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Sarah Jeanette Connor[1] (born fall, 1965)[2][3][4], is a legendary figure and the mother of John Connor, the leader of the Resistance during the Future War, as well as teaching him in the ways of war. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Original timeline[]

Sarah Connor was born in 1965. She was born to a waitress mother and a veteran father. As a child, her father walked out on her and her mother. Sarah Connor lived a normal life when growing up. At the age of 19, she studied at West Los Angeles Junior College[5] while working as a teenage waitress[6] at Big Jeff's family restaurant and shared a two-story apartment in the Palm District with her roommate Ginger Ventura while studying at college.

During the Future War, Sarah Connor had become a legendary figure, who taught her son John to fight and organize, preparing him for the coming War.

The Terminator[]

Kyle giving comfort to Sarah.

Sarah Connor lived an ordinary life. However, everything Sarah had ever known was to change on May 12th, 1984. Sarah found herself pursued by a relentless cyborg killer, the Terminator; a Series 800 Model 101 Infiltrator unit for reasons completely unknown to her.

She was rescued from the Terminator by time-traveling soldier Kyle Reese, who explained that in the future, an artificial intelligence called Skynet would be created by military software developers to make strategic decisions. The program became self-aware, seized control of most of the world's military hardware, including various highly-advanced robots, and launched an all-out attack on human beings — the Judgment Day. However, a man named John Connor eventually led the human Resistance group Tech-Com to victory, only to discover that in a last-ditch effort, Skynet had researched time travel and sent a robot killer back in time in an effort to destroy John Connor's family before he could be born. John Connor was Sarah's future son, and Connor sent back a trusted soldier, Reese, to protect his mother at all costs. During their brief time together, Sarah fell in love with Reese. Reese became the only hope protecting her from the Terminator and her only companion as they fled together.

Sarah tries to escape from The Terminator's endoskeleton arm.

The Terminator killed a number of people in order to get to Sarah Connor, including her mother and Ginger. Initially, she was unaware that Reese himself had been in love with her from afar, having been given a picture of her by John Connor, and having always admired her legendary strength and resilience. They shared a night of intimacy that resulted in the conception of John. Their relationship was cut short when Reese died fighting the Terminator in a Cyberdyne factory; Sarah, in turn, crushed the Terminator in a hydraulic press.

Sarah driving away towards a dark future.

Though Reese's death deeply saddened her, his sincerity and courage inspired Sarah to carry on and develop the necessary skills and abilities that would make her a suitable mentor and teacher to John. The Terminator

Deviating timelines[]

Note: Several timelines begin after the events of The Terminator, including Judgment Day, T2 Trilogy, The New John Connor Chronicles, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Rise of the Machines, and Dark Fate, and a timeline where the Judgment Day never happens.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day[]

Sarah Connor (1995)

Going into hiding, Sarah gave birth to John on February 28, 1985, and immediately entered into a mostly fugitive lifestyle, beginning his training and learning from whoever would teach them. The two lived as nomads, spending a lot of time in South and Central America. It was not until she attempted to blow up the local offices of some computer corporation back in Los Angeles, getting herself caught by the police that she was seen again by the authorities. Upon trying to warn of the impending Judgment Day, Sarah was handed over to the custody of Dr. Peter Silberman at the Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, a prison facility charged with the care and interment of people with mental problems. She was diagnosed with acute schizo-affective disorder and institutionalized, her son John being put into foster care.

When Sarah was 29 years old, another Terminator, this time a T-1000, was sent back to eliminate Sarah's 10-year-old son John. Sarah broke out of her cell and neutralized Douglas by breaking his nose with a broken broom handle. She then knocked out another staff member and broke Dr. Silberman's arm, threatening to poison him to get the other staff to release her by unlocking the security doors. However, a backup member released Silberman and Sarah escaped to the elevators, while the staff desperately chased her all the way.

