopting all of the current possessions.

When she finally finds a moment of peace and quiet, an injured Resistance fighter (Wells) comes crashing through the garden entrance and warns her and Derek to "stop Greenway" and mentions the Seranno Point nuclear power plant, which Derek identifies as a key Resistance stronghold in the future war. Wells dies shortly after, and Sarah decides to follow up on his warning by infiltrating the power plant with Cameron, getting jobs as temps. During her rounds, Sarah encounters Carl Greenway and ingratiates herself with him in an attempt to learn more about his involvement with the pending activation of the reactor.

Their conversation is cut short, however, and she follows Greenway and his boss, Mr. Nelson, to a secure room to listen in on their conversation. She is spotted, and is forced to hide, later returning to her duties. The following evening, she and Cameron visit the workers' bar where she strikes up another conversation with Greenway, noticing a large scar on his arm and learning that he is a cancer patient. This brings up a sore subject for Sarah, who lives in fear of Cameron's prediction regarding her death.

Sarah 202.2

Sarah chats up Greenway

Sarah 202.3

Sarah aids Cameron

Through further probing, Sarah learns that Greenway is considering canceling the scheduled restarting of the reactor for fear of irregularities in the system. Sarah informs Cameron and Derek of this news, learning from the former that if the plant goes online it could wipe out most of Los Angeles. But if it doesn't go online then the Resistance will be unable to use it in the future. Either way; Skynet wins.

Upon returning to their new home, Sarah discovers John with a girl called Riley and opposes his rash decision to bring her into his life. John argues that he wants to live his life and subsequently takes Riley up to his room. Sarah stands outside his door and listens as they talk about parents and the future, resisting the urge to go in and speak with her son. The next day, Sarah is ordered to help clean up a spillage of toxic waste, but she panics and is apparently exposed to radiation, resulting in her having an unpleasant scrub down.

Mr. Nelson returns her clothes, stating that they aren't radioactive and that the scanners must have experienced a "hiccup", meaning that she was never exposed. Later that day, Sarah is cleaning in the control room when she notices Greenway acting strangely. She calls Derek, who is in the process of breaking into Greenway's house where he finds the man hanging from the ceiling. Sarah immediately realizes that Greenway has been replaced by a T-888 and rushes to warn Cameron, who ignores her, stating that she's "thinking about what to do".

Sarah returns to the control room as the plant starts to go critical and tries to find a way to stop it, eventually giving up in favour of helping Cameron, whom she sees being repeatedly beaten by Greenway on the CCTV monitor. She encounters a guard on the way and incapacitates him, taking his gun in the process. Sarah comes across the same room where she was "exposed" to radiation and faces her fear by taking the short-cut to Cameron's location. She arrives in time to shoot Greenway repeatedly, allowing Cameron the opportunity to hurl the Triple-8 into two transformers, burning out its circuitry.

She then holds the glitchy Cameron at gunpoint as she approaches menacingly, demanding to know if she's safe. Cameron claims she's "okay" and fixes the damage done by Greenway, preventing the meltdown. With their mission complete, Cameron seals the Triple-8's remains in a chemical waste bin before returning home with Sarah, who has her run a test with the radiation scanner. The scanner confirms that she is clean, but Sarah is still concerned about her pending death by cancer and asks Cameron if she will get sick again, to which she has no answer. Sarah later finds blood on the basement door and discovers names and locations written on the wall, left by the Resistance fighter.


"He wants John. He doesn't have to kill us to get to him. If we're stuck here with no way back."
- Sarah Connor. ("The Mousetrap")
Sarah 203.1

Sarah examines the mousetrap

As the Connors start to settle into their new house, Sarah receives a call from a distressed Charley, who tells her that Cromartie has kidnapped his wife and tearfully begs for her help. Sarah tells him in code to give her his location, as John is in the room, listening to their conversation. Charley tells her where to meet him and she packs up a bag of guns, warning Cameron to keep John within her sight at all times before leaving with Derek. Upon meeting up with him, Charley receives a call from his wife, though Sarah demands that he make Michelle prove her identity as T-888s can imitate voices.

Charley asks Michelle a very personal question, which makes Sarah uncomfortable given her prior relationship with Charley. Once Michelle confirms her identity and discloses her location, all three of them drive to a secluded cabin, where she is apparently being held. They find her in the cabin, tied to a chair with a bomb attached. Sarah quickly guesses that the bomb is fake, however, and when Charley reveals that Cromartie has disabled their car, she calls John and warns him to stay close to Cameron.

As they free Michelle, Derek screams for them to get out seconds before Cromartie activates a bomb, bringing the nearby cell phone tower crashing onto the cabin. Michelle is injured by a piece of shrapnel and Sarah is unable to get a signal with her phone, which is all the more distressing when Derek reveals that Cromartie had tapped her call, thereby learning their code and stopping them from warning John. With no other option available, the four of them walk through the desert, eventually stealing the van of a passing engineer.

Sarah speeds back into the city, desperate to get to John before Cromartie. Charley demands that she stop the van, however, as Michelle starts to bleed profusely from her shrapnel wound. Sarah angrily berates Charley for not following her earlier advice and staying away from them, but slams on the brakes as requested. They later take Michelle to the hospital where she tragically dies of her injury, after which Sarah and Derek rendezvous with John and Cameron. The whole family later sits together at the dinner table, silently mourning Charley's loss.


"The thing is, I got through it. All of it. By myself. And so can you. Besides, you won't be alone. I'll be right next door."
- Sarah Connor. ("Allison from Palmdale")
Sarah 204.1

Sarah becomes nostalgic

Sarah sets out to perform an errand but is flagged down by her neighbor, Kacy, who complains of stomach pains. Sarah promptly takes her to the hospital where she sits with Kacy for company while they wait on tests to see if the baby is okay. As they bond, Sarah tells Kacy the story of John's untimely birth, wherein she had to drink a bottle of dark rum to dull the pain of giving birth. She also lies about Kyle's presence, stating that he was there during the birth, but later tells Kacy the truth about his death prior to John being born.

Whilst sitting with Kacy, Sarah meets her "baby daddy" boyfriend, who turns out to be a cop, which makes Sarah somewhat nervous. He turns out to be a decent person, however, and Sarah gives him the benefit of the doubt. She later calls John during a nostalgic moment and asks what he's doing, but he cuts the conversation short without explanation. Sarah agrees to stay with Kacy overnight and promises to help her through her pregnancy for as long as she can.


Sarah 205.1

Sarah protects Marty Bedell

Sarah 205.2

Sarah and Marty

"He's not a soldier."
- Sarah Connor. ("Goodbye to All That")

Derek informs Sarah and John of the murder of a man called Martin Bedell, who shares the same name as a future Resistance fighter who will one day help John form the core of the Resistance. They discover two other Bedells in the phonebook and John insists on helping Derek protect the elder, a cadet at the Presidio Alto military academy. Sarah reluctantly agrees to letting him go and reminds Derek to keep a very close eye on him while she and Cameron locate the other Bedell.

