Mr. Harris was a counselor at John Connor's high school.

He provided grief counseling to Cameron Phillips after the suicide of Jordon Cowan. Mr. Harris has been mysteriously interested in what people knew about Jordon. Clues on the frescoes hint that Mr. Harris may have been romantically involved with Jordon.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Mr. Harris: (announcing in front of Jordon's shrine) Just a reminder, grief counseling will be available in my office throughout the week.
"Queen's Gambit"

Mr. Harris: I know this is difficult for you to talk about, so I'm going to need you to be strong. Ok? Can you do that for me?
Cameron: Yes, I can be strong.
Mr. Harris: People say that you were the last person to speak with Jordon before she... died. Is that true?
Cameron: I don't know. Are you asking me if people say I was the last person to talk to Jordon? Or are you asking me if I was the last person to talk to her.
Mr. Harris: I guess I'm asking if you were.
Cameron: I don't know.
Mr. Harris: What did she say when you did talk to her? I mean, was it something upsetting for you to hear?
Cameron: She said... (in the same frantic manner as Jordon) You saw it right? Right? You saw it?! It's so freaking big and right out there!
Mr. Harris: (looking at a photograph of the second fresco) She was talking about the graffiti?
Cameron: (monotone) It's freaking big.
Mr. Harris: Yes. Yes it is.
Cameron: And no.
Mr. Harris: No?
Cameron: No, it wasn't upsetting for me to hear it.
Mr. Harris: Did Jordon mention any names? Any specific people that she was upset with?
Cameron: Her parents.
Mr. Harris: Anyone else?
Cameron: The hall monitors.
Mr. Harris: Anyone else?
Cameron: (tilting head) You ask that question a lot. Is there something else you want to tell me?
Mr. Harris: I don't think I told you anything.
Cameron: Oh. Ok. Can I go now? I'm done with grief counseling, and I feel much better.
Mr. Harris: Yah. Please, go.
"Queen's Gambit"

Sarah: (on the phone) Yes this is Cameron's mother.
Mr. Harris: Ms. Baum, you're aware of the recent tragedy we've had here at school.
Sarah: Jordon somebody.
Mr. Harris: Cowan. When I spoke to Cameron about it, she seemed strangely... unaffected. I'm sure you're doing all you can as a parent.
Sarah: It's been overwhelming for all of us. First with the tornado, and the move.
Mr. Harris: Tornado? I'm sorry, she didn't mention that. That might explain what I think might be classic post-traumatic stress.
Sarah: You're gonna have to speak up (hangs up on him)
"Queen's Gambit"
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