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William Candy and the CSM-101 modeled after him.

The Model usually refers to the designation for the living tissue, or "skin", mould around the metal endoskeleton of an Infiltrator (Terminator), such as the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.


Early in the design approach, the technological limitations on the minimum size of the endoskeletons restricted Skynet to a much smaller pool of potential Models for use, as they had to be physically large enough to accommodate the Terminator, resulting in the T-800 Terminator and its variant, male and female alike being of Herculean (Model 101) or Amazonian (Z000.M) proportions. Advances in the development of endoskeleton design now allow for a far greater customizable approach to the process, matching infiltration sheaths to the optional chassis construction of units, such as the T-888 Terminator.

There are many Models available for Skynet to use in generating the living tissue sheaths, drawn from both live captures on the battlefields of the Future War, such as Helen Wolfe, as well as archived records from Skynet's pre-Judgment Day databases, such as William Candy. Although many of these model runs, such as Allison Young, were initiated for the purpose of specific individual replacement, as a matter of efficiency, entire squads[1] of similarly equipped Terminators are produced together and spread around the battlefields of the Future War [2] to prevent detection by virtue of "duplicate Terminator syndrome".[3]

As long as the endoskeleton is capable of accommodating the selected Model, Skynet continues to reuse the template as required, across Series if it must.[4] Although technically not bound to a model, mimetic polyalloy-equipped units, such as T-1xxx and T-X, do operate with an individualized general "default" appearance drawn from the same sources used for the generation of the models in use by the endoskeletons.

Known ModelsEdit

CSM seriesEdit

Main article: Cyberdyne Systems Model

Cyberdyne Systems Model is a series of Hunter-Killers developed by Skynet with the technology and possibly concept or blueprints left by Cyberdyne Systems before Judgment Day. There are 6 known Cyberdyne Systems Models are Infiltrators.

Model Name Series Designation
CSM-101 Terminator T-800 Infiltrator
CSM-102 Terminator T-808 Medium Assault Infiltrator
CSM-104 Terminator T-803 Light Assault Infiltrator
CSM-105 Terminator T-804 Tactical Infiltrator
CSM-107 Terminator T-810 Advanced Stealth Infiltrator
CSM-111 Terminator T-806 Recon Infiltrator

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit

The Series 888 Terminator Cromartie was able to artificially reconstitute a replacement living tissue sheath after his original living tissue was destroyed by the Connors. Later, Cromartie reconstructed his living tissue with contemporary tissues artificially enhanced by his onboard future-tech knowledge with the help of a scientist. After he regained the living tissue, he went under a plastic surgery to make it 92% match to the actor George Laszlo. "The Turk"


Multiple Series 888 units of the same model (Vick Chamberlain)

Additional direct human replacement infiltration sheaths have been generated for specific missions of the Series 888 Terminators, such as:


  • The term "Model" is sometimes confused with "Series".
    • The T-600 is also known as T-600 Model.[5]
    • The T-X is also called Model T-X.[6]
    • In the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the Terminator refer itself as a "T-101", while the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine DVD extras refer to it as "850 series Model 101", "T-850" as well as "T-101".
    • The name "T-101" seems to have resulted in the name "T-90".
  • Rev-9 is also called Rev-9 Model.
  • So far in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, individual Terminators are identified by their names, although it is unknown if they are aware of the differences in Series and Model or not.[7]
  • Where available for reference, the numeric portion of the serial number unique ID given to Terminators, as with C890.L, Z000.M, and D810.X also refers to an individual unit's issued Model.[citation needed]


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  3. Alluded to again in the novel T2: Infiltrator, when the I-950 discovers she has to deploy multiple Terminators undercover to the same locale.
  4. The Terminators in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines share the same Model, although they are a T-800 and T-850 respectively.
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