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Prior timeline: Sarah Connor§Terminator 2: Judgment Day

After the destruction of Cyberdyne Building, Sarah Connor died of leukemia in 1997, three years after her initial diagnosis in Baja. She was cremated in Mexico, and her friends scattered her ashes into the sea. Never believing that they had truly won, even at the end, she had her friends store weapons in a coffin in a mausoleum in the Valley of Peace cemetery. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

T2 Saga timeline[]

Sarah dodges the attack from the T-Infinity.

After the T-1000's failure to assassinate John Connor, Sarah and John have settled in New Orleans. In 1996, Sarah receives a call from the principal at John's school. However, when she got there, a new Terminator called the T-Infinity had murdered the principal and was seeking to terminate Sarah based on corrupted memory files. Though Sarah tried informing the T-Infinity that John has already been born, the latter still attempted to kill her. Terminator: Revolution #3 Luckily, John and his older self, who had come from the future with the T-Infinity by accident and had been mistaken by his younger self to be a Terminator, rescued her while the T-Infinity was occupied with a squad of T-850 Terminators. Terminator: Revolution #4

Once they reached a safe house, Sarah talked with older John in private. Together, they formulated a plan to disable the T-Infinity so that older John could use it to return to the future. Unfortunately, their plan had a hiccup in the form of the Dire Wolf, sent by Skynet to destroy the T-Infinity. Luckily, with the sudden appearance of a younger version of Kyle Reese, they were able to the destroy the Dire Wolf and use the T-Infinity to return to the future. Terminator: Revolution Issue 5