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Queeg was a Series 888 Terminator reprogrammed by the Resistance. In 2027, he was the Captain of the USS Jimmy Carter, a submarine operated by the Resistance.

Season 2[]

The Jimmy Carter was making a supply run to Perth. While underwater, the submarine Jimmy Carter was attacked by a Skynet submarine known as "Kraken". The Kraken fired a torpedo; Queeg had the crew launch a torpedo with the same speed and bearing as his sub, then maneuvered the Jimmy Carter down to exactly the maximum safe depth, making the Skynet subs think it had been sunken. "Today Is The Day, Part 1"

During the attack, human Commander Jesse Flores realized they were hundreds of miles off course and after the crisis, demanded that Queeg explain why. Queeg revealed that John Connor had ordered him to go to Indonesia to pick up a package from an oil rig. "Today Is The Day, Part 1"

Later, he informed the crew that the contents of the box were classified. This made most of the crew uncomfortable. When several members of the crew opened the package, a liquid metal Terminator emerged and killed crew member Goodnow in self-defense before escaping. Later, when Lieutenant Dietze was overwhelmed with paranoia, he attacked Jesse (in which he was joined by several others). Queeg killed him by smashing his forehead against the bulkhead, then ordered everyone else back to their stations. This caused Jesse to insist that he tell her what the mission was. When he refused, she relieved him of command and ordered him to let his CPU be removed and examined. Queeg responded by refusing to comply, stating that the mission was too important. Fearing that he had been compromised, Jesse destroyed him with a direct shot to his CPU. "Today Is The Day, Part 2"


Queeg's death

  • Queeg may also have been named after Queeg 5000 from the BBC sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf Queeg. The two characters share very similar mannerisms. [citation needed]