Sarah and Cameron track Martin 'Marty' Bedell, a young boy, to his house mere moments before a T-888 arrives and kicks down the door. Sarah rescues the boy and they escape in the car, with Cameron behind the wheel, during which Sarah blasts the T-888 off of the car roof with her shotgun. Marty panics and asks several questions about the T-888 and the whereabouts of his mom, all of which Sarah refuses to answer, though Cameron lacks such discretion and tells him about the machine.

They take him home and stand guard over the boy, who becomes overwhelmed by the situation. Her motherly side starting to resurface, Sarah starts to bond with Marty and helps him look for a pair of pyjamas. Later that night, Cameron informs Sarah that they should have engaged the Triple-8 instead of fleeing. Sarah refuses to put a little boy in the crossfire and states that Marty is their responsibility from now on, even though Cameron insists that he is unimportant to their mission.

In the morning, Sarah discovers Cameron and Marty watching the latter's parents' appeal for his return. Sarah scolds Cameron, who innocently claims that he wanted to see his parents. Sarah then finds Marty in a state of hyperventilation and calms him down, learning that he is stressed about a book report due in several days time. She helps him pick one out and Cameron chooses "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", stating that it was John's favourite. Sarah then sends Cameron to keep an eye on Marty's parents in case the T-888 shows up again.

Sarah then spends the night reading the book to Marty, who falls asleep on her lap, and puts him on the bus back to his parents in the morning, receiving a hug for looking after him. When John returns home with Derek, Sarah observes his sadness from the kitchen window (though unknown to her, John learned of the sad fate that awaited Martin Bedell).


"What makes you think John needs help?"
- Sarah Connor. ("The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short")
Sarah 206.1

Sarah seeks counseling

Sarah 206.2

Sarah listens to John's session

Sarah and Cameron search the house of Dr. Boyd Sherman, a possible Skynet target, but their intrusion is cut short when Sherman wakes up and calls them out. She and Cameron bolt out of the nearest window and meet up with John, who drives them home and argues that Sherman has to be protected. Sarah counters this by pointing out that they lack any precedence for such action. The next day, the three of them visit Sherman at his practice under the pretense of seeking counseling.

The interview is rather awkward as Sarah keeps turning his questions around on him, and further complications arise when Sherman brings up the subject of John’s father, Kyle Reese. Cameron manages to plant a bug, however, and John insists they go back the next day. At home, Sarah sifts through Sherman’s files, informing Derek that they are useless as the files have fake names for safety. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard from John’s room and she, Derek, and Cameron rush to investigate. John is shook up and explains that he was cleaning the gun and must’ve forgotten to clear the chamber, resulting in it going off and him being burned by the shell casing.

They visit Sherman again the following morning and Sarah meets Cameron in the waiting area, who posits her belief that John attempted suicide, though Sarah brushes off her concerns and insists it was an accident. When John returns from his session, Sherman takes Sarah into his office and informs her of his belief that Cameron may be developing Asperger’s syndrome. He also advises her that John requires immediate help for his problems and asks if he has experienced any violence in the past, which causes Sarah to recall his murder of Sarkissian and to accuse the doctor of implying that John was being abused.

In the evening, Sarah hits the punch bag in the garage and dismisses John’s desire to return to Sherman, stating that they’ve gotten as far as they can with him. Cameron arrives and suggests that maybe Sherman is meant to help John with his trauma, but Sarah once again blows off Cameron’s concerns, only to be surprised and hurt when John claims to need help and refuses to discuss it with her. She sits in the garage for a long time, reflecting, when Derek appears and tells her a story about a soldier he once knew who one day committed suicide.

Sarah once again opposes the theory that John is suicidal, but cannot help but see some measure of truth behind Derek’s words. She later borrows the recording device from Cameron and listens to John’s session, being unable to hear it all when John expresses his feeling of entrapment. Later that day, Cameron and John return with a deformed and disabled Terminator. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that the machine self-terminated upon the removal of its chip, which suggests Skynet’s desperation to prevent reprogramming in the future.

Sarah watches as John examines the machine and muses about his state of mind, later returning to Sherman on her own to discuss her problems and the trauma of Sarkissian’s death.


Sarah 207.1

Sarah and Cameron on the hunt

"Hey, we didn't choose this, John. It chose us. And there's nothing either of us can do about it. My job is to protect you. And you can hate me as much as you want, but I will keep doing that as long as I'm here."
- Sarah Connor. ("Brothers of Nablus")

Sarah, Cameron, and John return home to discover that their house has been ransacked by thieves. Sarah and Cameron check the house for any threats, finding none. Sarah is baffled as to why the security alarm failed to work and Cameron reveals that Riley snuck into John's bedroom the previous night. Sarah scolds him for his carelessness and orders John to clean the house while she and Cameron find the thieves. Agreeing to meet up with Derek, Cameron drives Sarah to the rendezvous and is asked as to why she kept silent about Riley. Cameron replies that she has made her position about security very clear and doesn't want to be a "nag".

With Derek in tow, Sarah and Cameron visit Moishe, a diamond fence, who might know who was behind the robbery. Cameron identifies several of his diamonds as belonging to their personal stash, but Moishe denies his involvement and gives them a name. They visit a dentist called Walter Ostrowski, who tries to escape in his car, but Cameron smashes his window and rips the door clean off. Under intimidation, he confesses that he owes money to Moishe and Cameron escorts him to his office to retrieve it. Sarah and Derek then argue about John, whom Derek claims to be stepping further and further away from his destiny.

They then return to Moishe and Cameron assaults one of his men, prompting Moishe to give them another name and an address. Sarah and Cameron follow the lead to an elderly couple, parents of one of the thieves, who give them yet another lead. Whilst driving to a video store, Sarah frustrates on their fruitless hunt. Cameron recites a Bible passage, the passage being from the "Brothers of Nablus" (Genesis, Chapter 34); a story about rape, marriage proposal, circumcision, and mass murder. Sarah jokes that it sounds like Cameron's kind of story, to which she agrees.

Sarah 207.2

Sarah and John argue about Riley

A credit card scan alerts them of the thieves’ location, a bowling alley, and they arrive in time to catch them. Cameron holds them at gunpoint and demands the return of her jacket, as well as the other possessions. Sarah guesses that not all of the thieves are present and orders Cameron to watch them while she finds the other. Cameron decides upon more drastic action, however, and shoots them all, reasoning that they are a security risk. Sarah searches the men’s room and finds the fourth thief, who is just a teenage kid, and warns him to keep quiet about their identities. Sarah returns from the men's room and confirms that the other thief is taken care of.

