The New Terminator[1] is an advanced Infiltrator developed from T-800 by Skynet in Salvation timeline. Each unit was customized with its own special feature. The New Terminator featured highly human behaviour mimicry, capable of lying,[2], discussing[3] and debating with humans[4], or even trying to understand aesthetics[3] and appreciate beauty.[2]

Endoskeleton SpecificationEdit

There were three known units by far: the Teenaged Terminator, the African American Terminator, and the Female Terminator. The size of endoskeleton varied from different units.

The Teenaged Terminator serves as communication centers of the group, possibly featuring a more advanced Telepathic Communication Implant Cores than Terminators from previous timelines.

The African Terminator features a retractable segmented whip sword that able to also act as small shield, concealed in its right arm,[5] a weapon with idea similar to the Retractable Claw.

The Female Terminator is able to discharge toxic gas from mouth.[5] It also features an adjustable, prehensile hair that able to grab.[6]

New Terminator's Endoskeleton is agile and able to perform actions that most of the Terminators can not do, such as acrobatic flip, high jump, or jumping from a driving car to another.[5]


After sending a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor in 1984 and a backup Terminator through the Time Door, Dr. Serena Kogan was about to send the three New Terminators: the Teenaged Terminator, the African American Terminator, and the Female Terminator, to the past in assist with her past self's research in Hybrid technology. However, she was force to leave the Time Door control room per Skynet's request as it did not want her to be captured by the Resistance. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 5

However, after realizing Thomas Parnell was a threat to its existence as he was planning to wipe out its whole database, Skynet asked John Connor and his Resistance's help to kill Parnell. In order to achieve this, Resistance fighter Simon was sent to terminate Parnell from 2029 to Houston in 2003. To counter Skynet's tactic and ensure his survival through Judgment Day, Parnell programmed the three New Terminators with new mission and sent them time-travel to Dallas in 2003 to protect his past self. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 8

The New Terminators arrived in Dallas, 2003, outside a house party held by gangsters. They broke into the party and demanded for clothing before a fight started by the gangster. After the fight and killings, they acquired the clothes and weapons they needed, leaving for the hospital where Dr. Serena Kogan was. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 1 Dr. Kogan left the hospital with the group and they gave her a ride to her laboratory in a Cyberdyne Systems facility. The group then separated into two: the Teenaged Terminator went to assist Dr. Kogan in her research, while the other two went to protect Parnell and stop Simon. When in Dr. Kogan's laboratory for her to take sample from its living tissue outer sheath, the Teenaged Terminator was impressed by Bertie the Hybrid Mouse and discussed the concept of beauty as well as Project Angel with Dr. Kogan. Meanwhile, the Female and African Terminators arrived a house where Parnell was and Simon was about to kill him. The machines started a gunfight with Simon, making Parnell able to escape the scene. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 2 When Simon caught up with Parnell again, the African and Female Terminators contacted the Teenaged Terminator, who later rejoined them to acquire Parnell. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 3 However, Parnell was able to get away again. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 4

Considering Simon as an obstacle to their mission and a threat to Parnell, the group had a discussion before switching primary target to Simon in order to terminate him, which in turn would allow them succeed in protect Parnell. The Teenaged Terminator then went to a police station and killed a police officer by Punching through his chest before using his computer to acquire information they needed. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 7 The group then reacquired Simon, who was in pursuit of Parnell. The Female and African Terminators tried to kill Simon, but failed. However, Simon was later killed by the Teenaged Terminator by a surprise attack from behind when he was about to kill Parnell. The other two unit showed up and Parnell was knocked unconscious by the African Terminator. Their mission was success as Parnell was arrested by the police — which meant his body would be preserved intact as he would be executed with lethal injection instead of being killed by gunshot in potential gun fight if he tried to run away from authority. If his body was intact, he would be enlisted in Project Angel, thus he would become Skynet's "helper" — the first step to take over Skynet. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 8

After Parnell was executed, his body was transferred to Dr. Kogan's laboratory and placed in cyronic system. The three Terminator were there with Dr. Kogan, who was about to put herself in the cyronic system in order to survive Judgment Day before she could be transplanted into a T-H Endoskeloton. Before going into cyrosleep, she asked about the Future War. The African and Female Terminators lied to her that the human waged the War and the world rebuilt by the machines was beautiful. However, Dr. Kogan told the Female Terminator that they lied almost as well as humans did. After leaving Cyberdyne Systems, the group went to a beach to discuss further action. The African Terminator asked what to do then. The Female Terminator suggested their presence could be not found out or their mission could be compromised, hence the self-termination was needed. However, self-termination was not allowed due to their programming. The Teenaged Terminator suggested there was a loophole within the system by taking a walk. The Teenaged terminator walked into the sea, with the African Terminator followed the step. Before walking into the sea, the Female Terminator took the sunglasses off, looking at the sunset and a seagull, wondering if the scene was what a beauty was. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 9

After the Future War ended with a truce between humans and the machines, the human society was rebuilt. One day, two men was fishing by the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. One of them thought he caught a fish, but the fish hook actually got the Female Terminator's teeth. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 12

Known unitsEdit

  • Teenaged Terminator[1]
  • African American Terminator[1]
  • Female Terminator[1]


  • Instead of being assassins, the New Terminators are protectors sent by antagonist from the future to the past.
  • The Teenaged Terminator is one of the few Terminators whose living tissue outer sheaths are intact in the whole story at the point when their missions are over whether succeed or not.



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