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A Rev-9 split into two units.

Rev-9 is an advanced Terminator and Infiltrator series utilized by Legion in the Dark Fate timeline. A Rev-9 consists of a traditional, solid carbon-based endoskeleton[1] covered by an outer sheath made of advanced mimetic polyalloy. In addition, Rev-9 possesses the ability to separate into two units.


The Rev-9 is capable of acting like a human, such as having a sense of humor. A Rev-9 unit even bragged to a United States Border Patrol agent by stating its whole body is a weapon, as well as apologizing after falling into someone's shed, destroying it. It also has a casual demeanor when acting with others, though some robotic-like behavior can be seen. It also fools people very easily, shown when it walks through a metal detector and said it has gone through two tours in Afghanistan and has a metal hip replacement.

The Rev-9 is stated to be something to run away from rather than fight due its abilities. The Rev-9's endoskeleton is extremely strong and it is very agile, however, despite its incredible capabilities, the Rev-9 does not seem to have been designed to battle rogue Terminators, as an aged T-800 was able to dominate the fight between them, though it was not able to do any serious or lasting damage unless with additional force or firepower. The Rev-9 was forced to split itself in two just to overpower and damage the T-800, simply to free itself from Carl's grip. The endoskeleton is strong enough for it to free-fall from high altitude without any damage causing glitches.

The Rev-9's most notable characteristic is the ability to split itself in two, given it when dealing with multiple threats. When Split, one acts similar to a T-1000, being liquid metal with no endoskeleton (however, it is very fragile in this form), and the other is simply the endoskeleton but far more agile than what has been seen from Skynet's models (it is able to straighten itself after having its back bent). Similar to shape-shifting models like the T-1000, it can change into different people through physical contact, however, it is only able to take on humanoid forms. It is also shown the ability to materialize clothes just by touching them.

The endoskeleton itself is quite unique in appearance, while it is humanoid like a T-800, it has numerous cavities and gaps, this is likely used to store the liquid metal as unlike the T-X, the liquid metal is not just a sheath but capable of forming a human shape, meaning there may be far more mass of the liquid metal.


  • Rev-9's sheath can form multiple stabbing weapons all over its body, an ability shared with T-1002 and T-Meg.
  • An endoskeleton covered with mimetic polyalloy is a design shared with T-X



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  1. Per a quote from Gabriel Luna, "You got an endoskeleton that's carbon-based and liquid that's a carbon substance alloy. And of course it can split, and it can descend on a target from multiple angles which just makes it that much more dangerous."
    Terminator: Dark Fate - Gabriel Luna on Becoming the Rev 9 - Den of Geek
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