At home, Sarah and Cameron confront John about Riley and the risk she poses to their security. John angrily reminds Cameron that, unlike her, Riley hasn't tried to kill him. Sarah reminds him that she never chose their life and that she will always protect him, even if he hates her for it. John then counters scolding her for not preventing him from killing Sarkissian before he storms off, leaving Sarah and Cameron in a mutually sullen state.


Sarah 208.1

Sarah is captured by Cromartie

"There is no 'then what', pretend I died again... This is it. There’s nothing else behind the curtain. This is what I do, it’s all I do. You already know why I do it."
- Sarah Connor. ("Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today")

Following the pandemonium of their break-in, Sarah decides to build a safe for their valuable possessions. Late one night, Sarah D.I.Ys in the garage as John sees Riley off, who cheerfully thanks Sarah for allowing her to spend the day. With her gone, John checks in on Sarah, who promptly warns him to let Riley go. John refuses to listen and leaves, his presence being replaced by Cameron. She promises to talk to John and is convinced that she can make him see reason.

The following morning, Sarah fits the safe beneath the floorboards of the house and is approached by Cameron, who informs her that her efforts with John have worked. Sarah doesn't like Cameron's influence over John, but is satisfied that he's starting to show some responsibility. Cameron leaves to re-stock on weapon supplies, leaving Sarah alone in the house. A few minutes later, Sarah is surprised by Cromartie, who drags her up the stairs to John's room, only to find him gone.

Sarah 208.2

Sarah finally meets James Ellison

Cromartie demands she give up his location, but Sarah replies wyly by advising him to look under the bed. Realising that she does not know where John is, Cromartie chokes her into unconsciousness and ties her up in the backseat of his car. He traces a call from John to Mexico and whilst driving there, he comments on Sarah's mistakes, suggesting that she should've tried shooting herself again. Sarah turns this around, promising to kill him this time.

She then notices pictures of Cameron in the backseat and Cromartie mentions that she has been making mistakes also and guesses that she has suffered damage to her chip. Sarah manages to cut the tape on her legs and jumps free from the car, but Cromartie simply stops and stuffs her into the trunk. Sarah uses a broken soda can to cut the tape around her wrists and calls out for help at the sound of gunfire and screaming. The car suddenly lurches as it drives away and she kicks against the sides to get the driver's attention.

The car stops and the trunk is opened, revealing James Ellison, John, and Riley. They flee to John's suite where Sarah questions Ellison, learning about his revelation and stalking from Cromartie. Sarah then gives Riley some money to buy a passage back home and calls Derek, learning that he and Cameron are also in the vicinity. They meet up and make a plan to ambush Cromartie by using Ellison to lure him into a church, where Sarah and Derek open fire on the Triple-8 from elevated positions, allowing Cameron to sneak up and severely damage Cromartie.

Cromartie's end

They then stand over the beaten machine and John delivers the killing blow by shooting Cromartie in the head with a Desert Eagle. He, Cameron, and Derek then bury the T-888's remains, intending to come back later with some thermite to burn the machine. Cameron gives Sarah the chip and she advises Ellison to turn away from their life before violently smashing Cromartie's CPU. She is overwhelmed by the events and is comforted by John as she cries on his shoulder.


Sarah 209.1

Sarah's first nightmare

Sarah 209.2

Sarah's second nightmare

"It's connected. It's all connected."
- Sarah Connor. ("Complications")

Following Cromartie's destruction, Sarah's mental stability suffers as she falls asleep on the way back to LA from Mexico. She experiences a nightmare wherein she and Cameron are standing over Cromartie's grave, both dressed in pink nursing outfits. Cameron waters three cacti, which then grow to full height and turn to metal, hugging John in a comforting manner. Sarah wakes up and declares her need to be sick, so John immediately pulls over and she vomits all over the verge. Cameron randomly posits that she might be pregnant (which she isn't) and John tells her to shut up. Sarah blames her illness on possible food poisoning and staggers back into the car, pausing to save an overturned tortoise from being crushed on the road.

At home, Sarah is bed-bound and John brings her some medicine whereas Cameron brings her some rehydration fluid, advising her to drink it every half hour and whenever she vomits. Sarah insists that John and Cameron return to Mexico and destroy Cromartie's remains, to which he reluctantly agrees. Sarah falls asleep again and has another nightmare. She sees a baby monitor on her bedside table, which whispers inexplicably (though the words "baby" and "survive" are heard faintly) and investigates the house, finding herself wearing a pink nursing outfit again. She discovers that the living room has been filled with numerous incubators filled with three tortoises in each, with the exception of one.

Sarah turns around to see Cameron in a rocking chair (wearing a similar outfit) and breastfeeding what appears to be a baby. The baby is replaced with a tortoise which Cameron holds in her hands. She looks up at Sarah with a loving smile and stands up from the chair, but when Sarah reaches out for the tortoise, Cameron walks past and hands it to Cromartie instead. Sarah wakes up to find herself sleep-walking outside with a gun. She returns inside and draws three dots on a piece of paper, having seen the pattern in her dream.

Sarah 209.3

Sarah finds the 'three dots'

In the morning she makes an unscheduled visit to Dr. Sherman and requests his help in interpreting her nightmares. He tries to help Sarah but she remains reluctant to discuss her relationship with Cameron, or anything for that matter, and Sherman declares that he cannot help her until she starts telling the truth. She leaves and returns home where she rests on the couch. Sometime later, John returns home and informs her of Cromartie's disappearance. She shows him the three dots and confesses to inadvertently leading Cromartie to their house, telling John about the boy she spared in the bowling alley.

He defends her actions, reminding her that she is not a murderer. Sarah later has another dream wherein she climbs into Cromartie's grave and finds a door that leads to Sherman's office. He tells her she is wasting her time and calls her a liar, to which she agrees, stating that she has to "get back to work". She awakes and visits the writing on the basement wall, finding the three dots amongst the names and locations.


"Look at them; so many dreams, and we’re about to burn those dreams to the ground."
- Sarah Connor. ("Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point")
Sarah 210.1

Sarah investigates Dakara Systems

Sarah 210.2

Sarah interrogates Alex Akagi

Sarah 210.3

Sarah's paranoia intensifies further

Following the ominous "three dots", Sarah and Derek break into the offices of Dakara Systems and steals their hard drives. At home, John hacks into the hard drives and discovers plans for an A.I. platform, but mentions that Dakara lacks the necessary funds and resources to fully test its creation. Derek doesn't see any connection between this and The Turk, but Sarah angrily detests otherwise, referring to the "three dots" on the wall. In the morning, John sets up an oppointment for Sarah to meet with Dakara, posing as a potential investor called Sarah Gale. She and Cameron meet with Alex Akagi and his son, Xander.

Alex tells them about their A.I. platform, called "Emma" by Xander after his late mother, and requests an investment, but mentions that the break-in the other night has quadrupled their monetary need. Back at home, Cameron expresses her belief that Dakara is not linked to The Turk and cites the Go! proverb: "Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point", which basically means that the normal rules do not apply. Sarah grabs a handful of Go! pieces and declares otherwise, showing Cameron the three pieces in her hand. Sarah later meets with Alex for coffee and learns that he is planning a deal to purchase an advanced CPU to run his A.I. and requests an investment of $500,000.

