A Rev-7 splitting into two units.

The Rev-7 is an infantry[1] Terminator unit created by Legion in the Dark Fate timeline.


The Rev-7 consists of a traditional, solid endoskeleton, likely carbon-based like the Rev-9, which is partially covered in an advanced mimetic polyalloy capable of splitting into two units with one of them made of the advanced mimetic polyalloy.

However, unlike the later Rev-9 series, Rev-7 units seem to be unable to impersonate humans, and appear to be used solely for combat. Despite this, the Rev-7 endoskeletons are able to form stabbing weapons from their arms.

The weakness of the Rev-7's polyalloy outer sheath is the head, which can be easily destroyed by plasma weaponry.


The endoskeleton of the Rev-7 is quite unique in appearance, very similar to Rev-9. While it has a humanoid design like a T-800, Rev-7 has a very tall, animalistic endoskeleton with numerous cavities and gaps in its design. These gaps are likely used to store the mimetic polyalloy, as the mimetic polyalloy is not just a sheath, but is capable of separating from the Rev-7's endoskeleton and taking on its own shape, meaning there is far more mass of the liquid metal. The mimetic polyalloy does not take a human form — instead, the mimetic polyalloy takes a canine-like shape once separated from the endoskeleton, forming several tentacles as stabbing weapons.

Unlike common endoskeletons, the Rev-7 has long digitigrade legs similar to animals as opposed to the usual plantigrade leg design of Skynet's Terminators or even its Rev-9 counterpart.


  • A Rev-7's sheath can form multiple tentacle-like stabbing weapons all over its body, an ability also shared with the Rev-9, though the latter has a much shorter reach. The T-1002 and T-Meg from previous Skynet timelines also possess this feature.
  • The Rev-7 is deployed from flying pods in Grace’s future war flashback.



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