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Rev-9 render

Rev-9 endoskeleton

Rev-9 is an advanced Terminator and Infiltrator series utilized by Legion in the Dark Fate timeline. A Rev-9 consists of a traditional, solid carbon-based endoskeleton[1] covered by an outer sheath made of advanced carbon-based mimetic polyalloy. In addition, the Rev-9 possesses the ability to distinctly separate into two independent units.


The Rev-9 is capable of demonstrating relatively advanced human-like behavior, such as having a sense of humor. A Rev-9 unit showed the ability to lie, even bragging to a United States Border Patrol agent that its whole body is a weapon. The same unit was even able to show human emotion when it apologized after falling into someone's shed, destroying it. It also has a casual and rather friendly demeanor when interacting with humans, though some robotic-like behavior can still be seen. It is capable of high-level conversation, as shown when it sets off a metal detector and explains that it has gone through two tours in Afghanistan and has a metal hip replacement. It can also attempt to overcome obstacles through methods other than violence when doing so would be more efficient, such as copying a set of clothes instead of killing someone for theirs, or attempting to negotiate for Dani Ramos' protectors to hand her over instead of simply attacking immediately.


A Rev-9 split into two units.

The Rev-9 is stated to be something to run away from rather than fight due to its abilities. Its endoskeleton possesses great physical strength and is extremely durable, capable of withstanding various gunfire, blunt force trauma, and even direct hits from anti-tank weaponry without experiencing any permanent damage. The endoskeleton is tough enough for it to free-fall from high altitudes without sustaining any damage-causing glitches. It takes the extreme heat and friction of being shoved into a spinning industrial turbine, followed by the fiery explosion of that same turbine, for the Rev-9 to sustain noticeable damage. The Rev-9 is also considerably more agile than what has been seen from Skynet-created Terminators, being capable of leaping vertically a few dozen feet, parkouring off walls, performing acrobatic spins and flips in combat, dodging projectiles and heavy strikes, and quickly straightening its body from a collapsed position.

The Rev-9's liquid metal sheath is black in color and able to imitate specific humans, copy clothing simply by touching it, as well as form stabbing weapons, including more advanced weaponry such as staff weapons or crushing tentacle-like tendrils. Due to its endoskeleton, however, the Rev-9 is mostly limited to taking on humanoid forms; it is able to assume a more hydro-dynamic, squid-like form when needing to move swiftly underwater. When changing shape, the Rev-9's liquid metal often appears as multiple strands, similar to framework, rather than the single large mass of a T-1000. Additionally, its liquid metal appears to be more fluid than the liquid metal of a T-1000, being able to form and retract small blades from its body at a rapid rate, lash out with its arm blades in a whip-like manner, as well as reconstruct itself much more quickly. However, it also appears to be less cohesive than a T-1000, as when acting independently from the endoskeleton it can be completely torn apart or disintegrated by slashing attacks and explosives which would merely deform a T-1000. The extreme heat and friction of being caught in an industrial turbine, followed by the explosion of that same turbine, is sufficient enough to "cook" the liquid metal into a brittle solid state in which it ceases to function and crumbles off of the Rev-9 endoskeleton.

Probably the Rev-9's most notable characteristic is the ability to split itself into two units when dealing with multiple threats, with its endoskeleton and liquid metal shell separating and acting independently from each other. However, when separated its two halves have reduced mass and the polyalloy half is particularly vulnerable to slashing attacks and gunshots, since without the added structural support of the endoskeleton it can be easily deformed.

Despite its incredible capabilities, the Rev-9 does not seem to have been designed to battle rogue Terminators, though this is not entirely surprising as Legion is likely unaware of the existence of Skynet as it was erased from history. Due to this design, however, an aged T-800 that had not seen action since 1998 was still able to heavily batter and dominate in combat against the advanced Rev-9. The Rev-9 was eventually forced to split itself in two just to overpower and damage the T-800, simply to free itself from Carl's grip. In addition, while extremely hardened against permanent damage, the Rev-9 also does not appear to be as resistant to heavy kinetic force as units such as the T-X, as heavy blows from a T-800, an enhanced human like Grace Harper, or even a normal human like Dani Ramos, is able to knock the Rev-9 back considerably, though this may also be a side effect of its light carbon based construction, resulting in a reduced whole-unit weight, which would explain and correlate to its enhanced acrobatic abilities, particularly in comparison to a T-800. It is also reasonable enough to assume that given enough time a Rev-9 would eventually defeat a T-800 since it would be virtually impossible for the T-800 to deal enough damage to destroy it, a situation not unlike what would happen with a T-1000; plus, the Rev-9 is shown to knock units like the T-800 around with ease, so they are at least evenly matched in strength.

The endoskeleton itself is quite unique in appearance. While it is humanoid like a T-800, it has numerous cavities and gaps, such as its mostly hollow chest and head, sporting only half its structure. This is likely used to store the liquid metal as unlike the T-X, the liquid metal is not just a sheath but capable of forming a human shape, meaning there may be far more mass of the liquid metal. The Rev-9 endoskeleton's structure also more closely resembles bones, with synthetic muscle fibers used in place of hydraulics. This design makes the endoskeleton more humanoid looking compared to the more overtly robotic appearance of a T-800 endoskeleton.

A Rev-9 can also hack into any device, an ability shared with Augments, as well as accessing data via simple contact with its mimetic polyalloy. In addition, it can hack into a security camera or other database using Wi-Fi provided by any place, such as an Internet café.[2][3]



Rev-9 HUD in searching mode


Rev-9 3D model promotion in Japan

  • Unlike most of the Hunter-Killers from previous Skynet timelines (except for the T-900), the Rev-9 features a full-color HUD at all times.
  • The Rev-9's sheath can form multiple stabbing weapons all over its body, an ability shared with the T-1002 and the T-Meg. However, the Rev-9's reach is shown to have less range than a Rev-7's.
  • The mimetic polyalloy sheath of the Rev-9 is able to quickly propel itself through water, this ability is also shared by the liquid metal T-1001.
  • An endoskeleton covered with mimetic polyalloy is a design shared with the T-X.
  • Both the Rev-9 and the T-X can hack into machinery, though the T-X can only corrupt or remotely control them.
  • The mimetic polyalloy of the Rev-9 is made of a carbon-based substance, making it more of a black color than the usual silvery chrome from Skynet timelines.
  • A Rev-9 3D model on a column at Shinjuku Station was used to promote the film Terminator: Dark Fate (marketed as Terminator: New Fate) in Japan.
  • The Rev-9 endoskeleton appears in Gears 5 as part of the Terminator: Dark Fate skin pack 2 DLC along with Grace Harper.
  • What's interesting is that while the Rev-9, meant to be somewhat superior to the T-800, is vulnerable to EMP attacks while the T-800 is invulnerable to them. This inconsistency is never explained.



Rev-9 skin in Gears 5

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