At home, Sarah gathers all the diamonds and money, determined to stake everything they have, despite Cameron’s opposition, and spots three diamonds in a pattern. Sarah and Cameron go to dinner with Alex, Xander, and Minamoto; a Japanese software developer. Cameron surprises them all by making a toast in perfect Japanese, after which Sarah loses patience and demands that they finish the exchange. Minamoto hands over the chip and takes the money, leaving them to marvel over their new purchase. Back at the office, Sarah regrets that they are going to ruin Dakara's dreams, but the chip turns out to be a fake and Alex accuses Minamoto of scamming them.

Sarah vows to find Minamoto, but Alex warns her that Minamoto is a Yakuza, and is therefore highly dangerous. She then receives a text message from Cameron, informing her that she has found Minamoto. Sarah then meets up with Cameron and Derek and launch a raid on Minamoto's apartment. Held at gunpoint, Minamoto confesses to being an actor paid by the real Minamoto, but Derek correctly guesses that Alex is behind it all. Enraged, Sarah returns to the Dakara offices and viciously beats Alex, forcing him to confess the truth to his son. He then gives back their money and Sarah lets him live with a warning.

At home the next morning, Sarah allows John to go on a walk with Riley and goes into the bathroom. She looks at herself in the mirror and sees three blood spots on her cheek, violently smashing the mirror in a fit of rage and frustration.


"You never sleep. Make yourself useful."
- Sarah Connor. ("Self Made Man")

With her obsession with the three dots unsatisfied, Sarah has John search the internet for companies that use the three dots as their logos. This proves to be a fruitless endeavour, as John locates hundreds of companies, none of which pose any threat to them. She tells him to keep at it but John refuses and calls it a night, closing his laptop as Cameron enters the room. Sarah spontaneously hands Cameron the laundry basket and instructs her to perform the task while they sleep. John makes fun of Cameron, prompting Sarah to dump the laundry on him instead before going to bed.


Sarah 212.1

Sarah "kidnaps" the Fields family

Sarah 212.2

Sarah tries to revive Cameron

"That ‘thing’ wants one of you dead. I need to know why."
- Sarah Connor. ("Alpine Fields")

Following a name on the list ("Alpine Fields"), Sarah and Cameron visit the Field’s private cabin and hold them at gunpoint when the family arrives. Sarah sends Cameron to retrieve Lauren (the daughter), who finds her Dad's gun holds Sarah at gunpoint herself. David (the father) takes the gun and is confronted by Cameron, who likewise snatches the gun from him with little effort. Sarah calls John and tells him to lay low. She then informs the family about the future and Skynet, but they think she’s crazy. They leave and neither Sarah nor Cameron agree to take the family dog with them.

Whilst driving to safety, Sarah gets into an argument and crashes into a T-888. The Triple-8 attacks and Cameron holds him off, chasing him into the jungle where they engage in a game of cat and mouse. Sarah takes the family back to the cabin and works on their defences, demanding to know about their connections to Skynet. Whilst searching for tools in the shed, Lauren tells Sarah about her Dad’s secret cyborg project. Sarah confronts him on it but he refuses to discuss it, due to the illegality of his actions.

Sometime later, Anne's (the mother) boyfriend (Roger) appears, whom Sarah believes to be the Triple-8 at first. When Roger and David get into a fight, Sarah fires her shotgun to shut them up. Cameron suddenly comes crashing through the window and is unresponsive to Sarah’s attempts to wake her up. With the T-888 approaching, David goes outside to confront it, but is cast aside. Sarah realises that Anne is pregnant and that she is the T-888's target. Lauren hides in the closet while Sarah takes Anne and escapes into the woods.

Sarah and Anne are cornered by the Triple-8, but Cameron arrives in time and runs over the T-888, allowing them to escape. Sarah leaves them at a café and returns home with Cameron.

  • 6 months later: Sarah and Cameron track down the T-888 and obliterate it while Derek finds Lauren and helps her mom give birth to the baby, after which she dies.


"My son thinks I’m crazy. Maybe not crazy, maybe that’s the wrong word. But he doubts me. He’s never doubted me before."
- Sarah Connor. ("Earthlings Welcome Here")
Sarah 213.1

Sarah meets "Abraham"

Following another "3 dots" lead, Sarah attends a UFO convention and learns about a conspiracy involving a surveillance drone with three dots on the hull and a man named Abraham, who might know about all of this. A woman offers knowledge of Abraham and takes Sarah to her trailer in the desert where she informs her of the drone and Abraham’s respective sightings; along the way to the trailer Sarah calls John to tell him about her lead.

Sarah decides to visit the latest sighting of Abraham, a UFO café. The visit is uneventful, however, and Sarah hallucinates her crazed self sitting across from her with a spinning combat knife and the words: NO FATE carved into the table. Following the woman into the toilet, Sarah learns that she is a transvestite, and that he is actually Abraham. Back at the trailer, Abraham explains about his job working with five others on an unusual piece of metal (endo-metal).

Sarah 213.2

Sarah sees/hallucinates the "Drone"

He tells her that he started blogging to find out what the metal was, but the company tried to kill him, forcing him to go into hiding as a woman. Abraham tells her that he has a piece of the metal hidden in a safe and offers to show it to her. Abraham takes Sarah to the safe, but the metal is already gone and they are promptly attacked by a mysterious shooter on a bike. When Sarah opens fire on him/her, the biker escapes and they return to the trailer where Abraham criticises Sarah’s ability to cope with nearly dying.

Abraham reveals that he cannot remember the details of his job, and suggests it might be repressed, so Sarah takes her to Dr. Barbara Morris for hypnotherapy. Slipping a bug into Abraham’s clothes, Sarah sits outside in her jeep and listens in on the conversation until it is cut short by gunfire. Running inside, she finds them both dead, courtesy of the biker, who escapes before she can catch him/her.

Using the recording as a guide, Sarah follows its instructions to a warehouse in the desert where she finds a man installing an air-conditioner, but he suddenly pulls a gun on her and shoots her in the leg. He then tries to kill her, but Sarah turns the gun on him and after a brief struggle, shoots him dead. She then starts crawling away and sees her crazy self and the knife again, as well as her waitress self, who leads her out into the open where she sees the spy drone flying overhead before she blacks out.


"We had a fight. It went bad, really bad. I ran. I can't go to the hospital. He'll find me, he always finds me."
- Sarah Connor. ("The Good Wound")
Sarah 214.1

Sarah kidnaps a doctor

SCC 214 TheGoodWound3

Sarah and Kyle

After being shot in the leg, Sarah managed to drag herself to her Jeep and drove to the nearest hospital before apparently losing consciousness. She later awoke in a bed and examined her chart before pretending to be asleep again. She then heard a voice speaking to her, urging her to get up, so she crawled out of bed, only to be met by the hand of an imaginary Kyle Reese. He tells her: "Come with me if you want to live."

