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PKvT1 is a female T-800 originally sent into the past to eliminate John Connor but switched objectives to terminating Painkiller Jane.


In 2029, PKvT1 and male T-800 were placed in separate TDE sphere, meant to be sent back to 1984, to eliminate Sarah Connor before she could give birth to John Connor. The latter was first sent, but a Resistance squad arrived to stop the launch. Vanessa Vasko was able to destroy the controls, preventing the terminator from reaching its intended destination.

The PKvT1 arrived in 2008, Rodeo Bar, New York City, where its first objective was to acquire clothing. She stole a jacket from Painkiller Jane, before running off and stealing clothes from a store. PKvT1 broke into an apartment and killed nearly an entire family, to access the Internet to determine the year and where Connor was. Jane confronted the terminator and tackled her into the next building. PKvT1 then tasted her blood and identified her as Vanessa's mother. Seeing that the Resistance's attempts to reverse-engineer the Vaskos' healing factor was more concerning, PKvT1 changed objectives to terminating Jane. However, her friend Maureen Bowers and a squad of police rained a hail of fire, ripping off the terminator's living tissue and exposing its metal endoskeleton. Jane then got up and tossed PKvT1 out the window. Upon landing on the ground, it fled into a nearby building's basements. In the darkness, PKvT1 was able to ambush and snap Jane's neck, before fleeing to a cave in Central Park. However, Jane's healing factor brought her back to life and she and Maureen went hunting for the terminator. But the odds were against them, as PKvT1 sprang out from a pond at them. Then suddenly, a police helicopter, piloted by Vanessa, who had followed PKvT1 through time, crashes into the terminator and pins her down. Vanessa then sacrificed herself to save her mother by activating PKvT1's external self-destruct mechanism.


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