San Francisco 2018 in Salvation timeline.

San Francisco is a city in California in the United States of America. The city is home to several historic landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid.

San Francisco in Terminator[edit | edit source]

During Judgment Day, the city was devastated like many other cities around the world. A small nuke hit the center of the Financial District next to the Transamerica Pyramid. The shock wave caused some damage to tops of buildings as it swept through the district. The nucleur fire swept through the area devastating Columbus Avenue. As the fire engulfed California Street along with Sansome Street, numerous cars, trees, buildings and trolleys were shoved aside like childrens toys.[citation needed]

A second nuke hit in the center of the Bay Area directly next to the Golden Gate Bridge. A third nuke hit southward possibly the suburbs located south of the Golden Gate Bridge.[citation needed]

In Kyla's World timeline, John Connor lead a Resistance team raid Eosphor Technologies, an old technology company in San Rafael. Additionally, a Resistance compound was near the Presidio.

By 2018 in Salvation timeline, Skynet had taken control over the city and built Skynet Central based on the Cyberdyne Genetics Division located in the city once stood. It was destroyed when the Resistance staged an attack on the facility in an effort to rescue Kyle Reese and other humans being held prisoner at Skynet Central.

In Genisys timeline, Cyberdyne Headquarters was located in San Francisco and Genisys, which would become Skynet, was built there. Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese travelled from 1984 and arrive in 2017 to stop Genisys from coming online and causing Judgment Day. With help from Pops, they destroyed the Cyberdyne campus and avert Judgment Day, but Genisys survived due to its system core being underground.

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