She takes his hand and gets to her feet, after which she smashes the window and attacks a cop as he comes in to investigate. She chokes him unconscious and takes his gun and then leaves the hospital while Kyle advises her to call Derek, which she does. She tells him to clean up her tracks and then kidnaps a doctor called Felicia Burnett to fix her leg. Sarah takes Felicia to an apartment and convinces her to remove the bullet.

Kyle advises her on how best to treat the doctor, telling her that being polite and kind would be far more effective than blunt and tough. He sees the stab wound on her shoulder and asks about it. She tells him about the T-1000 who tortured her years ago. Felicia is unable to remove the bullet and convinces Sarah to go with her to the hospital for better tools. They sneak into the morgue and Felicia leaves to gather the necessary supplies.

Sarah calls Derek again and tells him of her location. He promises to look out for John and hangs up, after which Felicia returns and asks for Sarah's gun. She is reluctant to hand it over at first, but with Kyle's pleading, she agrees and the doctor places her under for the operation. She succeeds in removing the bullet and patches up the wound, during which Sarah dreams about Kyle under an apple tree. Once finished, Derek arrives and holds Felicia at gunpoint.

A cop then arrives and demands she put down her gun, but she shoots him instead, allowing Derek to help Sarah leave the hospital. While driving to the warehouse where she was shot, Sarah tried to tell Derek about his relation to John, but he cut her short, having already figured it out. They both see smoke on the horizon from where the warehouse had been and go to investigate.


Sarah 215.1

Sarah examines Ed's photo

Sarah 215.2

Sarah searches the container

Sarah 215.3

Sarah witnesses the Drone

"Skynet's here, Reese. I can feel it."
- Sarah Connor. ("Desert Cantos")

Sarah, Derek, John, and Cameron decide to attend the funeral of the deceased workers after the explosion of the mysterious warehouse, hoping to find out what they were working on in the desert. Upon arrival, Sarah quickly found the photoboard of Ed Winston, the man she was forced to kill at the warehouse. Derek mused that Ed was not the kind of person you'd assume was capable of murder, but Sarah told him that she could see the potential there.

While the other attendees gathered with candles, Sarah remained beside the photo where she was approached by Dianne Winston, Ed's recently widowed wife. Dianne introduced herself and Sarah told her that she used to work up at the warehouse as a "waitress on wheels", hence her coming to pay her respects. During the service, Dianne told Sarah about the strange hours Ed was forced to work and shared her suspicions over what was going on in the warehouse.

When Dianne stormed out of the service, Sarah followed and was given a set of keys that belonged to Ed, Dianne being too afraid to find out what they unlocked. Sarah used the keys to open a storage container, finding the personal belongings of an entire family, as well as a blood-soaked quilt. She later joined Dianne as they drove to the graveyard for the burial. Sarah lied about the container, telling Dianne it was empty. The widow then played a recorded phone call she'd received from her husband three days ago, which captured the last few moments of Ed's life and the struggle between himself and Sarah.

At the burial, Sarah noticed John and Cameron standing close together with an expression of scrutiny before Derek arrived. She expressed her feelings that Skynet was to blame for all of this, calling Derek by his surname (as she once did with Kyle). He picked up on this and suggested that maybe she should let his brother's memory rest in peace. He then informed her of the activities of a P.I. called Mr. Walsh, to which Sarah decided she'd follow him and see if he turned anything up.

Sarah followed Walsh to an empty house and, after waiting for several minutes, decided to go inside and see what became of the investigator. A search of the house revealed a secret door to an underground surveillance room filled with monitors linked to cameras all over the town. Sarah then found a smear of blood on the floor and followed the trail to another hatch leading up into the garage of another house. Sarah was then called by Derek, who revealed that the wake he, John, and Cameron were attending was fake.

All four of them and the wife and daughter of not-so-dead worker gathered inside the surveillance room where Sarah and John interrogated them. The mother told them that her husband had decided to play dead for the good of himself and his family (as well as to get the life insurance money). John then found a dirty boot and realised where the man might be, leading the four of them to location in the desert where they witnessed the Drone rising from a pool of water and flying off towards the mountains.


"They say; if you die in your dreams, you die in real life."
- Dream Sarah Connor. ("Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep")

Following a lead from the surveillance tapes they stole from the desert town, Sarah defies her need for sleep by investigating a warehouse in downtown LA. Upon arriving, she calls John and informs him of what she's up to, asking him to check out the warehouse on his computer. She then tries to break into the building, but pauses to see a coyote walk by. Distracted, Sarah doesn't notice as a masked figure sneaks up from behind and shoots her with a taser, rendering her unconscious.

While asleep, Sarah experiences hallucinagenic dreams wherein she's in a sleep clinic.

Dream, Stage 1:

Sarah 216.1

Sarah is captured

Sarah wakes up in a cold sweat, having had a nightmare, and removes the electrodes from her head. Nurse Hobson arrives and convinces her to try and sleep some more, but Sarah remains reluctant, deciding she doesn't belong in the clinic. Hobson leaves to get her some coffee and Sarah discovers she has a new roommate, Dana, who tries unsuccessfully to hide her smoking habit. Sarah and Dana bond, but their conversation is cut short when John arrives.

In the dining hall, Sarah is aggravated when John compliments Cameron on the pancakes she'd made for him at home, to which Cameron smiles appreciatively. Outside, Sarah and John talk about her sleeping problems, the latter insisting she stay until her issues are dealt with. He reassures her that everything at home is fine and leaves with Cameron, who gives Sarah a mocking smile before following suite. Sarah then spots a man cleaning up some of the tables and notices a coyote tattoo on the back of his neck. Later, she stirs in her sleep...


Sarah 216.2

Sarah talks to Dream John

...and wakes up in a van. The van drives to a location and comes to a stop, then the driver opens the rear doors, shocking Sarah as he recognises the face of Ed Winston. She cannot believe it is him, as she was sure she'd killed him before, but Winston insists he is who he appears. Winston commends her on finding the warehouse in the desert and enquires as to who her accomplise is, suspecting whomever she was talking to prior to her capture. Sarah insists she is alone, however, prompting him to prepare a truth serum...

Dream, Stage 2:
...and Sarah wakes up to see Nurse Hobson preparing some gel for the electrodes. Sarah wonders what is wrong with her, which prompts Hobson to take her to the monitoring office. Hobson reassures her that whatever is causing her sleep-loss, it is psychological and nothing physical. Hobson suggests she take pherapy sessions but Sarah muses that it "didn't take". Hobson then inspects Sarah's room, finding cigarette butts on the window sill and leaves to report it.

