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Myron Stark was a T-888[1] Terminator sent from the future to kill Governor Mark Wyman during a New Year's Eve keynote speech in 2010, but ended up in a 1920s speakeasy instead.


Stark arrived on December 31, 1920 due to a temporal error that deviated his target window for insertion into the past via time displacement equipment. Inadvertently killing a critical contributor to his primary mission upon arrival, he was forced to rectify the situation, creating another predestination paradox. Stark amassed a fortune by robbing several banks of $70,000 and some liberty notes to fund his operation and terminating anyone who didn't comply to his demands. Stark began to purchase numerous pieces of property, and garnered attention from the media by hiring non-white labor, treating them equally and paying double the usual wages. Stark had to complete the future construction project in lieu of his arrival victim in order to set the stage for the December 31, 2010 termination of Governor Mark Wyman during a New Year's Eve keynote speech at Pico Tower in Los Angeles. Reports then determined that he vanished.

After determining his purpose in the past and identifying his future target, Cameron tracked down Stark in the building in which he had entombed himself. Stark had been in standby mode for the past 80 years waiting for the arrival of his target for termination. Smashing through the wall concealing him, Cameron disarmed him of a vintage Thompson submachine gun, emptied it into his torso and battled him into an elevator shaft, where she dropped an elevator on him, crushing his lower torso and pinning him in place. Following up with a utility knife she effected his termination by targeting his vulnerable CPUs. What steps she took beyond that to dispose of his CPU and endoskeleton remains are currently unknown.


Myron Stark was very blunt and direct in his behavior, lacking the discretion and subtlety displayed by other models of his Series. He was, however, remarkably adaptive and proved to be very good at solving problems. His arrival in 1920 and accidental murder of Rupert Chandler's son required Stark to carry out the son's idea of building the Pico Tower. He spearheaded a massive construction campaign with the sole objective of buying out Chandler's company and acquiring the Pico property.

The fact that he succeeded in toppling a construction "Goliath" in his prime shows just how much of an impact a machine's actions can have on the timeline, as his campaign saw the construction of dozens of homes and buildings, essentially expanding the city of Los Angeles.


  • It is shown in "Self Made Man" that Myron Stark has the ability to determine precise time-space alignment using stellar analysis. Since Myron was a T-888, Series 888 Terminators most likely come standard with this ability. Cameron Phillips also shared this ability
  • Shortly after Cameron broke a hole in the wall where Stark was hidden, he reactivated, in a much faster manner then T-888's have in the past. It is possible that his reactivation started the moment that Cameron began knocking on the walls.
    • Remember that the "standby-reboot" only takes 15 seconds, not 120. It took her that long from knocking till she was able to rip enough of an access in the wall to be able to reach him and his weapon. Such an interruption would certainly be on the Terminator's "If-then-go to" contingency file.
  • The nutritional requirements for the biological covering for a T-888 appear to be non-existent, as Stark was hidden inside the building for over 80 years without food or water. His biological covering seemed perfect even with the passage of time.
    • T-888s are capable of ingesting nutrition. Vick Chamberlain was obviously capable of doing so, as staring at an empty plate every night at dinner would have been a little strange to Barbara. It is possible that Stark ingested the Terminator-equivalent of a "banana bag", a bag of liquid nutrients designed to sustain patients who are unable to eat.
      • It is written in some of the Terminator novels that Skynet was able to alter the DNA of the human tissue to dramatically slow the aging process as well as the nutritional requirements to sustain the integrity of the tissue (though it is debatable whether or not the novels are canon).
  • Part of the ease Cameron displayed in eliminating Stark may have been due to some significant depletion of his power cell after more than eighty years in standby mode.
    • Although it is to be noted that Stark had powered down to standby mode, and therefore may only have lost half (or even a quarter) of his cell power.
      • The lifetime of the power cell of a T-888 is unknown at this time. The T-800 was known to be equipped with an iridium power cell and was noted to last a maximum of 120 years. On the other hand, the T-850 (from T3) was upgraded with dual hydrogen power cells which had a far longer-lasting battery life than its predecessor.
  • The properties which Stark had purchased are known in the future to be in very close proximity to the Resistance headquarters in Beverly Hills.

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Stark: (as quoted in a newsreel) We'll see.

Stark: I enjoyed your film very much, Mr Valentino.
Rudolph Valentino: Thank you.
Stark: Although I thought your decision to return the gun to Lady Diana to protect herself from the caravan of thieves was misguided, given that she was a known security risk.
— "Self Made Man"

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  1. Cameron Phillips identified Myron as a T-888 in her HUD.