Nick Delaney[1] is an LAPD officer with designated number 1 L 19.


In 1984, he saw Kyle and Sarah escape from the T-800 Terminator at Tech Noir and reported it after they unintentionally caused a hit-and-run felony in the process. Delaney also requested for an ambulance, but the Terminator got up, grabbed the officer and hit his head in the window knocking him out before stealing his squad car and shotgun to go after Kyle and Sarah. The machine also impersonated his voice to get backup to follow and assist him. The Terminator

In 1995, when Delaney had a day off and went to the Galleria with his girlfriend,[2] he ran into another T-800 Terminator, who was thrown out by the T-1000. Delaney was surprised to see the T-800 and took photos with his Pentax camera, possibly because he recognized it as the same man who attacked him 10 years ago, and was wanted for the attack on the West Highland Police Station . Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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