Dana appears moments later and asks what Sarah dreams about, to which she answers she's running away from something. Dana tells her that she dreams of burning alive every night, reminiscent of Sarah's Judgment Day nightmares. Dana asks if the men in Sarah's dreams ever catch her, to which she...


Sarah 216.3

Sarah and Ed Winston

...wakes up again in the van, stupified by drugs and realises that Winston has examined her scars whilst unconscious. He takes note of her c-section scar, guessing that her child is between 15–20 years old. Sarah tries to convince him that the warehouse was destroyed by his own employers to cover up a security leak, but Winston isn't convinced. Trying a different tack, Sarah mentions his wife at his fake funeral, prompting Winston to attack her. In the ensuing struggle, Winston impales himself on his own needle and becomes worn down by the sedative it contains, slumping to the floor while...

Dream, Stage 3:
...Sarah awakens to see Nurse Hobson injecting an unconscious Dana with something and leaving. Sarah tries to wake up Dana, but she doesn't respond, so Sarah follows Hobson down to the basement instead. Before she can follow her further, however, Sarah is forced to prop herself up on the walls to avoid being spotted by the keen Nurse. In the morning, Sarah is confronted by Hobson, who believes she must've been sleep-walking the previous night.

In the waiting room, Cameron asks John what it's like to dream, and after he explains this to her, Sarah calls to him. Outside, she warns John of Hobson's strange activities, but he dismisses her concerns as paranoia. He offers to talk about the death of Winston, but Sarah refuses to talk about it, though she tells him about her "dream" wherein she is captured by a man. Hobson then arrives and takes Sarah back to her room for another sleep session and...

...Sarah listens as Winston asks about his wife. She tells him about the funeral and asks about his job, which he claims to despise, especially with the murderous side projects involved. He expresses his struggle with his first kill and muses that Sarah likely felt the same, but she tells him he was/would have been her first. She then offers to help him and his family disappear in exchange for letting her go, which he does. Sarah tries to escape the warehouse, but Winston grabs her from behind and drags her back to the van...

Dream, Stage 4:

Sarah 216.4

Sarah is attacked by Hobson

...and Sarah wakes up to find her roommate aflame in her bed. Sarah tries to help Dana but Hobson has her removed while she tends to the fire. In the morning, Sarah calls John, who is distracted by Cameron, who walks into his room while wearing provocative underwear. She informs him of the nurse's suspicious activity, to which John strongly suggests she come home as soon as possible. Sarah decides to stay and investigate, however.

Hobson addresses the patients and informs them that Dana is in a critical condition but still alive. She then gives Sarah some sleeping pills, but she only pretends to swallow them, spitting them out once Hobson is gone. Sarah returns to her room to find a cleaner, called Hector, and she asks him about the dreamcatchers he'd given to every patient. Hector muses that Dana should've controlled her dreams better and hints that Sarah should do the same. She then asks about the coyote tattoo on the back of his neck, but he dismisses it as being there for his "girl"...

...Sarah recalls the story Winston told her about his son, which he realises was the point at which she was going to let him go. This leads him to assume that she possessed such a sentiment because she also has a son, and he realises that her son must be her accomplise...

Dream, Stage 5:
...and Sarah wakes up to find that she has been injected with something...

...Winston insists that John will come for her, but Sarah is adamant he will know better and stay away. Winston says otherwise, suggesting that she will call him to come and save her, but Sarah vows to die before she betrays her son, and Winston wonders if that is what she truly wants...

Dream, Stage 6:

Sarah 216.5

Sarah executes Winston

...John shakes Sarah awake and insists they get out of the clinic, but Sarah vows to stop the nurse from completing her experiments, so they go down to the basement and break into the secret room. Inside, they find brain mapping equipment and a database filled with patient information, including Sarah. She pleads with John to erase her file, believing the clinic to be a Skynet facility.

Elsewhere, Hobson is informed of Sarah's absence from her room, prompting her to quip "Thank you for explaining" before marching to the secret room. She enters to find Sarah apparently alone, with John hiding behind a computer farm. Sarah claims to be sleep-walking again but Hobson is unconvinced and attacks Sarah, almost killing her with a computer tower. John steps out and shoots her three times, however, seemingly killing the woman.

Sarah examines the body, unable to figure out what she is, when Hobson suddenly snatches the gun from her hand and kills John instantly. The human cyborg then got to her feet and killed Sarah while she tended to John...

...and wakes up for the last time in the van, bound and gagged while Winston talks to his bosses on the phone outside. Sarah, desperate to slip out of her cuffs, bites her wrist until it bleeds, providing enough lubrication to get free (at the expense of a dislocated thumb). When Winston opens the van, she lunges at him and stabs his left eye with a syringe. Despite the shock of his injury, Winston fights back and forces Sarah to the floor, but she gets the upperhand and holds his own gun to his head.

Realising that this is the real world and that the clinic was all a dream, Sarah pulls the trigger and kills Winston for good. She then escapes the warehouse and drives back home, encountering a coyote mid-journey, a symbol of her rebirth as Sarah Connor the Soldier.


"Riley had a violent breakdown about bleached skulls and the end of the world... I want you to prepare yourself for what's gonna happen when Cameron finds out."
- Sarah Connor. ("Ourselves Alone")
Sarah 217.1

Sarah cleans up Riley's blood

While washing her hands in the upstairs bathroom, Sarah notices the dried blood stains from Riley's suicide attempt and decides to clean it up properly, during which the girl in question appears and offers to retrieve some more cleaning salt from the kitchen. Sarah waits for Riley to return with the salt, but after a little while she finds the can on the top of the stairs. After cleaning up the blood, Sarah pours through the files and photos of Skynet leads, remarking to Cameron that a file on a lawyer is missing.

Cameron tells her that Derek has taken it upon himself to investigate the lawyer, which annoys Sarah as she feels she's being left out of the loop. She then questions Cameron about Riley and the day she attempted suicide. Realising that they need to know more about the girl, Sarah visits Riley's foster father and tactfully asks him about Riley's behaviour. The foster dad tells her about Riley's outburst and her talk of an apocalypse, which piques Sarah's interest. He then gives her the card of a school councillor who apparently warned him about Sarah's family.

Sarah meets with the councillor in a park, not knowing that this councillor is in fact Jesse Flores. Jesse expresses her concern that John is abusing Riley and brings up the subject of him taking Riley to Mexico, to which Sarah feigns ignorance. Jesse agrees to let Sarah sort out her own affairs and decides not to intervene, after which Sarah returns home and informs John of her talk with the councillor and the foster father. John is surprised by Riley's apparent knowledge and claims that he has remained silent and never told her anything about themselves and the future.

Sarah 217.2

Sarah muses whether to kill Riley

Sarah doesn't believe him, however, and advises John to prepare himself for what Cameron will do when she finds out about Riley. John agrees to talk to Riley about this, however. Riley later comes to visit and Sarah reluctantly lets her in, demanding she explain herself to John. Before she can press her point, however, an agent from the Department of Youth and Family Services arrives to talk to her and John, forcing Cameron to hide Riley in the garage out back.

