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Rev-9 was an advanced Terminator sent by Legion from 2042 to 2020 to assassinate Dani Ramos.


The Rev-9 was sent back by Legion from 2042, arriving in 2020 several hours after Grace had arrived. The time displacement equipment had placed it in the air in a Mexican condominium where Dani Ramos lived. After its arrival, the Rev-9, which lacked clothing, touched a woman's laundry, which allowed it to copy the clothing, and began looking for Dani Ramos. The machine arrived at Dani's home, only to find Vicente Ramos informing the machine that Dani had left for work along with Diego, her brother. The machine killed Vicente and impersonated him to gain the trust of Dani at her workplace, only for his plan to be foiled by Grace Harper. As Dani, Diego and Grace escaped the factory, the Rev-9 pursued them in a truck. The Rev-9 managed to kill Diego and cornered both Grace and Dani by splitting into two distinct halves, but it was temporarily stopped by Sarah Connor with high-powered weaponry.

Trying to reacquire its target, the Rev-9 infiltrated Rathium Data Center and used its advanced mimetic polyalloy to hack into various surveillance cameras and saw that the group was attempting to cross the U.S. border into Texas. Impersonating Maggie, a Border Patrol agent, and hijacking one of the control centers, the machine had the group arrested, almost killing them by crashing a drone into their path. The machine slaughtered various people in the State of Texas Detention and Processing Center in an attempt to get to Dani, but it was still unable to fulfill its mission when she managed to escape in a helicopter with Grace and Sarah.

The machine reacquired the group, now allied with Carl, in a helicopter shortly after Sarah Connor received a case with a pair of EMP devices from her acquaintance, Major Dean, in an attempt to destroy the Rev-9. The machine chased the group into Bingham Air Force Base where Major Dean was stationed, with Dean notifying the base of the incoming threat. The group escaped in a C-5 cargo plane, but they were chased again by the machine in a hijacked aerial refueling aircraft. The machine crashed into the group's aircraft and boarded the plane, engaging in heavy combat against Carl while Dani, Grace and Sarah parachuted away from the heavily damaged aircraft. The Rev-9 and Carl were both flung from the aircraft and land in a river current, leading to a battle that eventually resulted in the Rev-9's two halves ganging up on and overpowering the T-800.

Grace, Sarah, Dani and Carl faced off against the Rev-9 for the final time inside a hydroelectric dam power plant. The Rev-9 tried to negotiate with Dani's protectors, even trying to reason with Carl, as they were built for the same purpose. With its attempted persuasion failing, the Rev-9 turned to combat as a last resort, during which it was battered and slashed by Carl and Grace, with fire support from Sarah. The Rev-9 was later forced into a turbine by Carl and Grace, superheating its liquid metal sheath as well as causing an explosion that mortally wounded Grace and knocked Carl offline. The now-heavily damaged Rev-9, reduced to a still-functioning endoskeleton, pursued an enraged Dani, who tearfully removed Grace's thorium reactor at Grace's request before shooting the Rev-9 several times and tackling the machine. The Rev-9 managed to grab and choke Dani, but it was stopped by a reactivated Carl, giving Dani enough time to stab the Rev-9 in the eye with the thorium reactor, heavily electrocuting the machine. The damaged Rev-9 was then ruthlessly dragged across to a hole in the power plant by Carl, who chose to sacrifice himself along with the assassin. The reactor overloaded and both machines were partially melted into the floor, ceasing to function. Terminator: Dark Fate


Successful Terminations[]

Attempted Terminations[]

Powers and Abilities[]

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Being an advanced terminator, Rev-9 is an indomitable killing machine that will only stop once it fulfills its mission objective. It has all the mechanical skills that a terminator has, despite being a stronger and more resistant model when compared to its predecessors. Below is a list of all his skills displayed throughout history:

  • Superhuman strength: Rev-9 has an incredible and powerful ability to perform feats that normal humans are not able to do. His endoskeleton allows him to block and strike powerful blows against Grace Harper during his fight at the factory and to pierce windshields with his hands in the form of sharp blades. With a single stroke, he knocked Sarah Connor back several meters during the confrontation at the hydroelectric plant. He managed to push Carl against a forklift with just one hand and withstand the advances of the T-800 and Grace against a rotating turbine for a few moments, even with both pushing against him with their extraordinary strength.
  • Superhuman agility: Being a machine designed to kill its target, it has incredible and skillful ways to get to its victims. He was able to make acrobatic jumps, twists in mid-air and momentarily run along a wall. Even being caught in the explosion of his helicopter, he managed to get out of it and jump nimbly against the take-off of the C-5 Galaxy.
  • Superhuman durability: This terminator has advanced durability above the average of its predecessors, as was the case with the T-X and T-1000. Even after falling from a great height and crashing into the ground when he was kicked off Grace's plane, he proved not to suffer any damage. When he split in two and the T-800 took the opportunity to throw his endoskeleton against a wall, he resisted and re-molded himself without the slightest problem. Only the friction of being caught in the spinning turbine and its explosion caused it great damage, destroying its polymimetic sheath. This vulnerability eventually caused his death at the hands of Dani and T-800.
  • Polymimetic assimilation: He can replicate any material with just a touch, creating a copy for his own use. Rev-9 used this to make an outfit for himself just by duplicating the original shirt he touched. He also demonstrated his ability to assimilate other people, as demonstrated by his posing as a military woman at the base of operations in Mexico.
    • Double unit polymimetic division: The most notable feature of this terminator is its affinity to separate its endoskeleton from its liquid polymimetic mass to make parallel attacks with greater success. However, this division proved to be more vulnerable to more serious structural damage, since its regenerative power is not as effective when its parts are separated.
    • Regeneration: Having a reinforced and liquid polymimetic layer over its endoskeleton, the Rev-9 demonstrates it has an advanced regeneration to any attack that can damage its body. He proved to be resistant to Grace Harper's blows, to shots and subsequent dynamite blast from Sarah Connor and being run over without suffering any major injury, only superficially damaging his polymimetic mass that automatically reconstitutes. However, even with all this ability in its favor, the Rev-9 can still be seriously damaged. This was only possible when he ended up entering a rotating turbine at a hydroelectric plant, allowing Dani Ramos and Carl to kill him with ease with Grace's thorium reactor.
    • Creating sharp blades: By manipulating its black liquid mass, it can reshape its hands and part of its arm to create skewers that can pierce anything. It used this ability to try to kill Dani several times throughout the film. It can also create spikes on its body that it used to try to damage Carl when it was about to be sucked into the dam's turbine.
  • Termovision: Rev-9 has a Head-up display (HUD) that displays visual data about his opponents. He located Dani Ramos and her group through his cyber vision by zooming in and focusing on a particular point in his vision. He was also demonstrated to have night vision that allowed him to locate anyone within a radius of several miles, as shown when viewing Dani entering the hydroelectric plant.
  • Cyberpathy: The ability to invade and manipulate computer networks using just touch. The Rev-9 managed to track the location of Dani Ramos using security cameras and even control a military drone to find them. It is also able to access any database provided by the network, such as a café with Wi-Fi.
  • Master combatant: Rev-9 proved to be quite capable of fighting against his opponents, becoming a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He proved to be very effective in striking blows that damaged the body of his enemies, as in the case of pulling the synthetic skin from the arm of T-800 in the fight in the C-5 Galaxy. Later, he used great agility to pierce Grace's chest using his black skewers.


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