The War Against the Machines (Original Timeline)

The Original timeline usually refers to the timeline where Kyle Reese and the 1984 T-800 Terminator, as seen in The Terminator. By most cases, this timeline is also where the T-800 Protector and the T-1000 Advanced Prototype were sent from the future, as seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

It should be noted that in this timeline, Judgment Day happened in 1997, while the Future War ended with Resistance smashing Skynet's defense grid in Colorado, capturing of the Time Displacement Equipment, as well as time travel missions from both sides in 2029 as a differentiation with other timelines where the aforementioned characters can be seen or mentioned being sent to the past, such as T2 Trilogy timeline, where Judgment Day happens in 2003 as seen in T2: The Future War, or The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, in which Judgment Day happens in 2011. Those timelines are referred as "alternate original timeline" since various events have been changed due to interference from time travelling missions.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Note that some Terminator fictions listed above may depict the Original timeline with slightly differences. For example, in Dawn of Fate timeline, the final attack takes place in 2027 instead of 2029, while both Skynet Brain and TDE are located in the Cheyenne Mountain; in Resistance timeline, Justin Perry was killed a couple years before the final attack on Skynet; in Genisys timeline, a counterpart of Skynet from an unknown timeline infiltrates Tech-Com as Alex and changes the whole timeline.

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