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T-800 using minigun

The Minigun is a machine gun designed by the General Electric Company and produced by many other companies around the world. It is a multi-barreled rotating gun similar to the Gatling gun used in the late 1800s and early 1900s (most guns of this type are still usually referred to as Gatling guns).

The term "minigun" is used because of its smaller size, as compared other types of Gatling-style guns. The original M-134, first produced in 1963, is based on the G.E 20mm M61 Vulcan Cannon and is scaled down to 7.62mm.



Unmounted Minigun

  • Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO
  • Action: Electrically driven rotary breech
  • Rate of Fire: Varies from 4,000-6,000 rounds/min. (appx. 67-100 rounds/sec.)
  • Feed System: Disintegrating cartridge belt or linkless feed; dependent on installation
  • Sights: Dependent on installation; no fixed sites



Handheld minigun movie prop

While many sci-fi and military films depict the minigun as being hefted around by burly soldiers (or robots) with a shoulder strap, the fact is that the weight of the weapon itself is impossible for even the strongest soldier to carry for extended periods of time. There are, however, a few companies, such as Piper's Precision Products, Inc., which produce "Airsoft Recoil" type sporting and gaming guns identical to those seen in films. These weapons are normally used for paintball or rubber BB competitions or wargames, and are not capable of firing actual rounds. The most popular of these is the M-134A2 Vulcan, which is available in the Terminator 2: Judgment Day model, and the Dillon model used by Jesse Ventura and Bill Duke in the movie Predator[1].


M-134 Turret used by US Marine AVs

In reality, the M-134 and its variants cannot be carried around and are mounted on Armored Vehicles or are a part of the weapons systems of various Attack Choppers. The basic weapon is a 6-barrel, air-cooled, and electrically driven machine gun. The electric drive rotates the weapon within its housing, with a rotating firing pin assembly and rotary chamber. The minigun's multibarrel design helps prevent overheating, but also serves other functions. Multiple barrels allow for a greater capacity for a high firing rate, since the serial process of firing/extraction/loading is taking place in all barrels simultaneously. Thus, as one barrel fires, two others are in different stages of shell extraction and another three are being loaded. The minigun is composed of multiple closed-bolt rifle barrels arranged in a circular housing. The barrels are rotated by an external power source: usually electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Other rotating-barrel cannons are powered by the gas pressure or recoil energy of fired cartridges.

GAU-2/A mounted on an AH-56 Cheyenne Attack Chopper

The G.E. minigun is in use in all major branches of the US military, under a number of designations. The basic fixed armament version has three sub-variants, while the US Army weapon appears to have incorporated any new improvements without a change in designation. Available sources show a relation between both M-134 and GAU-2/A and M-134 and GAU-2B/A. A separate variant, designated XM-196, with an added ejection sprocket was developed specifically for the XM-53 Armament Subsystem on the AH-56 Cheyenne helicopter. Other manufacturers in the United States also produce Miniguns with various refinements of their own, including Dillon Aerospace (the M-134D), and Garwood Industries (the M-134G)[2].

Terminator franchise[]

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day[]


The Terminator uses the minigun to destroy several police cars parked outside the Cyberdyne Systems building in an attempt to keep the police force at bay. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines[]

The T-1 had two oversized miniguns for arms.

Terminator 3: War of the Machines[]

The handheld minigun appears as "FLK Cannon".

Terminator: Revolution[]

The young Kyle Reese uses a minigun to assist the Connors destroying the Dire Wolf. Terminator: Revolution #5

The Terminator Collectible Card Game[]

Similar to the T-1, the T-835 Mobile Assault Unit has miniguns mounted to its arm.

Terminator Salvation[]

In addition to the T-1, Most of the Series 600 Terminator are equipped with a minigun.

Terminator: Resistance - Infiltrator Mode[]


The M134 Minigun can be obtained by the T-800 Infiltrator to use against the Resistance. Like the the VSB plasma miniguns, it is very effective at clearing large groups of enemies in a short amount of time.


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T2 Resistance Plasma Minigun2.JPG



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