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Plasma beams as seen during the Future War

Plasma weaponry is a directed-energy weapon technology used by both the Resistance and Skynet during the Future War.

Personal pistols[1], rifles, sniper rifle, shotguns, miniguns, cannons, crew-served weapons, and many varieties of vehicular-mounted heavy weapons are operational throughout the battlefields of the Future War. With the advent of time travel interrupting the timeline with both knowledge [2] and even actual artifacts [1] of future technologies, the exact date of introduction to plasma weaponry is entirely uncertain.

Known Plasma Weapons[]

Modified Conventional Weapons[]

Plasma Weaponry[]



  • A HK-Tank mounted version of this weapon appeared to have the power to violently blow a human body into several charred pieces upon impact.[3][4]
  • Skynet's Central Core Installation at Cheyenne Mountain was defended from large scale rebel assaults by massive phased plasma cannons. [5]
  • The T-X Terminator was the first design to successfully incorporate onboard weaponry into a Terminator or Infiltrator capable of deployment via Time Displacement Equipment. All previous temporal transport of advanced weaponry involved the use of willing[6] or unwilling[1] organic carriers, or simply utilizing future-tech knowledge on contemporary materials.[7]
  • In The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, plasma weaponry began to be used around 2021.[Episode needed]
  • The contemporary plasma rifle appears to utilize some form of isotope either as a power source or as ammunition.[7]
  • It is possible that plasma weapons accelerate a bolt of superheated hydrogen plasma to high speed using magnetic induction technology such as the coilgun or the railgun. Although this is purely speculation it represents a scientifically plausible possibility.
  • The Series 800 Terminator was vulnerable against plasma attacks, so in 2027, Skynet decided to harden the T-800 against plasma attacks. [citation needed] This resulted in the creation of the Series 850 Terminator.


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