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This is a T-101 without official image.

"One" is the first T-101 Infiltrator[1] constructed by Serena Burns in 2001 in a Secret Terminator Lab constructed under the old Dyson property. The process of creation would take two months from start to finish.

The Terminator was terminated by the Connors with multiple shots from a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle and a Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle.


  • Assist in the manufacture of Terminators "Third" and "Four" for the I-950 Infiltrator unit.
  • Terminate Mary Warren by crashing her private plane in the Pacific Ocean, to make it look like an accident.
  • Travel to Paraguay and terminate Marco Cassetti with all associates of Cassetti and witnesses.
  • Mission Priority
    • Remain undetected, terminate John Connor and Sarah Connor. Mission variance authorized as required by circumstance. Return flight is 8:00. Contact intelligence unit in the event of significant deviation from mission parameters.


Successful Terminations[]

  • Mary Warren
    • Collateral terminations: Henry, Alice, Sally Wentworth, Edgar
  • Marco Cassetti with all associates of Cassetti and witnesses
  • Victor Greigo (collateral terminations to the Connors)

Attempted Terminations[]


  • T-90 Endoskeleton Combat chassis[1]
  • Infiltrator Sheath, Model 101 infiltration sheath[3]
    • Skin Graft matrix-material from a contemporary surgical-supply store, enhanced with future-tech chemicals extracted from the I-950's own blood.
    • Teeth collected from a series of contemporary dental-supply companies
    • Glass eyes
    • modification: Titanium Steel claws concealed under nails.
  • Terminator protocols uploaded from I-950
  • Cooking skills package



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