Gun Shop Owner

The pawnshop clerk

Rob Garrett[1] worked at Alamo Sports Shop and provided the Terminator with several weapons, including the Armalite AR-18, .45 Long slide with laser sighting, Franchi SPAS-12, and Uzi 9mm, on May 12, 1984. The clerk was particularly impressed with the Terminator's knowledge of guns. However, after mentioning a 15-day wait for handguns and telling the Terminator not to load the SPAS-12, the clerk was killed.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Rob Garrett, credited as Pawnshop clerk, was portrayed by Dick Miller.
  • In the novelization of The Terminator by Randall Frakes, he provides the Terminator with different weapons:
    • The Franchi SPAS-12
    • Armalite AR-180
    • Desert Eagle .357 Magum pistol
    • Armalite AR-15
    • Colt .45 Longslide with laser sighting
    • Uzi 9mm semi-automatic



Ar-18 gunshop
The Terminator: (Cocks Armalite AR-18 rifle)
The Terminator: The 12 gauge auto-loader.
Pawnshop Clerk: That's Italian. It can go pump or auto.
The Terminator: The .45 long slide, with laser sighting.
Pawnshop Clerk: These are brand new, we just got 'em in. That's a good gun. Just touch the trigger, the beam comes on, and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can't miss. Anything else?
The Terminator: Phased-plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.
Pawnshop Clerk: Hey, just what you see, pal!
The Terminator: The Uzi 9 millimeter.
Pawnshop Clerk: You know your weapons, buddy. Any one of these is ideal for home defense. So, which'll it be?
The Terminator: All.
Pawnshop Clerk: I may close early today. (takes out forms) There's a 15 day wait on the handguns, but the rifles you can take right now.
The Terminator: (takes shotgun shells and loads SPAS-12)
Pawnshop Clerk: You can't do that.
The Terminator: Wrong. (shoots clerk)


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