With John's help, Sarah manages to stave off the woman's questions and she leaves soon after. While John goes to rescue Riley from Cameron's company, Sarah paces inside the house, contemplating whether to kill the girl with her Glock. She decides against this, however, and unloads the weapon. John later tells her that Riley apparently confided in a friend who betrayed her trust, but Sarah remains unconvinced, especially when Riley suddenly disappears from their back porch.


Sarah 218.1

Sarah finds Cameron's stash

Sarah 218.2

Sarah destroys the endo parts

"She told you. Just like she told you she destroyed every part we ever captured. Just like she tells us what she does every night when we go to sleep. When she comes back in the morning she's covered in cuts and bruises. Hey, just like she told you she loved you..."
- Sarah Connor. ("Today Is The Day, Part 1")

Knowing that they can no longer stay in their house, Sarah decided it was time to pack up and leave for a new residence. Though she planned to clear out the garage, John offered to do it in her stead for cryptic reasons. In the evening, she and Kacy talked in the kitchen whilst boxing up a few things. Kacy mentioned the body of a girl discovered in a river, her boyfriend Trevor having been on the case at the time. Kacy's description of the girl (blonde hair, previous scars on the wrists, a star tattoo) tipped Sarah off to Riley's murder, which Kacy described as an "execution".

Sarah then sought out John, finding him in the garage with Cameron and asked to talk to him alone, allowing her to tell him about Riley's murder. John, overwrought by the news, went off to the house while Sarah tried to tell Cameron of the death, but she had already overheard their conversation. Sarah then returned to the garage and discovered the hidden endoskeleton parts, calling Derek to tell him of Riley's death also. She was later joined by John, who defended Cameron's actions and expressed his belief that she did not kill Riley.

Sarah insisted that Cameron was lying, however, stating her past lies; destroying the parts, going out at night, telling John she loved him. The last one triggers a violent reaction from John, who slams his hand on the table and angrily declares that she knows nothing. A few hours later, Sarah burned the endoskeletal parts in thermite and was joined by Cameron. Sarah mused that she had considered waiting for Cameron with Derek's rifle, planning to blow a hole in her head, but decided against it in fear of John's reaction.

Cameron then told her that everyone is a threat to John and that he must remain alone and away from other humans, which upsets Sarah, making her wonder what kind of life her son must live. Cameron simply replied; "John's life... someday".


"John sent you here from the future. Did he send you away? Away from him? Maybe you should think about that. Maybe you should think about why he wouldn't want you around anymore."
- Sarah Connor. ("Today Is The Day, Part 2")
Sarah 219.1

Sarah, John, and Cameron

Following her talk with Cameron, Sarah returned indoors in time to meet John as he came home. Knowing he'd gone to see Riley's body, Sarah tried to comfort him, and for a brief moment she hoped he'd discovered Cameron as the cause of her death, but instead John apologized to Cameron for ever doubting her. Later, while trying to hide their safe in the floor, Sarah caught John on his way out and apologized for all the trouble they'd been through lately.

She then recalled when John was younger and their move to a "hippy town", where John constantly got into fights with the other kids there, forcing them to move again as he hated it there. When John left, Cameron tried to follow suite, but Sarah told her to stay and asked why Future John sent her back in time. Cameron repeated her mission, but Sarah (perhaps out of jealousy and irrational spite) suggested that maybe Future John sent her away from his side because he no longer desired her company. Her words have an effect on Cameron, who is unable to come up with a response to her suggestions.

When John later came home after dealing with the real murderor of Riley, he sat between his mother and Cameron on the couch, slowly breaking down from the pressures of the past few days. John at first turned to Cameron, but when she made no reaction to his attention, he dissolved into tears and cried on Sarah's lap while she comforted her son.


"It's my fate. There's nothing I can do."
- Sarah Connor. ("To the Lighthouse")
Sarah 220

Sarah finds Charley's body

With the house packed up and their belongings crammed into the trucks, the Connors, Cameron, and Derek finally left their house behind and headed for a new safe house in the desert. While Derek and Cameron went to the weapons cache to collect the armoury, Sarah drove John to the safe house, though she decided to take a "detour" first. En route, Sarah tried to play an old childhood game with John, remarking that she liked being on the road again.

Sarah took John to a lighthouse on the coast and, to John's surprise, reunited him with Charley Dixon. Sarah entrusted John to Charley, to whom she revealed that she had a lump which she believed to be cancerous (though she kept this from John). The next day, Sarah made pancakes and then went to the hospital to have her lump checked, discovering it to be an inflammation caused by a tracker device planted under her skin by Ed Winston. Using a defibulator, Sarah zapped herself and disabled the device moments before an assassin arrived.

Sarah incapacitated the assassin and fled the hospital, returning to the lighthouse to find several men dead and Charley in the water with three fatal bullet wounds to his chest. John and the boat was gone, however, meaning he at least had survived.


"It's Cyberdyne all over again."
- Sarah Connor. ("Adam Raised a Cain")
Sarah 221.1

Sarah visits Kyle's grave

Following the death of Charley, Sarah received a call from John and agreed to meet him at Kyle's burial spot. There she was met by Derek and Cameron, who also received a call from John, telling them where to find Sarah. She told Derek of Kyle's place in the grass before them, but was unsure as to which was his grave. Derek asked why she tried to ditch him and Cameron, believing that Kyle's sacrifice had earned some trust between them. Sarah explained that John mattered more than her obligation and that she dislikes the secrets he keeps from her (referring to Jesse).

John arrived soon after and showed them a picture of Savannah Weaver he acquired from one of the dead attackers at the lighthouse. He insisted they find the girl and keep her safe, to which neither Sarah nor Derek were opposed. They located the Weaver residence and snuck inside through different entrances, Sarah finding her way to the garage where John had already found Savannah and was under attack from a T-888.

Cameron 221.2

Sarah fired several rounds into the Triple-8's back and was promptly thrown to the ground by Cameron to save her from being shot. She and John then took the girl outside where they were attacked by the machine from the balcony above. Sarah distracted the Terminator with a strafing attack, but was once again saved from being shot by Cameron, who threw the machine down a steep hill. They then returned inside to look for Derek, only to find him dead on the floor, courtesy of a bullet to the head from the Terminator. Sarah, while visibly hurt by his death, kept her composure and gathered his gun and wallet before telling the others to move out.

Sarah 221.2

Sarah meets with Ellison

Sarah 221.3

Sarah is arrested

They fled to the safety of a disused clothes warehouse where Sarah checked the guns while John silently mourned for his uncle. To her surprise, she received a call from James Ellison, demanding she hand over Savannah. Sarah refused to give her up, but agreed to meet with him downtown and explain the situation. Suspecting a trap, she sent Cameron to rendezvous with Ellison and bring him to her meeting spot. She explained to him that Savannah's mother, Catherine Weaver, was likely the target of the attack and that she was in danger.