She waited for an elevator, one was coming up and Sarah quickly ran to the door. However, just then the second T-800 exited the elevator. Sarah recognized her old enemy and ran in absolute terror as she believes the Terminator was there for the same reason as the T-800 back in 1984 — to kill her and John. Just as she ran back down the corridor, John exited the elevator and run after her. The staff catch up and restrain Sarah while Dr. Silberman goes to sedate her. However, before they could the T-800 incapacitates them all on John's orders.

With the help of her son, and the reprogrammed 800 Series Terminator sent back in time to protect him, Sarah broke out of Pescadero. Sarah, John, and the T-800 went towards Mexico, meeting up with Sarah's gun-running friend Enrique Salceda and his family. Enrique had been taking care of an underground bunker filled with Sarah's weapons. Trying to prevent Judgment Day, Sarah found out about Skynet's construction by Miles Dyson and set out to kill him. Although she found herself unable to eliminate him in cold blood, she helped convince Dyson to stop work on Skynet and destroy all his files and the Cyberdyne Systems building. Upon the destruction of Cyberdyne, which resulted in Dyson's death, and both Terminators, Sarah took John back into hiding, training him to become a great military leader and tactician. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Alternate future[]


Because Sarah, John, and the T-800 successfully destroyed the laboratory of Cyberdyne Systems, the Judgment Day never occurs. In the year 2027, John Connor is a U.S. Senator and has a child of his own. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (alternative ending)


  • When Sarah's group infiltrates the Cyberdyne building, Sarah is wearing Kyle Reese's light blue trench coat from the start of the first movie.
  • Sarah Connor was voted #5 on Revolution's Top 10 SF Movie Heroines of all time, with Ellen Ripley (the Alien saga) being #1.[7]

Sarah's Year of Birth[]

According to the script for The Terminator in the Special Edition DVD, Sarah was 19 years old. The film was set from May 12 through May 14 of 1984, placing her birth date between 1964-5-11 and 1965-11-15. It is also been highly speculated that Sarah's exact date of birth is November 13, 1965. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah's psychologist states that she is 29. The film itself takes place on a summer weekend when John (born 1985-2-28) is age 10 (between 1995-5-27 and 1995-9-02). This places Sarah's birth date between 1965-5-28 and 1966-9-02, making her 17 or 18 during The Terminator. Hence, these make her date of birth between 1965-5-27 to 1965-11-15.

The pilot episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, her FBI file lists her age as 33 on 1999-08-24, placing her birth date between 1965-08-25 and 1966-08-24. This would make her 17 or 18 during The Terminator.

The ending credits of Terminator: Dark Fate state that Sarah was 33 years old in the opening scene of the film, which takes place in 1998.[8] This also confirms that Sarah was born in 1965.

The tombstone shown in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) reads 1959–1997. The birth year would make her 24 or 25 during The Terminator. Her death was described as from leukemia shortly after the original Judgment Day (1997-8-29). It is argued that she and John were living "off the grid" in her adult years, routinely using false names, birth dates, inter alias; and that her tomb was really a weapons cache. Nevertheless, the age of John in Rise of Machines timeline(s) is also inconsistency with other timelines.

For comparison, Linda Hamilton was born in September 1956, three years before 1959, the year given for Sarah's birth in T3. Lena Headey was born in October 1973, making her 33 at the time the first season was filmed (2006) and the same age Sarah is said to be in 1999.

Sarah's Fate[]

In the original timeline as mentioned in the novelization of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah Connor dies when John Connor is in his mid-twenties when the supply convoy from Mexico led by her is ambushed by a squad of HKs.

The alternate ending for Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the Ultimate Edition DVD shows Sarah alive and well on August 29, 2029. She is by then a grandmother (and John is a Senator) in a world where Skynet was never able to start its war on humanity.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline establishes that Sarah would have died of cancer in 2005 if she hadn't jumped forward to 2007.[9] Therefore, if she does not receive treatment (or a cure) for her condition, she can expect to die sometime in 2013, assuming the time travel or other factors related to the relocation does not affect the progress of the disease. This bears some similarity to the Rise of the Machines version of Sarah, who also dies sometime after the original date (29 August 1997) of Judgment Day.


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