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The Resistance is one of the two primary factions in the Future War; a heroic organization which fights against Skynet after Judgment Day and serves as the main protagonists alongside John Connor, Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. It is composed of an alliance of surviving professional military units and survivor militias from all nations around the world. It is led by John Connor, whom Skynet has been trying to eliminate from the timeline to prevent the creation of the Resistance. Its main purpose was to fight the Skynet and its machines, and to preserve the human race from total annihilation. The Resistance carried out many combat missions, attacking factories and breaking humans out of Skynet Work Camps. To even the odds, they steal weapons and reprogram Terminators to aid in the struggle. Resistance soldiers are distinguished by the bloodred bands on their arms. The symbol of the Resistance is a red Double Helix (the shape of DNA).

“This is John Connor. If you're listening to this, you are the resistance.”
- John Connor addressing humanity through a radio broadcast.



Graffiti, painted in a Resistance bunker.


John Connor's image of the Resistance's future victory against the machines

With the date of Judgment Day changing, no date can be set as to when the Resistance was formed. Though, it can be inferred that it started soon after Judgment Day took place.

In the Terminator Salvation timeline, it can be said that the core of the Resistance was founded from the remnants of the world's military forces, who were then joined by other survivors. The chief officers led from a Los Angeles-class submarine in the form of a leading council of Generals and Admirals, with General Ashdown leading them. Sometime after the destruction of the Resistance Headquarters and Skynet Central, it can be assumed that John Connor, the commander of Tech-Com, has assumed full command of the Resistance. Terminator Salvation

As stated by Kyle Reese, the Resistance triumphed over Skynet, breaking through its defense grid and cornering the nefarious AI. However, in a last ditch effort, Skynet used revolutionary new time travel technology to send a Terminator back in time to kill Sarah Connor. The Terminator


The Resistance is composed of combat units scattered across the world, all answering to the allied commander. A staff assists the allied commander in strategy, planning and preparation. Communication between units is usually by encrypted communications.

Weapons, Equipment and TacticsEdit

Tech com t245247

Resistance soldiers in the future war assault a Skynet position

After Judgment Day, when Skynet's robotic forces began to kill off the surviving humans, the former human military forces began to fight back. In the case of the United States, as well as the remnants of many other large and well-equipped countries, they use former military weapons, uniforms, body armor, vehicles and aircraft in combination with newer plasma based energy weapons (copied, stolen or produced in captured Skynet factories) that were used to fight Skynet worldwide. Some tactics were conventional, like Airborne Helicopter assaults, and others, like "Hit and Run" attacks, were also used by Resistance forces.

The many years John Connor was trained by Sarah Connor, his mother, in the South and Central Americas has helped John in many ways, not just because of the combat skills he learned, but the lifestyles and tactics as well. When John and his mother were training/hiding in Latin America, Sarah sought out any and everyone that could help teach her son. In the process, John and Sarah ended up living, training and fighting with many groups of guerrillas, paramilitary forces and freedom fighter-all of whom had extensive knowledge of fighting a larger, more numerous and better-armed central enemy/government. The skills acquired by John in these various theaters of operations, in combination with tactics he learned from ex-U.S. Special Operations Force and British SAS personnel (whom his mother dated or he met after Judgment Day), his mother and his own personal combat-oriented genius have allowed him to wage many styles of war (both conventional and unconventional) on Skynet and its machines.

Weapons and equipments
Resistance Stinger

Other SurvivorsEdit

Humans who did not join the military remnants became known as "Survivalists" who often ran and hid when confronted by Skynet, rather than fight. Others who took up arms often pretended to be in the Resistance, but rather, took advantage of other survivors, such as in gangs and thieves. Both of these survivor groups were considered civilians by the Resistance.

In some futures, many humans have betrayed their own kind in order to work for Skynet, being allowed, as a reward from the machines, to roam free at anytime, or be sent back in time to enjoy the pre-Judgment Day world.


John: Do you know who that is in there? Who's dying on that table?
Cameron: Yes. That man is First Lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese, with the 132nd SOC. Operation specialty: TechCom.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Dungeons & Dragons"
Sarah: What's it like when you go through time?
Kyle: White light, a lot of pain. Like being born maybe.
The Terminator






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