Plasma weaponry is a weapons technology used by both the Resistance and Skynet in the future.

Personal pistols[1], rifles, crew served weapons, and many varieties of vehicular mounted heavy weapons are operational throughout the battlefields of the Future War. With the advent of time travel corrupting the timeline with both knowledge of[2] and even actual artifacts[1] of future technologies the exact date of introduction of plasma weaponry is entirely uncertain.

Known usages

  • A HK-Tank mounted version of this weapon appeared to have the power to violently blow a human body into several charred pieces upon impact.[3][4]
  • Skynet's Central Core Installation at Cheyenne Mountain was defended from large scale rebel assaults by massive phased plasma cannons. [5]
  • The T-X Terminator was the first design to successfully incorporate onboard weaponry into a Terminator or Infiltrator capable of deployment via Time Displacement Equipment. All previous temporal transport of advanced weaponry involved the use of willing[6] or unwilling[1] organic carriers, or simply utilizing future-tech knowledge on contemporary materials.[7]
  • The contemporary plasma rifle appears to utilize some form of isotope either as a power source or as ammunition.[7]


  • It is possible that plasma weapons accelerate a bolt of superheated hydrogen plasma to high speed using magnetic induction technology such as the coilgun or the railgun. Although this is purely speculation it represents a scientifically plausible possibility.
  • The Terminator went to a gun shop in present-day Los Angeles and requested a "...phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range", a weapon from his own time. The Terminator
  • The Series 800 Terminator was vulnerable against plasma attacks, so in 2027, Skynet decided to harden the T-800 against plasma attacks. [citation needed] This resulted in the creation of the Series 850 Terminator.


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Plasma weaponry


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