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Pescadero State Hospital

The Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane is a mental prison facility where Dr. Peter Silberman works and runs.


Judgment Day timeline[]

Some time after 1984, Sarah Connor tried to blow up a computer factory but got shot and arrested by the police. Because of her claims that she tried to blow up the factory because she had been pursued by a machine from the future, Sarah was sentenced to undergo psychiatric care in the maximum security wing of a prison known as Pescadero State Hospital. She was placed under the care of Doctor Peter Silberman during her imprisonment there — most likely because of his knowledge of the case resulting from his questioning Kyle Reese.

On June 8, 1995, a meeting between Dr. Silberman and Sarah Connor was held to determine if Sarah could be moved to the minimum security wing of the prison. Due to her repeated escape attempts and one time stabbing Silberman in the kneecap with a drawing pen, Sarah's request was denied. As a penalty for requesting her move, she was sentenced 6 extra months in the prison.

When Sarah escapes, she assaults several staff members including Douglas, who was beaten unconscious, and threatens to poison Dr. Silberman with industrial-grade drain cleaner after breaking his arm. The Terminator eventually arrived with John and incapacitated the rest of the staff except for Dr. Silberman.

Shortly afterward, the T-1000 attempted to kill Sarah and John at the prison but was stopped by the T-800. Sarah escaped from the facility with help from John Connor and the T-800 Terminator. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

By the year 2007, all staff from the time that Sarah Connor was an inmate had moved on to other careers including Doctor Silberman, who resigned and moved to the mountains. Not long after James Ellison's visit to the prison, Doctor Silberman was arrested for his assault on the FBI Agent and jailed at this prison based on his claims that the stories of Sarah Connor were true. "The Demon Hand"

Resistance timeline[]

During 2028, three decades after Judgment Day, Skynet converted the hospital into a Research Facility, experimenting on captured Tech-Com and Resistance soldiers. One of the captured soldiers served as the physical template for the T-1000, while a few other soldiers were later rescued by Private Jacob Rivers. Rivers subsequently sabotaged the facility by overloading Skynet's generator unit in the area. Terminator: Resistance


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