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Painkiller Jane vs. Terminator is a 4 part comic book series published by Dynamite Entertainment, by the writer Jimmy Palmiotti and Nigel Raynor published in December 2007. The following year it was collected in a one-volume TPB - Painkiller Jane vs. Terminator: Time to Kill.


In an unexpected cross-over, Painkiller Jane meets the world of the Terminators! Dynamite's first inter-company cross-over! Jane takes on Cyberdyne's finest! She comes in between a female T-800 Terminator and its prime directive, but will Jane's enhancements be able to keep her alive long enough to see her own future?

Painkiller Jane #4[]

In 2029, Skynet didn’t just send back the original terminator to kill Sarah Connor, but rather, planned to send back two T-800 Terminators, one male, one female. Vanessa Vasko and the Resistance are unable to stop the launch of the first Terminator, but are able to damage the Time Displacement Equipment enough to alter the destination and time in which the second, female Model T-800 Terminator will arrive. Luckily enough – the second Terminator arrives in 2004, near Jane Vasko in New York. Unfortunately, just before the unit departed, it received updated data from a Skynet raid on the Resistance labs that have been secretly experimenting with Vanessa's healing factor.

Terminator 2 #6[]

Upon arrival in 2008 in the ladies room of the Rodeo Bar, the female terminator immediately sought to acquire clothing as a precursor to its termination mission. Scanning the crowd, it found a physical match with Jane Vasko. In the ensuing battle for her clothes, the terminator was only able to steal Jane's jacket before increased police presence drove it to seek a disguise elsewhere. Back in 2029, as the captured TDE is used to send Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah Connor, Vanesa volunteers to pursue the female terminator through the broken TDE in order to prevent any additional alterations to the timeline. Back in 2008, the terminator breaks into an apartment in order to interrogate the residents about the year and its location. While it murders the family and makes use of their internet connected computer to attempt to search for Sarah or John Connor, the NYPD and Jane cordon off the building and prepare to assault the rampaging terminator. After determining the scope of its temporal error, the terminator butchers its way through the police. Unwilling to see another brother cop slain, Jane takes the lead in the battle. The unstoppable killing machine meets the unkillable ex-detective in a rooftop battle where only one will walk away...for now.

Painkiller Jane #5[]

Jane has to make a life changing choice because of the events she set into play. The Terminator samples Jane's DNA during a fight and identifies that she is a primary target as a relative of Vanessa Vasko. Skynet acquired detailed information about Vasko's healing factor and the plans the Resistance had for it just hours prior to the unit's departure. This key piece of information makes Jane a primary target.

Terminator 2 #7[]

As the techs feverishly work to repair the damaged TDE, the Resistance engages in a pitched battle with a T-1000 leading a horde of terminators against the installation. Vanessa prepares to follow the terminator to New York, the city of her birth. She saves her mother by pinning the T-800 with a police copter, before activating its external self-destruct, killing herself to save her mother.

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