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Moto-Terminators are automated motorcycles, produced by Skynet sometime before 2018, whose main purpose is to hunt down humans.

A specialized cold weather version of the Moto-Terminator, known as the Snowminator, is deployed in operation on patrol in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Technical data[]

Physical Appearance[]

The Moto-Terminator has red optic sensors and plasma emitters on its sides. They can travel at incredibly fast speeds.

The Harvester stores Moto-Terminators in its lower legs and releases them to round up fleeing humans and make them easier to capture.


The Moto-Terminators are seen to possess incredible agility, with the sensors calculating debris or obstacles ahead, even viewing them in slow motion. With this trait, they easily avoid any obstacle, such as a car wreckage.


Terminator Salvation[]

After being blasted by Kyle Reese and Marcus Wright with the tank lorry in the gas station, the Harvester released two Moto-Terminators from it's "thighs" to chase Kyle, Marcus and Star. Kyle was able to shoot out the first Moto-Terminator, and was saved from being splattered on a school bus by Marcus in the process. The second Moto-Terminator was disabled when Marcus instructed Kyle to lower the ball-hook, which caught the machine and dragged it behind them.

Later, when setting out to rescue Kyle in Skynet Central located in San Francisco, John Connor captured a Moto-Terminator patrolling on the road and hacked into its system. John then rode the converted Terminator to San Francisco. Connor also stole one of its electronic eyes to gain access to Skynet through several security gates. Terminator Salvation


  • The Moto-Terminator apparently seems to be the fastest land based Terminator, with top speeds of 200 miles per hour.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]


  • The Moto-Terminator in artwork possesses a GE M134 Minigun on each side, like the T-1. It also possesses a pair of M1919 Browning machine guns on each side near the front tire. However, they possess dual plasma emitters in the actual film.
  • The motorcycles used in Terminator Salvation by the crew to stand in for the CG MoTo-terminators were produced by Ducati, and are sold regularly in shops.
  • Early concept arts show that a Moto-Terminator is a endoskeleton-based Terminator riding a motorcycle, possibly hence the name "Moto-Terminator". Later design sheets also show that Moto-Terminator features a "spine".


Playmates Toys[]

  • Moto-Terminator with John Connor (Action Figures, 2009)
A Playmates action figure of the vehicle was produced with 2 pop-out guns as missile launchers. The Moto-Terminator's control panel is convertible between Skynet mode and Resistance mode. It includes a 3 3/4" scale John Connor that can drive that bike.



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