She also informed him of Derek and Charley's deaths, and demanded to see Catherine and explain the situation to her too. Ellison agreed to set up a meeting and left, after which Sarah and Cameron returned to the warehouse where John had learned about an A.I. called John Henry, whom Savannah had befriended. John Henry was plugged into the endoskeleton of Cromartie, whom Sarah believed to be deceased. She realised that Ellison, who was also teaching John Henry, had indeed retrieved Cromartie's body and given it to Weaver.

Cameron expressed a desire to kill Ellison, but Sarah insisted that nobody be killed. He called her again and offered a trade; hand over Savannah and he would ensure a meeting with Weaver. She agreed, and they met in a movie theatre. Cameron doubted Ellison's reliability, but Sarah remained confident that he would uphold his end of the bargain. He arrived soon after and took Savannah. Sarah then walked out of the theatre and straight into a police ambush.

Though John was safely hidden inside the building, Sarah made a futile attempt to escape, but was overwhelmed and beaten into submission by the police. She was then cuffed and escorted to the local PD where she was met by a crowd of reporters as her identity was announced to the public.


"I do believe someone wants this world to burn. The Devil. Demons. I believe."
- Sarah Connor. ("Born to Run")
Sarah 222.1

Sarah speaks to the priest

Sarah 222.2

Sarah remains in the past

Sarah is incarcerated and interrogated by Agent Auldridge, who tries to get the location of John out of her, but she insists he died in the bank vault in 1999. Sarah is then visited by Ellison, who managed to talk his way out of trouble with the FBI. He ensures her that he had nothing to do with her capture, and that the cops followed him to the theatre. Sarah tells him to leave and keep Savannah safe, repeating this to the surveillance camera. Sarah then asks to see a priest, the same priest who sheltered her and John when Cameron went rogue.

Sarah asks the priest to do her a favour in exchange for telling him the truth about Judgment Day and the future. The priest agrees to her request. Later, the agent questions Sarah in her cell and expresses his belief in her story, though she remains tight-lipped. He tells her about Danny Dyson’s disappearance, though he doesn’t elaborate on this. In the morning, the priest visits again, but their meeting is cut short by the sound of gunfire. The door unlocks and Sarah escapes. She finds a damaged Cameron in the halls and is led outside to a van.

John drives them to Zeira Corp while Sarah berates him for ignoring her message and coming for her. Upon arriving at Zeira, Sarah and John sat waiting for Ellison to take them to Weaver while Cameron went down to the basement to destroy John Henry. John asked if she was sick, due to Cameron’s suspicions, but Sarah brushed off his concern. When Ellison arrived, John told her he loves her before getting into the elevator to Weaver’s office. Weaver wasted little time and cut straight to the chase, revealing her true agenda to the Connors.

Before they could get into details, however, the Kaliba HK suddenly crashed into the office and Weaver, revealing herself as a T-1001, morphed into a shield to protect them from harm. They then fled down to the basement and Weaver informed Sarah that her John cannot save humanity without John Henry’s help. Upon arriving in the basement, however, John Henry was absent and a deactivated Cameron sat in his seat. To John’s horror, her chip was missing, and a message repeated on a screen: I’M SORRY JOHN over and over on a loop.

Weaver quickly deduced that John Henry had escaped using a secret TDE device in the basement. Activating this device, John desired to go with Weaver to the future to rescue Cameron’s chip, but Sarah stepped out of the time sphere, promising to stop Judgment Day from ever happening. Before her son disappeared, Sarah wished her love to him, which travelled as an echo with him into the future.


  • John's murder of Sarkissian marks a shift in Sarah's relationship with her son, creating a rift between them as they gradually drift apart. Since the event, Sarah has tried to nurse John's mental health, but this is complicated by his new-found attachment to Riley, whom he suggests Sarah is jealous of. In "Earthlings Welcome Here" the score is finally settled as Sarah is forced to take her first life when she shoots dead a supposed technician.
  • Despite Cameron almost killing her and John, as well as proving her true nature, Sarah seems quick to put this aside and readily fights at Cameron's side against Skynet's forces. Though whether or not she has forgiven the machine, or even feels the need to forgive, has yet to be seen.
  • Sarah is continually thrown by Cameron's increasingly human behavior since the explosion and often appears to suffer moments of confliction towards the machine. In addition to her growing confusion, Sarah also appears to begin accepting Cameron as something more than a machine, as their relationship has improved significantly since the first season and both have taken a united front against Riley's presence.
  • In Season 1, Sarah often had to berate Cameron for her callous actions, including the termination of Enrique Salceda. Recently, however, Sarah has been more lenient in regards to Cameron's methods and barely blinks when she terminates a group of thieves. It is possible that, despite her conscience, Sarah has learned the lesson of Andy Goode and knows the consequences of leaving loose ends.
  • When Marty thanks Sarah for saving his life, she is genuinely speechless; having never heard John thank her for the countless times she's kept him safe.
  • John and Sarah have always talked about their problems and comforted each other in the past. So it is both hurtful and saddening for Sarah when John refuses to confide his trauma in her, preferring the impersonal confidence of a therapist to his own mother.
  • Sarah suffers a breakdown whilst crushing Cromartie's chip, possibly as a result of all the trauma she herself has experienced catching up on her. Cromartie was also the cause of much, if not all, of her stress since the destruction of the T-1000.
  • In "Complications" Sarah suffers several nightmares that contain almost prophetic symbolisms of her insecurities and fears. The first two nightmares share the same themes and metaphors, including John and tortoises.
    • Dream #1 shows Cameron watering three cacti that grow and turn to metal. They then curl around John and hug him closely, possibly hinting at some sort of shelter or care that a machine(s) might some day feel for him.
    • Dream #2 shows Cameron lovingly nursing a child, which then becomes a tortoise. Cameron then denies Sarah's desire to hold the tortoise and gives it to Cromartie instead. This most likely illustrates Sarah's fear that Cameron will replace her one day and that no matter how human Cameron may appear, she is still a machine and therefore can never be fully trusted.
      • It could also illustrate that Cameron may, inadvertently or not, be responsible for John being captured by the machines; perhaps a revamped Cromartie himself.
  • Sarah's visions of Kyle in "The Good Wound" were likely expressions of her subconscious trying to reassure her and keep her alive. Kyle repeats much of what he said to her in The Terminator, including John's message he memorised for Sarah. Whilst under anaesthetic, Sarah experienced a dream of her and Kyle under an apple tree. Kyle recalled seeing an orchard being incinerated by Skynet flamethrowers in the future, but Sarah, aware that this was all in her head, dismissed it as a story. Her last vision of Kyle was when Derek found her, during which she briefly saw Kyle in place of him before regaining coherency.

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